Questions in the House

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass (Crossbench) has now started tabling a series of Parliamentary Questions on the Abuse of Grandma B.

The most recent of these was,

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government what communications they have had with police and social services authorities in North Yorkshire about the case of Mrs Barbara Hofschröer and over what period; whether, and if so how, the case was referred to Interpol; and what action they now propose to take to resolve the issue.”

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has appointed Lord Henley (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Conservative) to act on her behalf. His reply was

“The Home Office has had no direct communication with the police or social services authorities in north Yorkshire in relation to the case of Mrs Barbara Hofschröer. The extent to which the Home Office can become involved in police complaint cases is clearly set out in legislation and the Government are unable to act in a way that is not in accordance with that. This means the Home Office is not able to act as an avenue of appeal, and has no power to influence or intervene in any investigations or decisions made by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.”


Lord Henley’s reply to the first part of the question was misleading, to say the least, and he then avoided dealing with the second issue.

The Home Office file on this case contains a number of items from and to Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell and his aides. For instance, on 14th June 2011, Peter Edmundson of the Home Office wrote to Lord Maginnis stating “ I understand from the North Yorkshire Police that Mrs Hofschroer now has a key and can return to the property anytime she wishes.” Clearly Lord Henley’s response is factually incorrect, it is quite clear from the evidence of one of his own civil servants that the Home Office have had direct contact with North Yorkshire Police. As an aside, the Home Office of course lied to Lord Maginnis, as Grandma B’s abusers had not sent here a key.

Lord Henley also misled Parliament on the powers and role of the Home Office in such circumstances.

Under the tripartite system that Lord Henley referred to, the Home Office has power to intervene when there are allegations of crime and corruption against the Chief Constable and the Police Authority is also failing in its duties, which is clearly the case here. As we all know, the North Yorkshire Police Authority is as corrupt as North Yorkshire Police.

Furthermore. the Home Office cannot claim that they have no power to intervene when the IPCC has conducted an investigation, which Lord Henley claimed  in his response, if the Chief Constable is refusing to implement the recommendations of the IPCC.

Regarding the Interpol incident, in December 2010, Steven Read, whom Chief Constable Maxwell has designated as the case officer and who is a civilian working in the so-called “Professional Standards Department”, assisted in this fraud by requesting the Serious and Organised Crime Agency to arrest of Peter Hofschröer, doing so at the request of Robert Hofschröer over ridiculous and obviously bogus allegations that Grandma B’s carer Peter Hofschröer had kidnapped her, was abusing her and had been making offensive telephone calls to York Council and police officers. ACC Sue Cross has confirmed that NYP is not in fact investigating allegations of offensive telephone calls and the Austrian Police investigation confirmed that the other allegations were also concocted.  Furthermore, Read has no responsibility for welfare issues or investigating criminal offences other than those committed by police officers of NYP, but does have responsibility for liaising with the IPCC and Home Office over this case. Read corruptly requested Peter Hofschröer’s arrest to assist in the fraud by removing him to prevent him from pursuing the case further and by preventing any further Parliamentary enquiries from Lord Maginnis.

Had Read succeeded, Grandma B would have been left stranded in Austria without care, Robert Hofschröer would have been free to fraudulently sell her house and Peter Hofschröer would have been prevented from giving evidence in Austria concerning a similar property fraud in Austria, because he would have been in prison in Austria. Is it any surprise that Lord Henley has ignored the question on the illegal Interpol operation?

It appears that SOCA was used to initiate an international kidnapping enquiry instigated unlawfully by a civilian in North Yorkshire Police Headquarters as part of an international criminal fraud and on the basis of evidence the North Yorkshire Police have conceded was false and concocted, at the request of a man, who is a suspected criminal, to remove the principal witness against him and gain control of Grandma B’s assets.  Subsequently officers of SOCA tried to conceal misconduct in the North Yorkshire Police by asserting that the Interpol kidnapping investigation was a welfare visit, when in fact the Police requested the arrest of Mrs Hofschröer’s carer, leaving her without care in a foreign country.  The Home Office is completely responsible for SOCA and Lord Henley has ignored the SOCA involvement in the case.

It would seem that Theresa May is trying to wangle her way of out doing her job – dealing with the rampant corruption in North Yorkshire Police.

She needs to have every chief officer of that force ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY as the first step to restoring the rule of law to North Yorkshire.

More Parliamentary Questions are due in 2012.

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  1. Tom Brown

     /  27/12/2011

    ‘HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT’ was asked the answer therefore was ‘HER MAJESTIES’

    ‘DISCUSS’ How does one succesfully take control of GREAT BRITAIN?

  2. Tom Brown

     /  27/12/2011

    ‘HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT’ was asked the answer therefore was ‘HER MAJESTIES’?

    ‘DISCUSS’ How does one succesfully take control of GREAT BRITAIN? Answer control the head of state. Remember the fate of the Romanoffs!!!!

    PS AW its just conspiracy blx

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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