UPDATE 19th July 2013

Julia Mulligan has just held a live blog (see:

Grandma B and her supporters took the opportunity of asking her a number of questions, including:

  • A year ago, when commenting in Parliament on a serious fraud committed by senior officers of North Yorkshire Police against a disabled great-grandmother, Lord Maginnis called for a corruption investigation. When will this be going ahead?
  • There have been many articles in the press about corruption and fraud by senior officers of North Yorkshire Police. What do you intend doing about this?
  • Your husband, North Yorkshire County Councillor Patrick Mulligan, has been accused in the press of making fraudulent expense claims. Do you have any comment to make here?
  • Do you think it right that the wife of a fraud should be Police & Crime Commissioner?
  • The Chair of your Police & Crime Panel, Carl Les, is not denying accusations in the press of making fraudulent expense claims. Will you be taking any action here?

Surprisingly, despite her own stated policy of transparency, she did not answer any of these very pertinent questions. This was her reply:

You received a Private Message from: North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Hi Grandma B, please direct all correspondence to the Professional Standards Department at North Yorkshire Police.


The phrase: “not fit for purpose” comes to mind.


Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in North Yorkshire and the City of York

Dear Ms Mulligan,

May I congratulate you on your selection as Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in North Yorkshire and the City of York? I do hope the appointment of a PCC will herald a new era in the policing of North Yorkshire.

You may recall that shortly before your selection, I raised a number of concerns with you about policing in North Yorkshire. It took me a while to find a current, valid e-mail address for you, but eventually I tracked you down to your place of work and sent you an e-mail in which I asked the following questions,

“Since writing you the e-mail below, there have been significant developments in the investigation into corruption in the authorities and in the Conservative Party in Yorkshire. Some of this material has been published, so may I refer you, by way of example, to:

“As you can see from these articles in the press and the comments made about them, you appear to be the only Conservative candidate for PCC who is not facing allegations of corruption and criminal behaviour.

“That being the case, I was wondering if you would care to make a comment for the next article I am writing on the subject, explaining what you would do to sort out the endemic corruption in North Yorkshire Police, other authorities and your local party.

“Would you also be available for an interview?”

After having spent several weeks trying to find a way of contacting you, I was grateful for the rapid answer I received, even if my questions were not answered. However, you did appear to have a valid reason for not answering, stating,

“I am very sorry, but it is not appropriate for my employers email address to be used or for my employer to be contacted in this respect, especially as I do not hold any office nor am a candidate at present. If selected I will contact you via an appropriate channel.”

As that seemed to be a fair answer, I indeed waited until the selection process was completed. That was on 30th June 2012. Today, it is 3rd August 2012, and no answer has been forthcoming, so please forgive me for getting a little impatient.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve used the time waiting to do a little more research into yourself and your activities. I even found out we have some mutual friends and business associates.

One of the interesting matters I discovered was that you are a director of a company by the name of Sixteen Hands Ltd. That is where I contacted you and you told me not to contact you again there, as it was you employer’s e-mail address.

Like yourself, I am on the Linked In network. The information that provided me with on you was interesting. I found your profile on:

It gives the following information on you:


Sixteen Hands Ltd.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

April 2007 – Present (5 years 5 months)

Well, that was informative. It would seem that you founded the company at which you are an employee. I thought that was rather strange, so being an investigative journalist, I investigated further.

The next place I looked was the Companies House website, which confirmed that such a company does indeed exist.

I then searched further and found a website that was rather more informative than your company’s website, which is in the process of being finished. I am sure the wait will be worthwhile, producing a real thoroughbred, even if this time it was not the first past the post.

