York Social Worker burgles 82 year old Great-Grandmother


Under growing pressure to uphold the law here, Chief Constable Maxwell reopened this investigation on 8 September 2011, with Robert Hofschröer as the principle suspect. However, he does not appear to have been questioned or arrested, which is no surprise, as he and Maxwell are both members of the same crime syndicate.

And York Council has, of course, not suspended him from his job, which is funded by York Social Services with the say-so of the Lord Mayor.

York Council appears to be continuing to direct vulnerable people to Robert Hofschröer, knowing he is the prime suspect for burgling his own mother – an 82 year-old invalid – and knowing that he is psychotic – Council documents describe him as such – and knowing he has a history of violence and abuse of vulnerable people.

Are any vulnerable people safe in the Rotten Borough of York?

Head of York Deaf Society robs his own Mother

Robert Hofschröer has been abusing his elderly parents for four years now. This abuse contributed to his father’s death and has made his 82 year old, wheelchair bound mother very ill. He and his family unlawfully evicted Grandma B from her house nearly two years ago and tried to fraudulently sell it.

You may wonder who would employ this known criminal and active abuser. Well, it could only be the City of York Council’s Social Services Department. Who else would let somebody who is criminally and violently insane loose on vulnerable people?

Robert Hofschröer runs York Deaf Club, based in Council-owned premises in Bootham, York.

York Council funds this operation and directs vulnerable people to the tender mercies of a person that is currently under investigation for his abuse of his parents.

Despite the fact this is council policy, York Council have refused to suspend him pending the outcome of the investigation, so one assumes chief executive Kersten England does not have a problem putting the lives of vulnerable people in danger. After all, she only has a statutory duty of care for them, about which she does not appear to care two hoots.

And who sits on the committee that provides grants to this known and active abuser? Why nobody other than York’s Lord Mayor, David Horton JP, the man who got a letter from Grandma B’s solicitor cautioning him to stop abusing her.

So there we have it. That is how York Council treat the vulnerable. How safe are old people in York and how many more victims of council abuse are there?

Anyway, the letter below from the fraud investigator working on Grandma B’s case to Superintendent Lisa Winward, godmother of the cesspit of corruption in Fulford Road, outlines the evidence of one of the many crimes committed by Robert Hofschröer against his frail mother.

I would say we’ve got him bang to rights here.

North Yorkshire Police however claim there is no evidence that their friend Robert Hofschröer was involved….

The problem is, if they arrest him, then he could spill the beans on the racket they are running.

How safe are little, old ladies in York when the police turn a blind eye to serious crime?

Oh! And if any of the people named here disagree with what I am saying, they are welcome to send me a rebuttal, which I will happily publish here.

Right of silence again?

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: RE: Burglary (Crime Number 12110014573)
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 22:27:57 +0200
From: Fraud Investigator
To: ‘Winward, Lisa’

Dear Superintendent Winward,

Further to our meeting at Fulford Road Police Station on Tuesday the 5th of July 2011, you may remember that stated that I had visited Barbara Hofschröer’s house the previous day and secured it on behalf of Mr Peter Hofschroer, after an alleged burglary and that I would be writing to you separately in connection with my investigation into the burglary.

I was accompanied on my visit by Mr Phil Walker of Walker and Dodds, who is a certificated Bailiff.  I had the opportunity of inspecting the premises with Mr Walker and subsequently conducted a review of all the documents I have relating to this case.  As a result of my enquiries I am now satisfied that the burglar was Mr Robert Hofschroer and that there is enough evidence to arrest him.

Briefly the background to this case is as that Barbara (mother) and Paul Hofschroer (father) transferred their house 50% to Robert Hofschroer (son) outright, 25% each to Diane (granddaughter) and Martin Hofschroer (grandson) to be held in trust for Peter Hofschroer (son with no children) In return for the transfers they agreed they would provide care services to Paul, Barbara and Peter Hofschroer should they become ill, with Paul and Barbara occupying their house under a licence for the rest of their lives.  However, soon as Paul and Barbara Hofschroer’s health deteriorated, Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer abandoned them.  Peter Hofschroer then left his home and career in Austria, became their full time carer and obtained Power of Attorney over Paul and Barbara.  Paul died on the 3rd of January 2009.

