Police threaten to arrest Grandma B Supporter

Barbara Hofschröer is 85 year-old, wheelchair-bound and a victim of horrifying abuse, which is now into its seventh year. Her case, which has been raised by Lord Maginnis in Parliament several times now, has become known as “The Abuse of Grandma B”.

Earlier today, journalist Andy Peacher of Freedom Talk Radio, published a message announcing his intention to pay a welfare visit to Grandma B. Since being unlawfully abducted by her main abuser York social worker Robert Hofschröer on 6 May 2014, she has been held hostage in his house and subjected to further abuse.

A report produced by York Social Services indicates that Grandma B is being denied her normal medication, sedated and padded up as Robert cannot be bothered to take her to the toilet. She then gets cleaned up four times a day by carers.

The abduction has severely traumatised her and it is her wish to be returned to her legal guardian Peter Hofschröer, whose care for her in the last six years has been described by doctors and others as exemplary.

Furthermore, Robert was caught by Halifax Bank attempting to steal her pension money.

Concerned supporters then decided they should pay her a welfare visit and Andy announced this. Within minutes, the police were at his door telling him that if he did so, he would be arrested for causing a breach of the peace.

Yes, that is right. If you knock on the door of a person who is profoundly deaf, North Yorkshire Police consider that to be a breach of their peace! That is just a small example of how the twisted minds of police officers work.

This contrasts sharply with the wilful failure of North Yorkshire Police to record and investigate a single complaint made over a period of fifty or more years by the possibly thousands of victims of the Savile / Jaconelli child rapist gang.

The evidence now coming into the public domain indicates that it was not just for a free ticket to “Jim’ll fix it!” or an ice-cream that North Yorkshire Police turned a blind eye to this. No, it seems that senior officers were and probably still are up to their what’s its in this sickening abuse.

This also contrasts sharply with the wilful failure of North Yorkshire Police to record and investigate a single complaint made over a period of six or more years by Grandma B and her supporters of the many crimes Robert and his accomplices have committed against her, including fraud, kidnapping, theft, assault, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office and other serious crimes for which there is a potential of life imprisonment.

The inquisitive reader of this blog might be wondering how come the police are not willing to arrest Robert Hofschröer and his accomplices for the many serious offences they have demonstrably committed, but are more than willing to make threats to anybody making a complaint about this.

That was exactly how they handled complaints about the Savile /Jaconelli gang for fifty years, who were prolific child rapists and supplied victims to VIPs and others.

Does anybody need three guesses as to why Robert Hofschröer, who, by running council-funded York Deaf Society, has access to vulnerable children and adults, is getting the same sort of protection from the same police force?

For further information and contact details, please go to: https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/1-new-items/lets-go-see-grandma-b/
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