UPDATE: 6 August 2012

Here is another link of interest:

We are told to expect significant news on this case in the coming days.

UPDATE: 4 August 2012

The latest exposé of the criminal Jane Kenyon, councillor of the corrupt North Yorkshire County Council and chair of the corrupt North Yorkshire Police Authority can be seen on:

UPDATE: 18 July 2012

The following article appeared in the “Rotten Boroughs” feature of the last issue of “Private Eye” –


THE WAGONS have been drawn in a tight circle in North Yorkshire as the powers-that-be do their utmost to ignore awkward questions besetting prominent Conservative Jane Kenyon, who is chair of the North Yorkshire police authority, a member of both North Yorkshire county and Scarborough borough councils and chair of the Scarborough & Whitby Conservative Association.

Earlier this year Real Whitby, a local news website, revealed that Cllr Kenyon and her partner Cllr Bill Miller are directors of Belvedere Computers Inc, a firm which was suspended in California in the 1980s for non-payment of substantial debts. Much more recently she was a director and company secretary of wood products company Dales Timber Limited (DTL), which went bust in 2009 owing £225,000 to local businesses and individuals. Cllr Miller was a director of the same company.

Neither councillor declared their interest in their registers of interests – nor that DTL was a supplier to the county council, Ryedale district council and the North Yorkshire moors national park authority. When a complaint was made, including evidence in the form of Companies House documents registering her appointment as company secretary and bearing Cllr Kenyon’s signature, she claimed it had been forged. At first North Yorkshire council’s monitoring officer Carole Dunn said, bizarrely, that Kenyon was “unaware” she had been company secretary of DTL. But then Kenyon retrospectively added that fact to her NYCC register after all.

Cllr Kenyon’s DTL directorship is currently “redacted” from her North Yorks register as “historical.., sensitive information”. But the same information is declared on the SBC register. The section of the North Yorkshire register concerning contracts with NYCC states “none known”.

PS: It is to be hoped that Cllr Kenyon’s registers of interests really are now all complete and up to date. Since 1 July, under the new Localism Act, failure to keep a proper record has been a criminal offence, punishable by a £5,000 fine and disqualification from office for up to five years.

Historical note: Cllr Kenyon’s father was Sir Bernard Kenyon, one-time clerk (chief executive) of the former West Riding county council. He made a number of appearances in the “Eye” in the 1970s for his part in the Poulson corruption scandal. In 1966 he became chairman of Open System Building and two other companies owned by the corrupt architect, only retiring from WRCC in 1968 after being exposed by the “Yorkshire Post” for, er, failing to declare such a blatant conflict of interest!

The “Eye” tell us they will be returning to this issue. Let us not forget that Dear Jane is the leader of the gang defrauding Grandma B, so we will not rest until she and her accomplices are put where they belong – JAIL!

UPDATE: 15 June 2012

For the latest, devastating revelations of rampant official corruption in North Yorkshire, please see:

Who is Jane Kenyon?

She is chair of North Yorkshire Police Authority, a member of North Yorkshire County Council, a businesswoman running several enterprises, she also sits on various bodies in Yorkshire and is a leading member of the Conservative Party.  She is said to be a close confident of David Cameron.

She comes from a remarkable family. Her father was the late Sir Bernard Kenyon, who was involved in the Poulson / T Dan Smith corruption scandal in the 1970′s. This affair involved fraud on a grand scale and corruption in public office. Her brother is a qualified solicitor, but was disbarred and served a prison sentence. Her partner styles himself “T William Miller”.

UPDATE: 10 June 2012

An interesting article on some of Jane Kenyon’s fraudulent business activties has just been published. Do have a read of it. It can be seen on:


Cllr Jane Kenyon is sadly typical of the sort of politician now running the once proud country of Britain. She is an active criminal and utterly corrupt. That observation applies to every member of North Yorkshire Police Authority.

When is the Home Secretary finally going to act and see to it the rule of law is restored to North Yorkshire? All she needs to do is have the following people arrested: the police, the senior officers of the local authorities, all the members of the NYPA, every local and county councillor, every MP, senior officials of the IPCC, etc., etc.

The sooner she starts, the sooner it is over, eh?

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: RE: Inspector Moreton and Mr Steve Read fraud and police corruption investigation (Crime Number 12110014573) (Interpol Reference 4C/4326686/10) (BMeiA-GB.4.30.13/0011-IV.1/2011) (OPG reference 2250548)
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 12:26:12 +0100
From: Fraud Investigator
To: <>
CC: ,,,,,,,,,, “‘Rajinder Richards'”,,,,,, “‘Drew, Annie'”,,,, “‘Read, Steven'”, “‘Jeremy Holderness'”

Dear County Councillor Kenyon,

I am writing to confirm that not one of the members of the police authority has responded to my e mail below or indeed to any of the correspondence on this issue since July, although there have been major developments and it is clear that there has been corruption in the handling of this case.  There have now been TEN separate independent investigations or reviews into this case which have all criticised the way the case has been handled in one way or another.  In the latest catastrophe to unfold for North Yorkshire Police as a result of my investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service have confirmed that in order to ascertain if criminal offices have occurred and conduct a satisfactory investigation it was essential that witness statements were taken from Peter and Barbara Hofschroer.  As you are aware, this has never been done and consequently, the CPS ruling has effectively QUASHED the findings of Moreton’s investigation that North Yorkshire Police and the Police Authority are supporting.

