Maxwell lies to Home Secretary in the “Worst Corruption Case in History of British Police”

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell is just the sort of hardened, active,  habitual criminal running the police in the once proud country of Britain.

The fraud investigator working on his case has just sent him this e-mail,


Dear Chief Constable Maxwell,

I am writing in connection with the responses Lord Maginnis has received from the Home Office and which appear to have been drafted to conceal corruption within your force by deliberately deceiving Lord Maginnis.  In chronological order these are:

  1.  On the 19th of October 2010 Ms Gillian MacGregor of the Home Office wrote to Lord Maginnis asserting that there had been a full investigation of the case by North Yorkshire Police and it had found no evidence of fraud or abuse by Robert Hofschroer.  Subsequently Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Tim Madgwick confirmed that North Yorkshire Police had never conducted an investigation thus confirming that Lord Maginnis had been deliberately misled.  He went on to assert that your force had only conducted a preliminary assessment of the case, although this assessment – whatever that is supposed to be – was undertaken without bothering to interview any of the witnesses or review the documentation, and was clearly inadequate.
  2.  On the 7th of December 2010 Mr Edmundson of the Home Office e mailed Lord Maginnis stating “…there are possible developments in the case in coming weeks about which I cannot say more at the moment, but I will keep you informed as best I can.”, which was obviously a reference to the unlawful attempt by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) to have Peter Hofschroer arrested in Austria over concocted bogus allegations that he had abused his mother, kidnapped her and had been making offensive telephone calls to York Council and Police Officers.  ACC Cross of your force has confirmed that the offensive telephone calls allegation was without evidential foundation, the Austrian investigation confirmed that the other allegations were also completely without evidential foundation and the IPCC have confirmed the Interpol request was initiated not by a Police officer at all, but by Mr Steve Read who is a civilian working in the complaints investigation department of NYP.  Mr Read has no responsibility for welfare issues or investigating criminal offences other than those committed by Police officers of NYP, but has responsibility for liaising with the IPCC and Home Office over this case.  At this time Lord Maginnis was pressing very hard for a resolution.  It is therefore alleged that your force or the Home Office decided to request Peter Hofschroer’s arrest to deceive Lord Maginnis into believing that Peter Hofschroer was abusing his mother and thereby prevent any further enquiries from him.  It is further alleged that Mr Read was also trying to have Mr Peter Hofschroer detained in Austria at the request of Robert Hofschroer to prevent him from giving evidence in Austria against Robert Hofschroer’s son and daughter concerning a similar property fraud in Austria.
  3. On the 14th of June 2011 Mr Edmundson of the Home Office wrote to Lord Maginnis stating “ I understand from the North Yorkshire Police that Mrs Hofschroer now has a key and can return to the property anytime she wishes.”, which was a deliberate falsehood.  Mrs Hofschroer’s solicitor Mr David Niven will confirm that he asked Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer for a key to Mrs Hofschroer’s home and this was withheld.  Mr Robert Hofschroer has never sent Mrs Hofschroer or her Guardian Peter a key to her home.  This appears to have been an attempt to deceive Lord Maginnis into believing that Mrs Hofschroer had access to her home and that there was no need for any more enquiries, whilst leaving Robert Hofschroer free to sell it fraudulently.  Further, the source of this information can only have been Robert Hofschroer.  It therefore appears that the Home Office and your force has distributed falsehood to mislead parliamentary enquiries and prevent the investigation of a serious criminal fraud, at the request of a man that was alleged to have committed criminal offences of fraud, harassment, burglary, theft and assault, and has a long and well documented history of abusing Mrs Hofschroer culminating in his attempt to make her homeless, remove her possessions and fraudulently sell her home.
  4. Subsequently Detective Inspector Ellis and officers of SOCA tried to mislead Lord Maginnis by claiming that the Interpol arrest request was a simple welfare visit, when in fact it is quite clear that it makes false allegations of crime and abuse against Peter Hofschroer on behalf of Robert Hofschroer and requests that he is arrested in Austria.

Obviously these are deeply corrupt acts and it causes me grave concern that they occurred.  Please can you confirm:

  1.  The name of the officer that conducted the alleged initial assessment, thought to be Inspector Moreton.
  2. The name of the officer described as an “experienced detective” that conducted the second review of the case, thought to be Detective Inspector Ellis.
  3. If the Interpol arrest request was requested by the Home Office or by Mr Steve Read.
  4. Which officer authorised the Interpol enquiry, thought to be Superintendent Winward.
  5. Which officer was the contact that passed on the falsehood from Robert Hofschroer that a key had been sent to Barbara Hofschroer, thought to be Detective Inspector Ellis.
  6. Following my meeting with Superintendent Winward, will you know admit that a key was not passed on to Barbara Hofschroer and issue a letter of apology to Lord Maginnis for misleading him.

Because of the number of people involved and the fact that it involves Chief Police Officers, this case is now (arguably) the worst case of Police Corruption in the history of the British Police service, involving SOCA, yourself and every Chief Officer in the Force.  In my view it can only be successfully investigated by Scotland Yard and I would again request that you ask for an external investigation, in accordance with normal well established British Police practice.


Please note that senior Home Office officials are now being implicated in a conspiracy to defraud Grandma B.

The file on this case has been on the Home Secretary’s desk for more than a year now, yet she has chosen to do NOTHING about this obvious corruption.

Both the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have been fully briefed on the rampant corruption in the authorities in North Yorkshire and their attempts to abuse their power by dragging Interpol and foreign authorities into their criminal actions. Both have declined to act.

What does that tell you?

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  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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