Anyway, I found this one:

It gave the following information:

Associated Directors

Name & Function Status Active Inactive
Paul Alexander (42)
Director, Director
2 Apr 2011 – Present (1 year, 4 months, 1 day)
Current 1 0
Stephen Leslie Henry (42)
Director, Director
30 Nov 2010 – Present (1 year, 8 months, 4 days)
Current 11 1
Richard Midgley (41)
Director, Advertising Agent
8 Apr 2010 – Present (2 years, 3 months, 26 days)
Current 5 0
Richard Midgley
Company Secretary, No Function
1 Mar 2010 – Present (2 years, 5 months, 2 days)
Current 1 0
Julia Mulligan (45)
Director, Marketing Planner
2 Apr 2007 – Present (5 years, 4 months, 1 day)
Current 1 0


Name Percentage Quantity Type Nominal Value Total Value
Richard Midgley 51.00% 51 Ordinary 1.00 GBP 51.00
Julia Mulligan 40.00% 40 Ordinary 1.00 GBP 40.00
Paul Alexander 9.00% 9 Ordinary 1.00 GBP 9.00

Is this information correct?

I ask, as being a major shareholder, a director of this company, and indeed the longest serving director, I was wondering who your employer might be.

Mutual friends and business associates have the impression that Sixteen Hands is your company and that you run it and, as such, you don’t have an employer.

Do you happen to know how they got that impression?

And while I am asking questions, can you please confirm that your marketing company does marketing work for local authorities?

If so, would you be prepared to tell me which local authorities?

If you are not prepared to tell me, then as you are based in North Yorkshire and the local authority is North Yorkshire County Council, would North Yorkshire County Council happened to be one of your clients?

Anyway, back to the subject: my e-mail of 6 June 2012, which did not arrive at the e-mail address I had for you, as this was no longer current, but which finally reached you on 26 June 2012.

In case your employer did not allow you to keep a copy of the mail I sent you, I reproduced the essential part above. As many weeks have now passed since your selection and the expected answer to my question has yet to arrive, may I ask it again?

 “What you would do to sort out the endemic corruption in North Yorkshire Police, other authorities and your local party?”

I ask it again here, as I posted a question on this subject on your Facebook page earlier today, but it was deleted without answer.

May I ask who has the authorisation to edit your Facebook page? Presumably that would be you, so can you please confirm you deleted this question without answering it?

While I was making efforts to get an answer from you to valid and most topical questions on official corruption in North Yorkshire, which are being asked in the national press and elsewhere, I came across your campaign website,, which one can only describe as most informative.

On the page designated “Peoples Plan”, on which you elicit feedback from the people of North Yorkshire, I posted a series of questions on police and official corruption in North Yorkshire and asked you what you intend to do about it. These comments are “awaiting moderation” and have yet to be published. I do hope these valid and topical questions finally get the promised and long-overdue answer. I would be most disappointed if my questions on your website were treated in the same way as my questions by e-mail and as posted on your Facebook page and are again deleted without answer.

You probably appreciate that in view of the seemingly incessant revelations of official corruption in North Yorkshire, which seem to be centred around Cllr Jane Kenyon, your party colleague and the person currently responsible for seeing that North Yorkshire Police properly account for their expenditure of public money, that the public is concerned that whoever takes over from her as PCC will be a person of integrity and whose decisions are transparent. Would you not agree that this is what the people of North Yorkshire deserve?

Just in case this e-mail does not get an answer either, my mother suggested we post it on her blog.

If you do wish to take the opportunity of making a clear statement of intent on dealing with the rampant corruption in the police, the local authorities and your party, then you will have the opportunity of doing so.

If you do so, Grandma B will happily post that answer on her website so it is in the public domain and so that the new era of policing in North Yorkshire enjoys transparency from its conception.

She tells me she does hope you will not instead decide to exercise your right to silence.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


We will post her answer the instant we get it, but would not advise holding one’s breath until she replies.


UPDATE 6 August 2012

Well, as expected, Dear Julia does appear to have decided to exercise her right to silence, as all the posts to her “People’s Plan” page on her blog were deleted without answer. As Dear Julia states, “As your Police and Crime Commissioner, she must ensure your views and needs are understood and built into the plan.” Perhaps she should have add the proviso “unless this refers to corruption in North Yorkshire Police, the Conservative-run local authorities and the Conservative Party”. As she states in her Manifesto, “I’m standing because I want to make our area safer and because there have been too many scandals involving senior police officers.” Dear Julia certainly seems to be sincere, eh?

