North Yorkshire Police (NYP) has a long history of crime and corruption from chief officer level down to the bobby on the beat. As the old Yorkshire saying goes, a fish starts to rot from the head. This fish stinks from top to bottom.

Over the years, chief officers of NYP have persistently abused their powers and made fraudulent expense claims. See for instance:

NYP has also persistently turned a blind eye to the activities of Britain’s most notorious child abuser, Jimmy Savile, who was active on their patch for a good fifty years. This was probably not just for a share of the proceeds, as officers of NYP are known to have been members of his “Friday Morning Club”. As neither the Chief Constable David Jones, nor the Police & Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan will answer the questions of concerned parents as to who they were, it is likely they are senior officers still serving with the force.  See:

The public is clearly in serious danger from this criminal gang.

However, fraud and child abuse are not the only sources of illicit revenue for NYP. This force is also known to be involved in cases of defrauding defenceless old people of their assets.

One of the most appalling cases is that of the disabled, great-grandmother Barbara Hofschröer, who was resident in York since her retirement. However, she was unlawfully evicted from her home early in 2010 by a crime syndicate that includes chief officers of NYP. This criminal gang is known to target isolated, defenceless old people and seize their assets. The “care pathway” is a useful tool in such circumstances, as this finalises their fraudulent activities.

Fortunately, Grandma B, as she has become known, was on holiday abroad when this happened, so she lives to tell her tale. Although her case has been raised in Parliament and the press on numerous occasions, Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to use her powers to deal with this crime and corruption.

As, by the end of 2009, Grandma B was exhausted by the sustained campaign of harassment to which York Police and Social Services were subjecting her, her carer decided to take her on holiday to Austria for that Christmas.

Grandma B’s abusers, who had been stalking her for months and had unlawfully undertaken surveillance of her, noticed she was not at home. York Social Services made enquiries at her day club, establishing she was away on holiday. York Police then made enquiries with her neighbours, although no crime had been reported and this was not police business, and confirmed this. York Police, along with a discredited former social worker, then fabricated a Harassment Warning against her carer to deter them from returning home.

Concerned neighbours called the police when they saw her abusers break into her house and start removing her belongings. Officers of NYP attended, but refused to arrest these criminals. Instead, they told the neighbours to mind their own business.

The abusers then changed the locks of Grandma B’s house, unlawfully evicting her. Afterwards, they made their first of several attempts to fraudulently sell it.

Clearly, we are in the realms of serious organised crime here, in which senior officials are the leading perpetrators, while government ministers turn a blind eye to this crime committed against the most vulnerable members of society by those duty-bound to protect them.

So long as this crime syndicate is in power, nobody in Britain is safe.

When Grandma B’s solicitors took action to prevent her abusers from fraudulently selling her house, NYP reacted by fabricating a kidnapping allegation against her carer, asking Interpol to get the local police to arrest him.

After a thorough investigation, the local police established there was no evidence of crime, so this first attempt to silence her carer failed.

However, this criminal gang then approached the local judiciary, which is known to be utterly corrupt. They found a judge who was willing to abet their criminal activities, a certain Dr Martin Stefula of the Provincial Court of Leoben.

The following sequence of events shows how Stefula collaborated with a known criminal from NYP, Detective Superintendent Heather Pearson, to try to defraud Grandma B and her carer of their assets:

1) On 15 May 2012, Lord Maginnis tabled questions on this case in Parliament, in which he accused Robert Hofschröer and his family, the British police and social services of defrauding Grandma B of her assets. As public servants, the accused are required to respond to public accusations of crime, but they did not, so making a tacit admission of guilt.

2) On 24 May 2012, Grandma B’s lawyers in Austria applied for the case against certain of the abusers to be reopened due to the new and indisputable evidence of their guilt.

3) On 16 June 2012, the corrupt Austrian judge Dr Stefula declared her carer to be “mentally incapacitated” on the basis he had made up this story of corruption and abuse, when this judge knew full well it was fully documented in the public domain and had been raised in the British Parliament.

4) On 21 June 2012, Heather Pearson of NYP wrote to her carer threatening to arrest him with a European Arrest Warrant if he did not return to the UK within a month to be arrested. Either way, they were determined to ensure he would not be able to stop the fraudulent sale of his mother’s house. When his lawyers challenged the legality of their threats, the British police did not carry them out. Pearson does not deny public accusations of being a corrupt police officer, who makes false accusations against the victims of police crime in an attempt to silence them.

