IPCC Rogue – Rebecca Reed


Rebecca Reed . This pervert covers up for the many kiddie diddlers and granny abusers in the police.


Today’s news coverage mentions the role of the notorious Rebecca Reed in the Abuse of Grandma B.

Anne Owers, head of the IPCC, the organisation which persistently breaks the law to protect the many corrupt police officers at large in Britain, personally appointed Reed as “single point of contact” for this 85 year.old, disabled victim of police crime. Obviously, Reed has willfully failed to carry out her duty of care to this vulnerable person. What else would one expect from the criminals running the IPCC?

Do read the whole article on: http://www.upsd.co.uk/ipcc-rogue-rebecca-reed/. Here, you will see that Reed is so sick, she is happy to cover up for child abusers in the police as well – and there enough of these perverts-in-blue around to keep Reed very busy indeed.

Here are some extracts from the article:

“Another police corruption case to attract wide publicity is that now known nationwide as the Grandma B scandal at the centre of which is the self-same Rebecca Reed this time covering up for North Yorkshire Police, whose most recent Chief Constable and his Deputy (Graeme Maxwell and Adam Briggs) both left the Force in disgrace.  Briefly, Paul Hofschroer (now deceased) and Barbara Hofschroer were old age pensioners who were persuaded to sign over their home to their son Robert Hofschroer and his children Diane and Martin Hofschroer on the basis that she would be allowed to live in it for the rest of her life and they would care for them in her old age.  As soon as Paul and Barbara became infirm and required care, their son and grandchildren demanded that they hand over their savings to them and then abandoned them, necessitating the return of their other son to care for them.  When Barbara and her carer went away on holiday to Austria, her carer was intimidated into staying in Austria, with Barbara, by two corrupt police officers, the house was then seized and the locks changed.  They subsequently tried to sequester £175,000 and, at the same time, making Barbara homeless and stranding her in Austria, by selling her home fraudulently.Following a hopelessly inadequate and biased investigation by IPCC Casework Manager Mr Ayaz Hassan, the case was taken up by a practising Christian Tim Hicks and the Irish Peer Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, who were both concerned for Barbara’s welfare.  Lord Maginnis commented:  “The Hofschröer case has been on my desk for several years now. A widow in her 80s was dispossessed of her home in a way that implies collusion between certain family members and the Social Services. A son who has come to the rescue has been harried by the North Yorkshire Police (that particularly dubious Constabulary merits careful investigation) to the extent that he and his aged mother have been pursued through an Interpol warrant to their “refuge” in Austria.”Lord Maginnis subsequently met with Nicholas Long: Whilst agreeing with Hicks that a safeguarding conference should be held to investigate the case and safeguard Mrs Hofschroer’s interests –thereby vindicating his concerns, Long nevertheless falsely alleged that Barbara’s carer had been arrested by the police for harassment and described Hicks as “intolerable” and “vexatious”.  He then effectively blocked the case and deployed the IPCC ultimate weapon when faced with an articulate and determined complainant with a strong case.  The highly intelligent, articulate, ruthless but completely amoral Miss Rebecca Reed; the IPCC stonewall of choice:  “I write to introduce myself as the single point of contact for you and Mr Hofschröer. Any emails received from you will receive my attention and consideration as to whether we need to reply to their contents.”  From then on Reed stonewalled and made it impossible to obtain a resolution.

*** UPDATE 8 July 2014 ***

Do see:
Here is an interesting excerpt from a recent Judicial Review:
To all intents and purposes and DI Carr engaged himself in an elaborate charade to conceal those officers and in the event it is now perfectly clear was dishonestly assisted by Mr Coulson and Miss Reed in so doing … The Appeal outcome was described by the Judge as unsatisfactory and most of the large catalogue of complaints set out above are mentioned in whole or part either in his  judgement or in oral submissions. Taken together this is a catalogue of failure for which the IPCC is now nationally notorious. It was a wholly inadequate and calculatingly false review of a very poor, dishonestly founded and highly partial police investigation. Mr Ramsden submits that Mr Coulson and Miss Reed role must be fully scrutinised and appropriate internal action taken against them. Mr Ramsden submits that in the circumstances it is hard to see how either could be trusted as caseworkers in reviewing police investigations in the future. In the matters concerning Miss Reed her situation is worsened by disclosures provided by the police the IPCC and WYOPCC under the Data Protection Act that have shown her wilful breaching of that same Act. That will form part of a separate complaint once the full extent of her demeanours have been assessed.
Then there is this comment:
Graeme Thame was passed substantive material containing prima facie evidence of misconduct concerning fellow caseworkers Rebecca Reed and Anthony Coulson together with fellow Sale office occupant, lawyer Glynis Craig. Their lies, individually and collectively, would impact on the Appeal under consideration. This was Thame’s lame response: “I hope you do not expect me to comment on the work or conduct of my colleagues. That is not my job and it simply would not be appropriate or professional”. So, if your IPCC colleagues are identified as dishonest, and their skulduggery impacts on an Appeal, you just let that pass by you then, Graeme? Nice one.(http://trollhunterx.proboards.com/thread/496#ixzz36reOSqEB)
Dear Rebecca can only be described as a contemptible low life.
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