As she has declined to answer questions sent to her by e-mail and posted on her blog on what action she proposes to take about the increasing number of scandals involving senior officers, then maybe it would help if we post them here and ask her to answer on this blog. So here we go:

There is a page headed ABOUT on her blog. It gives a list of reason to vote for Dear Julia. It is pasted below, together with questions addressed to her so that she may answer them. Here we go:

Why Julia?

We have a good police force here in North Yorkshire and the City of York. Crime has fallen significantly over the past 10 years and in the past year alone it’s fallen by 9 per cent to the point where we are one of the safest areas in the UK.

However, we’ve also experienced significant problems surrounding the conduct of several senior officers, over a sustained period of time.

[Question – So what are you going to do about police corruption? North Yorkshire Police has been described in Parliament as “that particularly dubious constabulary merits careful investigation.” Will you be seeing to it that this investigation takes place?]

On 15th November you will be able choose either a former Police Authority member (on whose watch some these scandals happened) or Julia Mulligan, whose independence and business background means she has the right skills for the job and none of the baggage.

Five good reasons to vote for Julia Mulligan…

1. Independent – from the Police so no vested interests to protect

[As a leading Yorkshire Conservative, are you not very much tainted by the Jane Kenyon affair in which there have been 30 years of unbridled corruption? If you were not aware of what was going on in your own party, in which you hold a leading position and  which is fully documented in the public domain, then how will will you be able to deal with the rampant corruption in North Yorkshire Police?]

2. A fresh start – unconnected with North Yorkshire Police Authority

[But as a leading member of a blatantly corrupt Yorkshire Conservative Party, are not connected with this corruption?]

3. Business background – Julia is able to manage money, seek out efficiencies and drive value

[If you did not notice how Jane Kenyon and her associates in your party have been plundering the public purse for 30 years, then how good a manager of money are you?]

4. Dedicated – being your Commissioner would be Julia’s only job

[What are you going to do about Sixteen Hands Ltd, where you are a director and major share holder, and apparently run the company?]

5. On your side – Julia’s a former local councillor, school governor and community champion

[So why aren’t you answering my questions on Police corruption? Who does that favour?]


We have just e-mailed Dear Julia asking her to respond to these questions.  We will let you know if we get an answer.

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  1. I am so sorry that you have had to endure this sort of corruption Grandma B (hope you do not mind me calling you that?) It is disgusting that certain members of your family have treated you so appallingly ( I have grown up children, and it must break your heart, that a child you gave life to could treat you so badly) I am so sorry. But then to have the people who could have listened and protected you,also turn out to be corrupt, must have been devastating for you. I hold my hands up in admiration of you Grandma B, you are a very plucky lady, and have a very loyal and loving son…Oh and lots of people out in cyber space who DO care about you.. stay well ..

    Best wishes Kristina x

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks. The way that Grandma B was been treated by her family has badly traumatised her. She was just beginning to get over that, when, a few days ago, her oldest son Robert Hofschröer, who is employed by York Social Services, broke into her house again, changed the locks for the third time and has now moved into it, preventing her return. This latest crime has badly affected her. Her solictors contacted the police to report the crimes and social services to report the abuse. By law, in the case of a vulnerable person, which Grandma B, aged 83 and disabled certainly is, they have to react within 24 hours. We have not had so much as the courtesy of a reply, let alone the action required by law. That is how criminals like North Yorkshire Police and York Social Services carry on. Nobody, but nobody in North Yorkshire will be safe until the police and social workers are all safely behind bars.

    It is interesting to note that only a few days before Dear Brother and his psychotic family made that move, a police criminal from the North Yorkshire gang by the name of DCI Heather Pearson wrote to both the fraud investigator and Grandma B’s carer threatening to arrest them if they continued to expose police corruption. Grandma B’s solicitor then informed DCI Pearson that the fraud investigator would come to York to be interviewed and intended to undertake one of his periodical inspections of her house.

