Robert Hofschröer and his family have been served with injunctions to stop them fraudulently selling Grandma B’s house.

This is what the Court Injunction stated:

To: Robert Hofschröer, Martin Hofschröer and Diane Hofschröer, each of 59 Moorgate, York, YO24 4HP

If you do not comply with this order you may be held in contempt of court and imprisoned or fined, or your assets seized.

Last July, Robert Hofschröer and his family forced entry to Grandma B’s house for the third time, changed the locks again and were intending to make a further attempt to fraudulently sell her house.

Obviously they enjoyed the full support from the perverts-in-blue from the notorious North Yorkshire Police and the sick psychopaths running the Rotten Borough of York, including the council leader Fat Faggot Jimmy.

One of the criminals in the North Yorkshire Police gang, a pervert by the name of Heather Pearson, issued Grandma B’s career with a threat to arrest him with a European Arrest Warrant if he did not return to York to be arrested. Suspecting NYP would not dare involve Interpol and the Austrian police in their criminal activities again, Grandma B’s carer called Pearson’s bluff and an arrest warrant did not materialise.

Meanwhile, a corrupt and psychotic Austrian judge by the name of Dr Martin Stefula, in a coordinated move, declared Grandma B’s carer to be “mentally incapacitated” in an attempt to prevent him from acting to protect Grandma B’s assets. This clumsy move back-fired and the Austrian government is now facing an investigation at European level for its role in this abuse and crime.

Meanwhile, Grandma B’s lawyers in Britain acted to protect her assets. Robert Hofschröer and his family can expect the full force of the law to be used to prevent them continuing their criminal activities.

Obviously, Fat Faggot Jimmy and the Rotten Borough of York do not have a problem with Robert Hofschröer being the subject of legal action for abusing a vulnerable person. They continue to employ him at York & District Deaf Society and point more vulnerable people in his direction, presumably so that officers and members of the council can continue to get their share of the assets being plundered by this criminal gang.

Nobody in York will be safe until the police and social services are securely behind bars!

*** UPDATE 11 July 2013 ***

This is what the Court Injunction stated:

To: Robert Hofschröer, Martin Hofschröer and Diane Hofschröer, each of 59 Moorgate, York, YO24 4HP

If you do not comply with this order you may be held in contempt of court and imprisoned or fined, or your assets seized.

Any other person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits the Respondents to breach the terms of this order may also be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized.

Let’s hope the perverts-in-blue in North Yorkshire Police and the kiddie-diddling nonces in York Council grasp that point: If they give the accused here any more support, they could find themselves where they belong – in JAIL, where as “nonces”, they will get the treatment they deserve.

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  1. Librana

     /  19/07/2013

    The good citizens of York should withhold their taxes – stop funding these perverted criminals. Occupy the council offices and take back your county!

  2. Rita Kendall

     /  19/07/2013

    So looking forward to the outcome. Can’t believe this could happen to a such wonderful mother. It makes me feel so sad.

  3. How can someone do this to their own mother? To rob her, make her life a misery, and also threaten to kill her? – to one’s own mother? When I think of those people unfortunate enough not to have real mothers and all they bring it makes me hope this Robert Hofschroer piece of garbage gets a life sentence, because that’s exactly what he deserves – the piece of inhuman crap.

    • Surprising thought it may seem – and this applies to your’s and Rita Kendall’s post – Grandma B bears her first-born no malice, despite what he has done. Her carer, the younger son, has observed the marked deterioration of his older brother’s mental health in the last twenty years or so with growing concern. They have made offers to him to see to it that he gets the treatment he clearly needs if only he were to stop what he is doing and ask for help. He is family and there are blood ties. Thicker than water, etc.

      However, poor Robert is just one person. This crime and corruption is not centred around one person and one victim. It is endemic in the authorities in Britain, as the cases of Wanda Maddox and Julie Bailey show, not to speak of the horrors committed by Jimmy Savile, the Hillsborough scandal, the Musa case, Norman Scarth, the Court of Protection with its secret prisoners, etc., etc.

      It remains to be seen if Robert, who as adminstrator of York & District Deaf Society, found himself drawn into the systematic abuse of the vulnerable taking place in Britain by the authorities simply by the need to preserve a steady income to support his family, and has then found it impossible to get out of the cesspit he has landed in, or that he has knowingly abused his position with access to vulnerable, defenceless deaf children and adults and has used his position to provide victims to this already existing system of organised abuse for his own gain.

      Should Robert, being profoundly deaf and suffering from an advanced case of paranoia, end up with a jail sentence, then as he has abused vulnerable people, he will be a Rule 46 prisoner, supposedly held in isolated custody for his own protection, but being an abuser, he will be viewed as a “nonce”. The screws will accidentally leave his cell door open with their backs turned, while the inmates pay him a visit. Being deaf, he will not hear them coming. He would not come out of jail alive.

      Whatever he has done to her, Grandma B does not wish that fate on him. He only has to take up her offer to stop what he is doing, make a full confession and she will do her best to see that he gets the treatment he needs – in a secure, psychiatric institiution.

  4. I had no idea he was a “nonce” [a paedophile abuser of children] but even convicted prisoners can go on section 44 and do their entire sentence in isolation nowadays.
    . But if he is what you say – how come he is allowed to work in the position he has with “vulnerable” persons?
    And im sorry but I do not buy the suggestion that if other colleagues are prepared to act in antisocial activities then it follows that others can do the same as if it is some kind of acceptable norm. You seem awfully forgiving all of a sudden.
    One must take responsibility for every single action one makes, and I would hazard a guess that Robert Hofschroer is fully aware of what he is doing when he is doing it, and that relates to all the actions involving Grandma B we are led to believe he is responsible for, as if threatening to kill ones own mother wasn’t enough. If he had psychological problems which related to the deeds we are told he has undertaken relating to Grandma B then surely his bizarre behaviour would have been more apparent in his daily employment, but, seeing as he is still employed and employed in a reasonably high ranking position with a very high degree of responsibility to clients in his ultimate care one must surely assume he is calculating and clever enough to keep well hidden the appalling actions hes supposedly undertaken regarding his own dear mother. He must take responsibilty for what he has done already as you or I would have to – even people who plead insanity or similar are still iiable for prosecution.

    • You make a number of good points.

      May I bounce this thought off you?

      Robert’s colleagues and associates (particularly in the police) have gone to enormous lengths to protect him, knowing full well what he has done.

      Senior officials have put their careers (and gold-plated pensions) on the line to protect him.

      One has to ask oneself why.

      It would seem that their relationship with him is very highly valued.

      What is it he does and / or can do for them that is worth so much to them?

      Or what is it he knows about them they cannot afford to have come out?

  1. INJUNCTIONS SERVED | grandmabarbara

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