Barbara Hofschroer was taken ill whilst on holiday in Austria in December 2009, necessitating a long and ongoing extension of her stay.  On the 22nd of February 2010 Robert and Martin Hofschroer took possession of Barbara’s house, against the will of Peter and Barbara in contravention of the licence, changed the locks and withheld a key from them, thus making Peter and Barbara Hofschroer homeless.  Neighbours called the police and alleged that there was banging coming from the house and that Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer people were removing property from it.

Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer subsequently stated their intention to sell Barbara’s House (8 November 2010) on the basis that a clause in the licence allowed the sale of the property if Barbara and Paul ceased to permanently reside there for one year.  Peter and Barbara’s solicitor Mr David Niven wrote to Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer pointing out that Peter had a 50% interest in the house, that Barbara had not ceased to permanently reside there and they were forced to acknowledge that they could not sell the house in December 2009 or early January 2010.

I attach copies of the Scene of the Crime Officer’s (SOCO) report, an quote from the Police occurrence log for the 22nd of February, an extract from the letter dated 31st of January 2011 from Robert in which he notified Peter Hofschroer that there had been a burglary and a photograph of the two computers on Peter Hofschroer’s desk showing that a cigarette had been smoked in the room.  The SOCO report is very good and shows commendable attention to detail.  However there are a number of additional important points that I detected during my visit that are not mentioned in the report which I would like to bring to your attention as follows:

a)     The digital safe, which was visible, not secured to anything and easily removable, has not been removed or attacked in any way.

b)    Two watches which were on open view have been left untaken, although the house was apparently searched for easily removable items.

c)     The bolt at the bottom of the kitchen door which would have prevented the kitchen door being opened by unfastening the yale lock had been removed.

d)    Robert Hofschroer stated Peter’s two computers had been stolen.  However, the SOCO report states they were left behind.  When I inspected the property, both computers were unplugged, disconnected, removed from their normal place on the floor and had been placed on Peter’s desk, although the SOCO report omits this detail. This may indicate that they were taken from the house and then returned after the burglary.

e)     A cigarette had been smoked and stubbed out in the ashtray on Peter’s desk, next to the computers.

f)      Some of the carpets have been removed.

g)     The stair lift to the first floor does not work now.

h)    Parts of the house have been redecorated.

i)       There is no sign of any work that would require tools or banging other than the removal of the flat screen TV.

The key points therefore in this burglary are that:

  1.  Robert Hofschroer was the only key holder at the time of the burglary, was the only person to visit Barbara’s house, was responsible for securing the property and according to his letter last visited it on the 26th of January 2011.
  1.  Robert Hofschroer smokes.  Peter and Barbara Hofschroer do not smoke.
  1. According to Robert Hofschroer the burglary occurred on the 26th or 27th of January 2011.  He asserts that he knows this because he just happened to be driving past and noticed that the curtains were drawn.
  1. Access was gained through the front garage door which had not been forced and had either been left open for the burglar or opened by the burglar using a key.
  1. The burglar entered the garage and gained entry into the house via the door that goes from the garage into the kitchen.
  1. The kitchen bolt at the bottom of the kitchen door had been removed previously, thus making it easier to force the kitchen door.  Peter Hofschroer denies removing this bolt and is adamant that it was in place when he left Barbara’s house, which Barbara Hofschroer confirms.  It is therefore clear that the bolt was removed by Robert Hofschroer, he being the only person that had access to the house after Peter and Barbara left.
  1. An attempt was made to force the door from the garage using a screwdriver and chisel, which failed.
  1. The Burglar smoked a cigarette in the garage and stubbed it out on the floor.
  1. The burglar then broke the glass in the door.  Some glass was found on the garage floor close to the door and some was found in the kitchen 1.5 meters away from the door.  No glass was found in the kitchen close to the door.  This indicates that the glass was broken from inside not outside and some of the glass brought into the kitchen from the garage.  Some of the glass is missing and was apparently removed by the burglar.
  1. The burglar conducted a search of the house that according to the SOCO was “tidy”, ignored the safe and two watches that were in open view in the house, could be easily removed and sold, preferring instead the flat screen TV and two computer monitors (please see Peter’s remarks in the attached e mail.  He then used the toilet, flushed it, drew the curtains behind him to signal that there had been a burglary, picked up the remaining glass and took it away with him in his pocket and put the apron in the bin on the way out.  Clearly a most unusual and commendable  example of a tidy, considerate and socially responsible burglar at work within his community.