5) On 4 July 2012, Robert Hofschröer and his family broke into Grandma B’s house for a third time, changed the locks again, withheld a key and unceremoniously disposed of her belongings in a skip, intending to make their next attempt to fraudulently sell her house.

It is clear that Stefula is working in common purpose with the abusers to assist them fraudulently sell Grandma B’s house.

Just in case this might be considered mere coincidence, this pattern of behaviour was later repeated:

1) On 5 July 2013, Bradford County Court issued a court order preventing the Robert Hofschröer and his family from fraudulently selling Grandma B’s house.

2) On 8 July 2013, the Austrian State Prosecutor commenced a criminal investigation against Grandma B’s carer without any evidence he may have committed any crime, ordering he be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

3) On 11 July 2013, the District Court in Liezen issued an order appointing an attorney to represent her carer in legal matters, with the explicit intention of stopping him from undertaking legal action to prevent the fraudulent sale of his mother’s house, which is contempt of court, a criminal offence.

4) On 15 July Dr Manfred Walzl, a court appointed psychiatrist known to be a sexual deviant, who falsifies reports for money without examining the victim, wrote to her carer insisting he undergo a psychiatric examination clearly with the intent of declaring him “mentally incapacitated”.

Please see:

Despite the fact that Grandma B’s carer established that the attempt to arrest him via Interpol was unlawful, the Austrian State Prosecutor Dr Carolin Weissenbacher, has refused to investigate the crime, refused to examine the evidence and refused to interview the witnesses, which is a corrupt act.

These facts clearly indicates that the Austrian State Prosecutor is acting in common purpose with this British criminal gang to assist them breach the English court order, which is contempt of court, a criminal offence, as well as conspiring with NYP to defraud Grandma B and her carer.

In the following weeks, the Austrian judiciary made ever more aggressive attempts to declare Grandma B’s carer to be “mentally incapacitated” without any plausible evidence.

Every time the reason given was shown to be bogus, a new reason was invented. Each court order containing the latest fabricated reason for “incapacity” was signed by three judges, so more than a dozen Austrian judges have participated in this perversion of the course of justice.

Beatrix Karl, the Austrian Minister of Justice, has ignored all requests to intervene in the case and order a corruption investigation, while the Anti-Corruption Police have ignored all the reports of corruption in this case made to them, which is a corrupt act.

The next judge to fabricate an allegation of “incapacity” was a certain Christian Morak. He harassed Grandma B’s carer outside the front door of their house in Austria. Her carer filmed the entire event, securing incontrovertible evidence of his criminal behaviour.

When a complaint was made to Wolfgang Millner, chair of the court in question, he declined to view the evidence, then stated there was no evidence of crime or misconduct.

Further reasons given for the alleged “incapacity” include claims that by taking measures to protect his mother from the death threats she has received from her abusers, her carer was “mentally incapacitated”; that he had invented a story of being “persecuted”, although Lord Maginnis has raised this persecution in the British Parliament on the basis of the undisputed evidence he has in his possession.

Then Monika Lackner, another one of the many corrupt Austrian judges involved in this case, finally returned to the bogus claim that her carer has invented the entire story, as the corrupt psychiatrist and sexual deviant Walzl claimed in his faked report, so making her carer “incurably paranoid” and in such urgent need of treatment that she ordered the front door of Grandma B’s house to be broken down to seize him, so he could be sectioned.

This threat so terrified Grandma B that her carer had again to take her away to a place of safety. Here, the local authorities have examined the evidence and agreed to categorise her and her carer as “persecuted people”, who now enjoy the protection of law in their new place of refuge.

Can there be any doubt that the Austrian judiciary and North Yorkshire Police are parties to an attempt to defraud Grandma B and her carer of their assets in a serious, trans-jurisdictional fraud?

What is all the more disturbing here is that a substantial part of the judiciary and the state prosecutors in the Austrian province of Styria are involved in this serious organised crime. Styria is on the border with the Balkans, through which a major route of trading in illicit goods – drugs and human trafficking – is known to run, starting in the Middle East, going through Turkey and then the Balkans into Central Europe.

If North Yorkshire Police and the Austrian judiciary are working in common purpose in this one crime, how many more are they undertaking together?

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