    Dear Brother then forced entry to her house, locked her out and took possession.

    Doesn’t that show that the actions of these bent cops and deranged social workers are coordinated?

    The streets of North Yorkshire will never be safe so long as police officers like these are at large. Is it not time they were all arrested?

  3. John Harding

     /  22/01/2013

    I’ve had some dealings with Julia Mulligan myself.
    Actually I shouldn’t say that, what I should say is that I have TRIED to have some dealings with her, but all the communication has been in one direction only, and this despite the fact that she has told me, and the world, that she is very concerned and will do everything she can to help.

    Assuming, as I must, that her intentions are good, I have to assume that this new job is just all too much for her, she is out of her depth and not fit for purpose. Regrettably, it is clear that she is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    • Thank you for your comments. I only wish I could agree that it is merely a case of Ms Mulligan needing time to get on top of her new job. Please however read the correspondence. She claimed she was an employee of a company it turns out she owns and runs, so she LIED on this point. She claimed she would do something about Grandma B’s case when she was selected / elected for this post. She has not, so she LIED again. Bear in mind one of the required criteria for the job of Police Commissioner is integrity, an attribute she clearly does not have. Then look at the sort of people she has selected for her panel. Just one example is Carl Les, a former member of the much discredited police authority, who does not deny having committed serious criminal offences. So Julia Mulligan lies incessantly and surrounds herself with criminals. I would say that makes her not for for purpose as police commissioner.

  4. John Harding

     /  22/01/2013

    I know. but I’ve been successful in life and although I don’t count myself among the rich, I’m not poor and so I’m trying to state my case without leaving myself open to a libel action.

    At the same time, unfortunately I’m not rich enough to take action against Mrs. Mulligan for own libelous comments. So, all that I can really say in public is that I believe her to be incompetent.

    • Let us not forget her predecessor, the chair of North Yorkshire Police Authority, Jane Kenyon, a party colleague and close friend, ran a slush fund in which she used taxpayers money to pay “bungs” to the corrupt police officers running North Yorkshire Police in return for them turning a blind eye to her criminal activities.

      One wonders what has happened to this slush fund now that Julia Mulligan is Police Commissioner. Is she still running it? Has she decided to stop this criminal activity? If she has, is she trying to recover the taxpayers money used to pay these bungs? If not, why not?

      You may like to ask her these questions. I bet she will exercise her right to silence, as criminals often do.

  5. Hi, it seems corruption in North Yorks Conservatives has infected at least two Selby District Councillors – Head of Council and a Planning Committee member as the following dociument distributed across government by email (including many to Julia Mulligan) and tweet – see my twitter account @ucimup – and recently distributed by hand in Selby town centre.
    I present it to make the point that corruption is a spreadable disease and may be countered by the truth WITHOUT fear of libel or defamation – the truth makes any complaint invalid.
    It all has to come to a head pretty soon if Selby and District taxpayers are not to be bankrupted, the Queen insulted, and 4000 people lose their lives.

    Regards Ian

    —–Original Message—–
    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 09:41:10 -0500 (EST)

    SELBY TIMES/SELBY POST/THE PRESS refuse to report on ‘Councillors and paid officials, wilfully putting lives at risk for ‘brown envelopes’, bankrupting Selby District taxpayers who pay them!


    Dear Selby District Taxpayers,

    Criminals want to share in £39.7 million as 4,000 lives are threatened and District taxpayers go bust!

    A power-base of half of Selby District’s 41 councillors arrogantly swaggered into criminality : they conspired to break the law (a de facto ‘criminal conspiracy’) with SDC, the Chief Planner et al, BOCM Pauls Ltd, Spawforths Ltd and Barlby Parish Council, to unlawfully build 995 houses on ‘Olympia Park’

    Out of kindness? Or to share in a near £40 million profit? – now the profit of Three Swans Property Ltd of Ipswich, run by three Directors from BOCM Pauls Ltd: ‘brown envelope’ payments to beat the Inland Revenue will have to come from an illicit source, and necessarily selling ‘missing’ building materials (blamed on local people?) on the ‘black market’ : and guaranteeing sub-standard homes!

