Freedom Talk Radio is planning its third broadcast on the Abuse of Grandma B. This interview will take place on Saturday 1st November 2014 5pm, UK time.

You can hear it on: 

Kersten England, chief executive of the City of York Council has been asked to participate and answer the questions below.

Dear Ms England, You run a local authority which has been accused in Parliament and the press of being party to defrauding Barbara Hofschröer of her assets and of undertaking a campaign of persecution of her and her legal guardian, her son Peter Hofschröer. “Grandma B” as Barbara has become known, is an 85 year-old invalid. You have never denied these serious allegations. Neither have you responded to solicitors’ letters making serious accusations against your authority, its officers and its members, nor to a personal plea from this disabled, great-grandmother to stop this abuse.You are aware that Freedom Talk Radio has been running a series of broadcasts on this case. We are now planning the next broadcast and would again like to invite you to participate. We hope you won’t ignore this invitation as well.
Next Broadcast Saturday 1st November 2014 5pm.

So that you have an opportunity to prepare yourself for this interview, here are the questions we would like you to answer:

1) In August 2008, Barbara’s carer Peter reported that his brother Robert and his family had defrauded Barbara and her now deceased husband Paul of their house and were undertaking an aggressive campaign of harassment in an attempt to seize their life savings. Paul’s social worker Becky Wilkinson agreed there was sufficient evidence of abuse to warrant an investigation. Your council’s policy document states that such investigations should be started within days. It did not and indeed in the subsequent six years (so far!), your council has not carried out any proper investigation into this well-documented case of abuse. Can you please explain why not?

2) In November 2008, Peter made a formal Stage 1 complaint about the failure of York Social Services to undertake a safeguarding investigation into this abuse. This complaint was blocked by Barbara’s new social worker Mark Bednarski and his manager Sophie Tweed. Can you please explain why?

3) Peter then complained about this. In December 2008, Anne Bygrave, a manager in York Social Services, wrote to Peter saying that a new social worker had been allocated to this case. The same day, acting on instructions from Anne Bygrave, Bednarski wrote to the Office of the Public Guardian in an attempt to have Peter’s powers of attorney taken away and handed over to Barbara’s main abuser, her older son Robert. Bygrave obviously lied to Peter. Is it normal practise for senior managers in York Social Services to provide such assistance to abusers?

4) In May 2009, an independent investigator published a report on this case in which she called for the safeguarding investigation to be recommenced. No serious investigation was undertaken. Finally, in September 2009, a safeguarding meeting was held in which all evidence of abuse was withheld by York Social Services. Can you please explain why the evidence was withheld?

5) On 14 December 2009, York Social Services held a meeting with Barbara’s abusers. Her abusers stated it was their intention to force entry to her house on the coming Christmas Day with a police escort. This would have been a criminal act. York Social Services breached Barbara’s confidentiality by informing her abusers that she was on holiday in Austria. Shortly after that, Barbara’s abusers forced entry to her house, changed the locks, withheld a key and unlawfully evicted her. This evidence indicates that York Social Services abetted Barbara’s abusers in this criminal act. Would you like to comment on this?

6) In December 2010, the Local Government Ombudsman called on you to reopen the safeguarding investigation into this case “urgently”, as the previous investigation had been “irregular”. You ignored him. Can you please explain why?

7) Lord Maginnis has raised this case several times in Parliament. He has openly accused York Social Services and Robert of colluding to defraud Barbara of her house. He also accused York Council and North Yorkshire Police of jointly undertaking a campaign of persecution of Barbara and Peter. Would you like to comment on that?

8) On 6 May 2014, accompanied by social workers from York, Robert unlawfully abducted Barbara from her home in Germany and duped her into returning to York. She has been held in Robert’s house ever since. Reports made by York Social Services indicate that she is being denied medication, sedated and padded up. Carers are now having to call four times a day to clean her up as Robert cannot be bothered to take her to the toilet. The Halifax Bank caught Robert trying to steal money from her bank account. All this is clearly emotional, physical and financial abuse, yet York Social Services claim no abuse is taking place. Can you please explain why?

9) Robert, Barbara’s main abuser, and his wife Shirley work for York Deaf Society, which is funded by York Council. They provide training to York council officers and social workers in how to deal with the deaf. Have you received any such training?

10) You are a member of what some say is a secretive, sinister organisation by the name of “Common Purpose”. A close friend of yours Ruth Redfern, once a teacher of the deaf, is also a member of this organisation. Ruth Redfern is the sister of Paul Redfern. He went to Mary Hare School for the Deaf at the same time Robert was there. Has the fact that Robert is a friend of a friend influenced your decisions in any way?

11) If you have nothing to hide here and the accusations made against you and York Council are not true, then will you finally let a proper safeguarding investigation be undertaken by independent people of integrity?

We do hope you will decide to participate in the democratic process, be transparent and explain why you have allowed York social workers, council officers and councillors to abuse a wheelchair-bound great-grandmother for six years by stealing her house and money, unlawfully evicting her and then by pursuing her across Europe for years before abducting her from her refuge.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Andy Peacher

For FIVE YEARS now, she has stood back and allowed her colleagues in York Social Services to abuse this defenceless old lady for the fun of it. Will she finally explain to public why she does not have a problem with this?
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