Just a Squeak from North Yorkshire Police

Seven years after senior officers of Savile’s favourite police force started its attempts to defraud Grandma B of her assets, North Yorkshire Police has made its first ever public statement on her case.

Here it is!


From: Tindall, Greig
Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎25‎ ‎September‎ ‎2014 ‎16‎:‎57
To: freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com


Dear Mr Peacher,

Thank you for getting in touch regarding this matter.

While we will not be providing the interview as requested, please use the following North Yorkshire Police statement which clearly outlines the force’s position and also highlights our expectation of you, as a responsible broadcaster, to be fair, accurate and balanced throughout your coverage on Freedom Talk Radio and on any associated web and social media sites.


A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “North Yorkshire Police do not accept the serious allegations that have been made and it would be erroneous and misleading to suggest otherwise.

“We trust that you will accurately reflect this position in your broadcast and on your website.”

Kind regards,

Greig Tindall
Collar number 3800
Media & PR Manager
Corporate Communications
North Yorkshire Police


What a robust defence!

Well, if they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to hide, right? So why are they not prepared to take part in a live interview? They could bring their solicitor along with them and the interview would be recorded, so what is the problem?

And if they really do not accept the many serious allegations made against them in this case, in the Savile case, in the Jaconelli case, in the questionable “training allowances” affair, the failure to arrest Cllr Jane Kenyon, etc. etc., then why do they not want to participate in public scrutiny of their actions and agree to cooperate with the investigation into what Lord Maginnis has described in Parliament as “that dubious constabulary”?

Anyone need three guesses?

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