    And the conspirators knew they would have to break the law. Because they had to agree first to the deletion of Public Records which could stop the application from being submitted : a conspiracy aimed at perverting the course of justice in order to open up their way to unlawful financial gain!

    Public Records existed at ‘Access Selby’ regarding the refusal of a 2002 ‘Emaus, Yorkshire’ planning application for an ‘open’ hostel on Ousebank, CO/2002/0634 – 8/16/225E/PA – a refusal caused by the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire directing Selby District Council to comply with UK Law : Sect. 17, Crime & Disorder Act, 1998, where “fear of crime and disorder and for community safety” were ‘material considerations’ preventing a build on Ousebank ‘strictly on planning grounds’. And Public Records which the conspirators were fully aware could stop the ‘Olympia Park’ planning application : BOCMPauls Ltd 2008 attempt to build 600 houses in partnership with Bellway Homes Ltd had caused mention several times of the2002 grounds for refusal, so after 2008 BOCMPauls Ltd ‘went criminal’.

    The co-conspirators perverted the course of justice by deleting these records so the ‘Olympia Park’ planning application might be submitted by BOCMPauls Ltd and accepted by Selby District Council But Selby District Council went further to remove the ‘Olympia Park’ planning application away from challenge : ‘Olympia Park’ was ‘preferred’ or promoted to ‘core strategic site’, then even further in making ‘Olympia Park’ an incontestable choice of site, and by wrapping it up in a ‘Hybrid’ application of four differing but connected applications – a ‘can of worms’ costing a fortune in lawyers to open!

    But the 1947 Selby flood showed the then owners of ‘Olympia Park’ that the building begun in 1938 with Ousebank Cottages and held up by the Second World War 1939-1945, could not be continued : a flood-defence wall built high enough to prevent a similar flood would leave the railway lower than the flood-defence wall to become an un-closable conduit for flood water, causing the closure of the railway if the residents were to be protected. No commuting links now would cause SDC bankruptcy!

    So what can be done then with land that cannot be built on? The untimely death of George VI solved the problem: in 1952, five years after the flood the land was munificently gifted to local sports fields and Ousebank residents as allotments ‘So no Ousebank family is without means to feed themselves’ and in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to The Throne. Who has the power to dishonour The Queen by overruling such a gift? And with a build set to start during The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

    But did not start, because, as ‘core strategic site’ of the Selby District Core Strategy, it has been held up along with everything else, because the Core Strategy has been stalled SIX TIMES by objections! –

    now, at great cost to the Selby District taxpayer, in its SEVENTH submission : six were FAILED by the Independent Government Inspector, the Sixth failing because of a legitimate objection by Samuel Smiths Brewery Ltd regarding ‘Green Belt’. And this sort of costly objection can now continue to be made into the future, and because Selby District Council refuses to establish a ‘Planning Restraints Policy Document’ regarding Restraints such as Green Belt or Strategic Gaps, even though one has been made available for a decade by The Department of Communities and Local Government (which appoints Independent Inspectors) “Strategic Gap and Green Wedge Policies in Structure Plans -2001’

    The fact that the power-base at Selby District Council, arrogant enough to break the law, has as its leader the Head of Council who represents Brayton, and Brayton has its other elected representative on the Planning Committee, reveals that the refusal to adopt any concrete Planning Restraints Policy Document has been nothing if not an attempt to prevent a review of ‘The Brayton Strategic Gap’, and because it might have an adverse effect on Brayton property prices if a review leads to less of a Brayton Gap, because leading to building permissions and because it is a LARGE FLOOD-FREE ZONE!

    Coming from a power-base with a ‘predetermination’ (now criminalised by ‘Localism Bill’) to protect Brayton property prices, and which has proved so costly to Selby District taxpayers, and because of the lack of a Planning Restraints Policy Document also accessible to all, which would speed up and make cheaper the whole planning process for Selby District taxpayers, it should be no surprise to all that any mass-build will be forced ‘the other side of the tracks’. Even if this just happens to be in the worst possible place for a build: the Eastern ‘Flood Zone 3’ area of Selby – the site of ‘Olympia Park’!

