The fraud investigator has just sent this e-mail to the godfather running the crime syndicate known as North Yorkshire Police:

Dear Chief Constable Maxwell,


 I acknowledge receipt of the attached letter dated 28th of November 2011 from your subordinate Mr Steve Read written on your behalf.  It deeply saddened me and I have decided that I have no choice now but to stop pussyfooting with you in correspondence and adopt a more direct style, so that this case can be resolved and Mrs Hofschroer can return home before she dies.  In specific response to your letter I would comment as follows:

 1.  Pretty obviously I am aware that my freedom of Information requests are with the Legal and Compliance Directorate, because I am the person that e mailed them there.  Stated Force and ACPO policy is to respond to freedom of information requests within twenty days, mine have been unacknowledged and outstanding since October, obviously to protect Inspector Moreton by inhibiting my investigation.  Please can you stop playing silly word games and order Mr Dennis to respond to my enquiries and ensure that he complies with the Freedom of Information Act, ACPO and force policy.

 2.  The fact remains that you are still withholding the result of the burglary investigation.  Following the three previous bungled investigations by your force, I again request that you confirm the name of the Senior Detective that conducted the fourth investigation into this offence and provide a copy of his report. 

 3. As you are aware, Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick and Mr Read both LIED when they suggested on your behalf that there are no outstanding issues or correspondence on this case.  You and your subordinates are routinely ignoring correspondence to evade your duty to arrest Inspector Moreton, which is a deeply corrupt act and a criminal offence.  For instance:

  •  Inspector Moreton issued an unsigned harassment warning to Peter Hofschroer threatening to arrest him for sending offensive e mails to Mr Bednarski, which Peter Hofschroer denies.  This harassment warning was used by Inspector Morton and Robert Hofschroer to intimidate Peter Hofschroer into staying in Austria so that the house would remain empty and Robert Hofschroer could enter it without problems and then sell it fraudulently.  It was then entered into evidence as part of a similar property fraud in Austria.  Approximately thirty requests have been sent to you and your officers by myself, Peter Hofschroer and his solicitor to see these e mails and I have even visited Fulford Road Police Station at the invitation of the Police to physically examine them, but your force consistently refuses to provide them.  It is alleged that this is because they do not exist and you and your officers will not admit this because if you do it must automatically lead to the arrest of Inspector Moreton.

Please will you provide the alleged e mails that were the subject of the Homburg harassment warning and sign it, or retract it on the basis that it is concocted, fraudulent and without evidential foundation.  (Thirty-first request to see these alleged e mails).

  • In the course of the cover-up to protect Inspector Moreton that your force has initiated, Peter Hofschroer -whom all parties including your own constables and her Doctor accept is a good carer of Barbara Hofschroer- has been accused variously of fraud, theft, assault, use of insulting words and behaviour, making obscene telephone calls to Police officers and Councillors, cross border kidnapping, holding his mother against her will, harassment of his brother and a social worker, and abusing his mother.  All of these allegations have been fully investigated and found to be false.  I have requested that you confirm what the latest offence that Peter Hofschroer is accused of committing that Detective Inspector Ellis asserts he is investigating, so this can be resolved.  If you are not able to do this, please confirm that the investigation is again bogus and closed.
  • My request for the removal from the case of Mr Steve Read and Detective Inspector Ellis from the case dated 27 July remains unanswered.
  • It has now emerged that on the same day that Robert Hofschroer seized Mrs Hofschroer’s house and changed the locks as a precursor to selling it and making her homeless, in what was clearly a coordinated well planned joint operation, Inspector Moreton made application to the Office of the Public Guardian to have the Power of Attorney transferred from Peter Hofschroer (the man that your officers, the Austrian State Police, her lawyer, her neighbours, myself and her Doctor confirmed was a good carer of Barbara Hofschroer) to Robert Hofschroer (the man alleged by your constables to have abused Barbara Hofschroer and who tried to make her homeless and destroy all of her possessions) on the basis of the false allegations of fraud made against Peter Hofschröer by Robert Hofschroer that had already been investigated and found to be false by PC Farrington eighteen months before.  This would have given him complete control over all of her assets and allowed him to sell her home fraudulently and against her will, leaving her stranded in Austria.

Your force has NEVER commented on this although it is new and irrefutable evidence that your colleague Inspector Moreton is a corrupt police officer that organised an international criminal fraud against a defenceless old age pensioner. 

  •  You have ignored my repeated requests for this investigation into allegations of misconduct by police officers of your force in which you are personally accused of corruption, to be investigated by officers from another force and are refusing to comment on this.

