CALL TO ARREST JULIA MULLIGAN – Police & Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire

Julia Mulligan is Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

She can only be described as an abject failure and an habitual criminal.

She has wilfully failed to do anything about the rampant corruption in North Yorkshire Police, she has wilfully failed to put an end to the child rapist gang that has been active in Yorkshire for at least 50 years, she has wilfully failed to stop the police from continuing to commit serious crimes against Grandma B.

In the short time she has been P&CC, she has committed a number of serious criminal offences, including:

Misconduct in public office, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

She belongs in JAIL and not in public office. But then one could say that about just about everybody in public office in North Yorkshire….

Grandma B’s carer has just asked the Police & Crime Panel to have her arrested. Let us see if they will carry out their duty. I know, I’m not holding my breath either.

This is the e-mail they were sent:

Subject: Call to Arrest Julia Mulligan, Police Commissioner North Yorkshire
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:14:28 +0100
From: Peter Hofschröer

To the
North Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel

Ladies & Gentlemen,

You are aware from previous correspondence that Julia Mulligan, the Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, is not disputing allegations that she has committed various serious criminal offences.

May I now draw your attention to the latest press revelations in this saga? Please see:

This article points out that:

“Commissioner Mulligan’s excuse for her own failure to intervene in the case is that she claims it is an operational matter for the Chief Constable.  She is nevertheless explicitly aware that Councillor Kenyon-Miller has committed crimes and that the Chief Constable and Scarborough Council are ignoring complaints and correspondence (i.e. stonewalling) to prevent her arrest.  This undermines confidence in the Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police and her own office.  It is also a crime.”

You know from previous correspondence and evidence supplied to you that Mrs Mulligan is an habitual criminal, who has committed offences such as misconduct in public office, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to defraud, etc.

You are also aware that her husband Patrick Mulligan has, in his role as a county councillor, made fraudulent expense claims.

Neither of them are in the slightest way suited to public office.

In case you do not know, the crime Mrs Mulligan is accused of committing on this occasion – and which she is unlikely to deny – is misprision, an offence under Common Law.

Can you please let me know what you intend to do about his?

Yours faithfully,
Peter Hofschröer


Please see also:

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  1. Tom Brown

     /  21/10/2014

    A lot of people in NYCC and indeed NYP are more afraid of exposure by blackmail than any threats from a mere citizen.
    Cahill, an IRA founder, was so terrified of the exposure of his paedophile activities, he was prepared work as a double agent for the British (the blackmailers). Edward Heath was persuaded to sign Britain away re the Common Market for the same reasons.

    • An honest cop? Pigs might fly. Bigger chance of that than one of them telling the truth!


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