    But the criminality seems unending : not only did the Statutory Public Document ‘Selby District Sites Allocations Document’ (SaDSAD) attempt to deceive potential investors with the false claim that ‘Olympia Park’ “already benefits from planning permission” (Sect 18 : Barlby & Osgodby) but another Public Document ‘Updated Masterplan and Delivery Document – Nov 2010’ (UMaDD) criminally attempts theft of land from Ousebank Cottages’ owners to gain Selby access routes (by forcing mass trespass on residents, dangerous daily stopping of trespass, to stop ‘occupier liability’ costs) by falsifying the ‘Green Line’ boundaries of ‘SaDSAD’ with the ‘Red Line’ boundaries in ‘UMaDD’ written by Spawforths Ltd, promoters of BOCMPauls Ltd ‘Hybrid’ plan. But ‘UMaDD’ ‘chose’ a ‘desk based’ inspection of the ‘Olympia Park’ ‘core strategic site’, even though the ‘special consideration’ of a ‘flood defence wall meeting a railway embankment’ is cause for a ‘physical’ inspection, as is the change of status of the land behind the wall, to ‘residential’ from ‘over-topping’ of River Ouse’ into what is the munificently gifted allotments (allotment are also a statutory right, but will be cunningly moved onto contaminated land, unlawfully!) And UMaDD ‘evidence base’ says plan is un-affordable!

    The reason for choice of ‘desk based’ over ‘physical’ inspection becomes clear : an easily seen and dangerous height difference at the joining of the flood-defence wall and the railway-embankment was ‘a fix too far’: UMaDD ‘Plan’ seeks “public money” to be financially viable, but has none to date!

    It is a dangerous height difference indeed : the two to three metre drop would cause a million-tonne waterfall when it is the first gap bound to be found out by the rising River Ouse. The waterfall will be hammering away at the base of the railway embankment to threaten the UK’s worst ever man-made disaster if the embankment is sluiced away, as it protects Barlby village and Barlby First School.

    Those wilfully blind also to putting 4,000 future residents’ lives at risk, for blood money, MUST GO!


    [Five councillors MUST ask Head of Council to sign ‘Requisition for Extraordinary Meeting of Council’ during which ONE-QUARTER of councillors (11) may lawfully conduct proceedings to reclaim councils and AFTER SEVEN DAYS if Head of Council refuses to sign: Schedule 12- Local Government Act, 1972]

  6. Thank you for your comments and post.

    While this matter is not directly related to elder abuse, it shares common ground, as it outlines yet more official corruption in North Yorkshire.

    We should not forget that a known criminal and active elder abuser ex-inspector Colin Moreton was transferred to a civilian job in Selby with North Yorkshire Police to avoid disciplinary action for his role in defrauding Grandma B of her house.

    Moreton – and more of the story can be seen on: – is now in charge of community policing in Selby, where he has access to further potential victims.

    Neither Selby’s MP, nor any of the town’s councillors are in any way concerned about a known criminal being in charge of community policing.

    One has to ask oneself why.

  7. This e-mail has just been sent:

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Official Corruption in Selby
    Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:02:11 +0100
    From: Peter Hofschröer

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    My elderly mother has asked me to draw your attention to the following post on her blog:

    As you may be aware, she operates a right of reply policy to those accused when serious allegations are made against them.

    Would you kindly let me know if you wish to comment here, or, as on past occasions, wish to exercise your right to silence.

    Yours faithfully,
    Peter Hofschröer

    In the unlikely event we get any replies, we wil post them here.

    • Ian T Hinchey

       /  19/03/2013

      Hello again,
      “In the unlikely event” indeed: the Councillors named have already received a copy of the email you link for them, and Nigel Adams MP has taken to blocking my emails since mention of the main conspirators must have made him realise they were both Conservatives, as my tweets on Twitter inform the wider world.

      Highest Regards


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