I would also take this opportunity to comment on other matters:

I acknowledge that my complaint about ACC Cross has been forwarded to the Police Authority and confirm that as I predicted, this has also been ignored.  Similar correspondence was sent to Mr Pudney and Mr Holderness in July 2011 and it remains unresponded to, obviously because they do not wish to censure a Chief Police Officer from their force.

In December 2010 Mr Steve Read -whom you have designated as the case officer- who is a civilian working in your complaints investigation department assisted in this fraud by requesting the arrest of Peter Hofschroer at the request of Robert Hofschroer over concocted, ridiculous bogus allegations that he concocted with Robert Hofschroer, that Peter Hofschroer had abused his mother, kidnapped her and had been making offensive telephone calls to York Council and Police Officers.  ACC Cross of your force has confirmed that NYP is not investigating allegations of offensive telephone calls and the Austrian investigation confirmed that the other allegations were also completely without evidential foundation. Mr Read has no responsibility for welfare issues or investigating criminal offences other than those committed by Police officers of NYP, but has responsibility for liaising with the IPCC and Home Office over this case.  It is alleged that Mr Read is corrupt and decided to request Peter Hofschroer’s arrest to assist in the fraud by removing Peter Hofschroer and to prevent any further Parliamentary enquiries from Lord Maginnis.  Had he succeeded, Barbara Hofschroer would have been left stranded in Austria without care, Robert Hofschroer would have been free to sell the house and Peter Hofschroer would have been prevented from giving evidence in Austria concerning a similar property fraud in Austria because he was in prison in Austria.  This has now been the subject of a parliamentary question:

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what communications they have had with police and social services authorities in North Yorkshire about the case of Mrs Barbara Hofschröer and over what period; whether, and if so how, the case was referred to Interpol; and what action they now propose to take to resolve the issue.  (Source:  Hansard)

I understand that Lord Maginnis is continuing to press the Home Office strongly for an independent investigation by Scotland Yard.  In this context, it is suspected that Mr Read is the member of your force that lied to a Home Office Civil Servant Mr Peter Edmundson on behalf of Robert Hofschroer to deceive him into misleading Lord Maginnis by telling him that Mrs Hofschroer had received a key to her home, when in fact it had been withheld and she was actually homeless, seriously ill and stranded abroad.  Clearly a most despicable and contemptible act.  Please can you confirm which of your officers was the source of this information, if it was not Read. 

 There have now been seven separate independent investigations into this case and all of them have criticised the way that your force and/or York Council have handled the case in one way or another.  You have ignored my repeated request for this investigation into allegations of misconduct by police officers of your force in which you are personally accused of corruption, to be investigated by officers from another force. Lord Maginnis, IPCC Commissioner Long and the Local Government Ombudsman have all called for the case to be completely re-opened and completely re-investigated impartially, which you are refusing to do.  Because of the number of people involved and the fact that it involves Chief Police Officers, this case is now (arguably) the worst case of Police Corruption in the history of the British Police service.  As a result of your bizarre decision to appoint Mr Read as the case officer on this matter, he is now heading up an investigation into allegations of series of very serious crimes that he is himself accused of participating in or committing.  Clearly a completely unacceptable and indefensible state of affairs, but one that causes you no concern.  Under these circumstances, clearly I cannot correspond with Mr Read and I would again request that he is suspended from the case, in accordance with normal police and public service practice.

 Because of your personal determination not to act against corrupt police officers in your force, this case has now involved in one way or another SOCA, Interpol, GCHQ, the Intelligence Oversight Committee, the Local Government Ombudsman, the Austrian State Police, the IPCC, the North Yorkshire Police Authority, the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, the office of the Public Guardian, the Home Office, Foreign Office, British Embassy in Vienna, Home Secretary, Lord Henley, the House of Lords, the Austrian Ministry of Health, an Austrian Court and the Austrian Foreign Ministry.  It has also been the subject of two parliamentary questions, one concerning misconduct in your force and the other concerning Mr Read’s unlawful and bungled pre-emptive strike using Interpol.  It is obvious, that the reason you are refusing to comply with the requests of myself, Lord Maginnis, the IPCC and the Local Government Ombudsman for this case to be completely re-opened and conducted impartially is because you fear that it would severely censure you and your force, and lead to the arrest of Inspector Moreton and other police officers for offences of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, misuse of public office, harassment and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, which is a deeply corrupt act and an abuse of your power as Chief Constable. I look forward to your response in due course.


Maxwell & Co are the sort of CRIMINALS currently running the British police. The streets will not be safe until every one of them is locked up.

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