This is just the beginning. We expect to fill several pages with this material – and hopefully several jails – until the rule of law is restored in York.

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  1. Alex Brown

     /  17/10/2011

    Never going to happen. The police protects the establishment, the police are allowed to break the law. That has been a deal between them for a long time. The laws are so rotten anyway, the rule of law would not sort things out. The laws need to be changed.

  2. I take your point, but think we need to take this step-by-step. We first have to get a police force that accepts its role is to uphold the law, and not break it. Once we have got that far, we then need to change the laws to see that justice is finally done.

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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