Peter assures me that there has not been a burglary in the street in living memory. Because of the amount and weight of stolen property I presume a car was used to take this property away, however neighbours report no suspicious cars in the area.  Whilst burglary investigation is a new field of endeavour for me in my career as a Chartered Accountant, I have to say nevertheless that I find the above explanation lacks credibility.  In particular, given that the Garage door the burglar used was left open by Robert Hofschroer or accessed by a key which was only held by Robert Hofschroer, that the bolt on the kitchen door was deliberately removed thus making it more vulnerable to being forced by Robert Hofschroer, the glass was broken from the inside, that Robert Hofschroer was the only person with a key to access the inside and the only car seen there belonged to Robert Hofschroer, I consider that it is blatantly obvious that the burglary was an inside job.  I would suggest the following sequence of events is more likely:

When Robert and Martin Hofschroer entered the property with tools on the 22nd of February 2010, the hammering heard by the neighbours was the flat screen TV being removed from the wall.  The property seen being taken from the house by neighbours (i.e. stolen) was the missing flat screen TV, the monitors and other property.  It is clear from correspondence with Peter Hofschroer and Mr David Niven, that Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer intended to sell the house and that Robert Hofschroer removed (i.e. stole) items of mail belonging to Peter to support the case that Peter and Barbara Hofschroer had permanently left their home.  It is alleged they also removed the carpets and other property being the possessions of Barbara and Peter Hofschroer in black plastic bags (hence their presence in the garage) to clear the house for sale.  They also started re-decorating the house to prepare it for sale.

When it became clear from correspondence with Mr Niven that they would not be able to sell Barbara’s house in January 2011 and it would be re-occupied by Peter and Barbara in due course, Robert Hofschroer had to explain the missing TV and monitors, or face being arrested for theft.  So rather than return them he would fake the burglary to explain their disappearance.  In preparation he removed the bolt on the bottom of the kitchen door and left the garage door open.  He then entered the garage tried to force the kitchen door and failed, then smoked a cigarette while he thought about things.  He then entered using his key, smashed the glass in the kitchen door from the kitchen side and moved some of the glass from the garage into the kitchen to make it appear that it had been broken from the garage, opened some drawers and handbags to make it appear that there had been a burglary, but missed the watches and the safe that a real burglar would have gone for.  He then drew the curtains to give him an excuse to report the burglary, slashed or cut the apron with a knife from the kitchen and put the apron in the bin on the way out.

In his letter to his brother Peter Hofschroer, Robert Hofschroer alleges that Peter’s computers had been stolen although according to the SOCO report they were not.  He also alleges that the house was “ransacked” although according to the SOCO report there had only been a “tidy” search. It is alleged this was done to cause further distress to Peter and Barbara.

In his letter Robert also alleges in the letter that Peter removed the bolt at the bottom of the kitchen door, presumably to cover the fact that he removed it to facilitate the burglary.

Peter has for some time been complaining that his e mail accounts have been hacked into and that Robert has accessed some of his e mails.  In his letter Robert Hofschroer alleged that Peter Hofschroer’s computers had been taken.  On my inspection I noticed that the computers were still in the house, but unplugged, disconnected and on the desk.  This may indicate that the computers have been removed for the purpose of being examined to access Peter’s data.  Peter has suggested that having taken them up the stairs and put them back on the desk, Robert, who is not a fit man then smoked a cigarette.

