York Social Worker robs his own Mother – 1st Update

We have just received correspondence from the Halifax Bank, including a bank statement of an account opened in the name of Grandma B by her social worker son and main abuser Robert Hofschröer.

After having abducted his mother to prevent her from continuing to litigate against him to recover the assets he and his family have already stolen from her, it was obvious he would use the opportunity to continue to plunder his elderly, disabled mother’s assets.

Having heavily sedated her, Robert Hofschröer then duped his mother into opening a bank account into which he diverted his mother’s pension payments. That is fraud by abuse of position.

As Grandma B’s carer Peter has Powers of Attorney for her, Robert’s act was obviously criminal. The Halifax Bank agreed and closed the account, transferring the balance to Grandma B’s own account.

The bank statement shows what Robert was up to. Three sums of £500 were withdrawn in rapid succession. Grandma B obviously did not need that money for her own use. Robert has blatantly robbed her. That is theft.

Robert found out that the Halifax had closed the account when he tried to withdraw another large sum. The cash dispenser swallowed the card, so he went into the bank to find out why. He now knows.

Grandma B’s carer reported these serious crimes to Chief Constable David Jones of Jimmy Savile’s favorite police force. Jones’ e-mail account generated the following reply,

“This system has been configured to reject your mail.”

That is how Chief Constable David Jones responds to reports of serious crimes committed against an 85 year-old invalid.

It is interesting to note that the Halifax Bank complied with and upheld the law, while North Yorkshire Police did not.

Clearly, we do not have the rule of law in North Yorkshire. Nobody can be safe until every single police officer gets LOCKED UP.

***** 1ST UPDATE 14 August 2014 *****

We have just received this reply from Tom Winsor, HM Inspector of Constabulary

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force rejects crime reports
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:30:36 +0000
From: Winsor Thomas P <Tom.Winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk>
To: Peter Hofschröer
CC: HMIC Private Office <hmicprivateoffic36@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk>

Dear Mr Hofschröer

Thank you for your message, received this evening.

I will ask my office to look into the matters you have raised, and we will write to you again when we have done so.

Yours sincerely,
Tom Winsor

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