STILL AT LARGE – Superintendent Lisa Winward

Sadly, the FBI appear not to have arrested this criminal, but instead allowed her to escape. Rumour has it she has returned to the cesspit of corruption in Fulford Road, laughably known as a police station. Has anybody seen her there? We ask, as there are plans to arrest her shortly.


The other day, we posted a Wanted Notice to try to trace the whereabouts of this active, habitual criminal and member of the gang known as North Yorkshire Police.

This was the notice:

Does anybody know exactly what might have happened to the godmother of the cesspit of corruption in Fulford Road? She has suddenly dropped off the radar. Instead of not answering e-mails that might incriminate her, we are now getting this message:

Thank you for your email. I am away from the Force on a secondment and will not have access to my emails until Monday 2nd January 2012 and all emails received prior to this date will be deleted.

If your query relates to the York Command please contact Temporary Safer Neighbourhood Commander for York, Superintendent Aubrey Smith, or Chief Inspector Dave Hannan. Alternatively, please contact the York secretariat on 0845 60 60 247 extension 2306.

Best Wishes,

Superintendent Winward.


So she is away for three months on a “secondment” where she will have no access to e-mails. Perhaps she is finally being put where she belongs – jail.  Does anybody here have any information to offer on her whereabouts?


Lisa Winward – WANTED CRIMINAL – Has she fled to the USA to avoid prosecution?

Our hopes that justice might have been done and this notorious criminal finally put away were dashed, when an article appeared in the “York Press ” informing us he has gone off to be trained by the FBI. I did not know that the FBI were into the systematic abuse of vulnerable people as well.

Anyway, I digress. The article can be found on:

Being a responsible, law-abiding citizen, I have of course drawn the FBI’s attention that Dear Lisa is facing allegations of having committed serious criminal offences against an 82 year-old, wheelchair-bound great-grandmother.

Their reply will be posted the instant it arrives.


Just in case there is any doubt that Superintendent Lisa Winward is not a hardened, active, habitual criminal – being a member of North Yorkshire Police surely puts that beyond doubt – here is some of the correspondence from the Fraud Investigator on her case to Dear Lisa, which, of course, being a hardened, active, habitual criminal, she did not answer for fear of incriminating herself further.

Grandma B’s main abuser, her older son Robert Hofschröer, who is employed by York Social Services and lives at 59 Moorgate, Acomb, York, feigned a burglary of his mother’s house to cover the fact that he and his son Martin Hofschröer, plundered her house after unlawfully forcing entry.

Dear Lisa and other members of her gang then fabricated a number of allegations against Grandma B’s carer hoping to be able to arrest him to prevent him giving evidence against her and her accomplices in crime.

Let’s hope the FBI arrest her when she gets to the USA. At least then the British taxpayer will not have to pay her return flight and the costs of keeping her in jail. And then there will be one less serious criminal at large in York!

——– Original Message ——–


RE: Hofschroer Case(Crime Number 12110014573) Hofschroer Case (Interpol Reference 4C/4326686/10) (BMeiA-GB.4.30.13/0011-IV.1/2011)


Wed, 20 Jul 2011 12:30:08 +0200


Fraud Investigator


‘Winward, Lisa’

Dear Superintendent Winward,

Further to our meeting on the 5th of July, I am writing to record that as a result of our meeting I have assisted your officers by providing new evidence on the burglary, which has resulted in the investigation being re-opened, with Robert Hofschroer as the principal suspect. 

I rang to follow up on this and ascertain if North Yorkshire Police required me to attend at Fulford Road Police Station to sign a complaint on behalf of Mrs Hofschroer and Mr Peter Hofschroer and one of your colleagues relayed a message that I should write to the Professional Standards Department at Force Headquarters. 

 Obviously I am perplexed at why I cannot conduct a simple enquiry about a burglary with on behalf of Mrs Hofschroer with her local police and have to conduct this with Force Headquarters.  This seems to me to be highly irregular, particularly as Deputy Chief Constable Cross has previously attempted to hinder the investigation into the burglary.

——– Original Message ——–


PC 1974 Homburg and Detective Superintendent Galloway Hofschroer Case (Crime Number 12110014573)


Fri, 22 Jul 2011 11:23:35 +0200


Fraud Investigator


‘Winward, Lisa’

Dear Superintendent Winward,

 Following my meeting with you at Fulford Road Police Station, I remain concerned that you were not able to provide any evidence to support the harassment warning and the Interpol arrest request, would not sign the harassment warning, would not obtain PC Homburg and get him to sign the harassment warning and would not confirm that PC Homburg knew anything about the letter issued in his name to Peter Hofschroer.  Clearly, this is completely unsatisfactory.  I suspect that Inspector Moreton may have issued the letter in Homburg’s name without his consent.

I have recommended to Magister Pfeifer that to resolve these issues PC Homburg, yourself and Detective Superintendent Galloway are subpoenaed to appear in Court in Austria.  To facilitate this, please can you confirm:

1.        That PC Homburg is aware of the letter issued in his name by inspector Moreton and stands by his evidence.

2.       PC Homburg’s full name and that a notice can be served on him in person at Fulford Road Police Station.

3.       Detective Superintendent Galloway’s full name and that a notice can be served on him in person at Fulford Road Police Station, or alternatively an address where he can have a notice served on him.

Please can you also confirm:

4.        The name of the officer that initiated the Interpol request thought to be Detective Inspector Ellis of your CID team.

5.       The name of the officer that approved the Interpol Request prior to its transmission to Detective Superintendent Galloway, thought to be yourself.

6.       Your full name and that a notice can be served on you in person at Fulford Road Police Station.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Still no reply. No wonder Dear Lisa is leaving the country as fast as she can, eh? She is, after all, a WANTED CRIMINAL.

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  1. spw

     /  09/10/2011

    chief superintendent lisa winward neglected her duty to act on any
    of my complaints of criminal neglect!allowing serious and degrading
    treatment amounting to torture-one i believe cannot enter the usa
    with suspected criminal allegations-or is it you have to be convicted ???what would there own mothers think to this behaviour???hidden behind the mask of respectability???the same appiies to nhs doctors/.staff whom abuse the vunerable.lets hope dispatches exposes the crimes

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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