I also find the fact that the apron -which was a present from Peter to Barbara that she was very fond of and used every day – was violently attacked with a weapon significant.  Clearly no burglar would do this and then put it in the bin, particularly as there was lots of glasses to smash had he been so inclined.  When we met on the 5th of July I alleged to you that Robert Hofschroer was believed by his family to be suffering from a recognized psychiatric disorder that affects some disabled people, which makes them believe that because they are disabled they are entitled to more than anyone else and to have feelings of injustice and rage against those they feel have more than them, or are denying them what is rightfully theirs.  In support of this I read to you evidence from two of your officers of the most despicable verbal abuse of Barbara Hofschroer by her son Robert on the day her husband died.  I also narrated how Robert attempted to make Barbara homeless, how he ignored her at the funeral of his father, cut off contact with her great grandson and examples of the harassment she and her devoted carer Peter have suffered while they are in Austria, including offensive messages on Christmas cards, false allegations of abuse and serious criminal offences, and ostracism.  In this context, I believe that the action of slashing the apron with a weapon was conducted for private personal gratification is symptomatic of the hatred that Robert has for his mother and brother, and their close and loving relationship and that he put the apron in the bin on the way out to conceal this private act.

The fact that the stair lift not operating is also significant.  Barbara is disabled and the toilet is on the first floor, so the house has now effectively been rendered uninhabitable for her, further delaying her return.  The longer that Barbara and Peter are away, the stronger is the case that Robert, Diane and Martin have that they have permanently left their home and can then sell the house.

I would like to return to Fulford Road Police Station to meet with PC Pickersgill who is the officer investigating the burglary to go over the Hofschroer case including the full history of abuse, to have Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer arrested.  I have a conference call with Magister Pfeifer on Tuesday the 12th concerning the case and I may then have to go to Austria.  However, provisionally I would like to meet on Monday the 18th of July.  Please can you ask PC Pickersgill to confirm if this will be possible for him by e mail.  I may also need access to Inspector Cain.  Unfortunately I do not have PC 130 Pickersgill’s e mail address, so I would be grateful if you would forward this e mail to the SOCO and PC Pickersgill.

I think you are aware that Deputy Chief Constable Cross has separately ordered that I can only correspond with PC Pickersgill by post and has prohibited correspondence between myself and PC Pickersgill by e mail.  This order is contrary to force and Home Office policy, which specifies that the public can correspond with the police by e mail and it is obvious that Deputy Chief Constable Cross has exceeded her authority.  Further, she appears to have issued this order maliciously to cause inconvenience and inhibit my investigation of the burglary and consequently you should disregard it.

I thank you in anticipation of your assistance in this request.


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  1. OH dear!! This is so sad. I knew Barbara well. She is the loveliest mother you could wish to have.My own mother died when I was four years old. I would have treasured her. There is an old saying. A mothers love for her child is stronger than a child’s love for it’s mother. God bless you Barbara. All my love Rita xxx

  2. Grandma B is grateful for your words of support. She will phone you in a few days.

    Please see the deaf world gets to hear about the criminals Robert & Shirley Hofschröer and their obnoxious children.

    Questions are now being asked in Parliament about this case. We anticipate the first arrests being made in January.

  3. Sam

     /  18/07/2013

    Hope these heartless criminals along with the police, social services & councillors are all brought to justice soon. Xxxx

  4. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. It is disgraceful how the police high-ups cover-up outrageous crimes performed by those under them – rather than deal with blatant crimes they get gag orders slapped on them to as to squash any exposure or the naming of any names. These high-up police are not police but criminals who refuse to uphold the law like those under them they cover up for. All have taken an oath to uphold the law but they do not, yet they continue to rake in their extortionate salaries, paid for by the British taxpayer when really they should be where they belong – in PRISON!!

  6. I couldn’t have put it better myself. 😉 Bags I the job as prison guard!

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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