In the course of the cover-up to protect Inspector Moreton from arrest, North Yorkshire Police has accused Peter Hofschroer -whom all parties including NYP constables, Austrian Police, neighbours, her lawyer, Doctor and myself accept is a good carer of Barbara- variously of fraud, theft, assault, use of insulting words and behaviour, making obscene telephone calls to Police officers and Councillors, cross border kidnapping, holding his mother against her will, harassment of his brother, police officers and a social worker, and abusing his mother.  All of the allegations made by Mr Read, DS Galloway and Inspector Moreton have been fully investigated and found to be false, and the IPCC investigation has been completely discredited.  As a result, this case has now involved in one way or another City of York Council, the Local Government Ombudsman, SOCA, Interpol, GCHQ, the Austrian State Police, the IPCC, the North Yorkshire Police Authority, the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, Staffordshire Police the Home Office, Foreign Office, British Embassy in Vienna, British Consulate in Graz, Home Secretary, Lord Henley, the CPS, ACPO, the Austrian Foreign Ministry and there have been questions asked in the Houses of Parliament.  In short North Yorkshire Police have become a national and international embarrassment.

I find the silence of the Police Authority when faced with the above catalogue of disaster to be absolutely thunderous.  The conclusion is inescapable that every member of the police authority has realised that there is enough evidence to convict Mr Read, Chief Constable Maxwell, Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick, and Assistant Chief Constable Cross for offences of corruption and are maintaining their silence, and unlawfully ignoring correspondence to protect them from arrest, which is obviously a corrupt act.  I would further observe that I have for many months been making allegations of corruption against employees of North Yorkshire Police including Mr Dennis the force solicitor and yet no one has dared serve me with an injunction or threaten me with an action for libel.  It appears obvious this is because they have realized that the allegations I am making will stand in court.

As a result of your refusal to execute your statutory duties and ask for an investigation by another force, Lord Maginnis has again questioned the Home Office on corruption within City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police in parliament and I have been forced to extend my investigation to the Police Authority.  In this context I would record that corruption is alleged against a number of employees of the Council Social Services Department and two local councillors, and that some of the members of the police authority are also City of York Councillors.


From: Fraud Investigator
Sent: lundi 2 janvier 2012 14:27
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘Rajinder Richards’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: FW: Inspector Moreton and Mr Steve Read fraud and police corruption investigation (Crime Number 12110014573) (Interpol Reference 4C/4326686/10) (BMeiA-GB.4.30.13/0011-IV.1/2011) (OPG reference 2250548)
Importance: High

Dear County Councillor Kenyon,

Further to my e mails to yourself, Mr Pudney and Mr Holderness which remain completely unresponded to (see attached), the email below sets out the case in one document and includes the latest evidence I have uncovered, which can only be described as devastating.  Mr Donald Crawford the eminent retired barrister who advises the Parliamentary Brief has reviewed the evidence I have collected and expressed his professional opinion that there is enough evidence to make arrests.

In addition, The Crown Prosecution Service have recently confirmed that in order to conduct a satisfactory investigation, it was essential that witness statements were taken from Peter and Barbara Hofschroer.  As you are aware, Inspector Moreton did not do this, to ensure that the investigation was denied their evidence and would conclude there were no criminal offences committed.  The CPS ruling has therefore effectively QUASHED the findings of the NYP investigation, although the Chief Constable is refusing to follow the recommendations of myself, the IPCC and the Local Government Ombudsman to completely re-open the case, obviously to protect Inspector Moreton and other police officers from arrest.  Mr Steve Read the Head of the North Yorkshire Professional Standards Department is also accused of corruption, but (incredibly) the Chief Constable has appointed him to investigate the case!

I note that the Police Authority do not deny any of the allegations of corruption I have made at all levels including Chief Police Officers in the North Yorkshire Police.  I can therefore only conclude that you the police authority is refusing to respond to correspondence because you are trying to conceal misconduct within the North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire Police Authority, which is a deeply corrupt act.  As a result of the  failure of the police authority to execute its functions and respond to the grave issues involved in this case -which is unquestionably the worst example of coordinated police corruption in the history of the British Police Service- it has inevitably had to be referred directly to the Home Secretary and there have been questions asked in the Houses of Parliament concerning corruption in the North Yorkshire Police.  As you can see the e mail below making allegations against senior officers within North Yorkshire Police has been widely distributed within the force, unquestionably undermining the credibility of the Chief officers of the force and force morale.  However, (again incredibly) none of this apparently causes any member of the Police Authority any concern at all!

Under these circumstances it is difficult to conceive of what purpose the Police Authority serves under your leadership and I would suggest that it is simply unfit for purpose.  I would again request for the umpteenth time that the Police Authority responds to my correspondence and asks for an investigation into the Hofschroer case by an external force, preferably the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard, in accordance with its statutory duty and normal practice in these cases.

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  1. Tom

     /  17/01/2012

    That’s how we ‘ALL’ feel but is the maid Marion ‘Jane’ being held hostage or we outlaws still of no consequence?

  2. Tom

     /  17/01/2012

    I’m reminded of Maid Marion and the Sheriff of Nottingham. There is Maid Marion,The outlaws and the Sheriff but where’s Robin Hood.
    It not a joke, we are powerless and so is Jane Kenyon, she’s a mere patsy and we are the outlaws. Perhaps we should storm the castle


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