Cost of the Pursuit of Grandma B

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Subject: The Cost of the Pursuit of Grandma B
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 17:47:49 +0100
From: Peter Hofschröer
To: <>, <>

Dear Police & Crime Commissioner, Dear Chief Constable,

One notes from press reports that you consider the cost of reclaiming sums of taxpayers money obtained fraudulently by former Chief Constable Maxwell and DCC Briggs not to be viable and so have dropped the matter. Please see for instance:

This concern for the public purse is commendable, even it if is incomprehensible. Two more criminals are allowed to walk free in North Yorkshire. The message sent to them and their accomplices is clearly that they can knowingly break the law with impunity. The streets of North Yorkshire can never be safe if we do not have the rule of law, but that appears to concern you little.

Furthermore, you are both aware that for years now, senior officers of North Yorkshire Police have been party to serious crimes committed against two elderly people and their carer, resulting in the death of one of them and the exile of another in a foreign country for five years now. I refer to the “Abuse of Grandma B” case that Lord Maginnis has raised in Parliament several times now, openly accusing you of crime and corruption against an 85 year-old, disabled great-grandmother, which you are not disputing.

Nevertheless, you have chosen to ignore Lord Maginnis’ requests for a corruption enquiry into your “dubious” police force. You have chosen to ignore the IPCC’s recommendation that you reopen the safeguarding enquiry into this case, as the earlier enquiry was perverted by a senior police officer party to these criminal attempts to defraud these old people and their carer of their assets.

One may wonder why you have chosen not to uphold the law here either. In case you trot out the same excuse as you did with Maxwell & Co, may I ask you the following question?

How much has North Yorkshire Police spent on hounding an 87 year-old veteran of Stalingrad into an early grave? How much has North Yorkshire Police spent on terrorising his disabled widow into fleeing her house for safety abroad, in Hitler’s homeland Austria? How much has North Yorkshire Police spent on pursuing them to their refuge in Austria via Interpol? How much has North Yorkshire Police spent on the current international enquiries into the whereabouts of Barbara Hofschröer now you have contrived to force her out of her refuge in Austria?

Presumably, you will continue to exercise your right of silence here.

The sum you have willingly spent in pursuing a wheelchair-bound great-grandmother across Europe for five years for merely having the nerve to complain about being the victim of police crime and social worker abuse is likely to be a multiple of that you would have spent on jailing criminals like Maxwell & Co.

What is your justification for this?

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer

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