FOUND – ex-Inspector Colin Moreton

Moreton is suspected to be one of the ring-leaders of a gang defrauding vulnerable people

UPDATE – 7th February 2012

After having taken “early retirement” due to “ill health”, one would have expected Poor Colin to have withdrawn from public life. However, he has now appeared in a new guise – as a civilian worker for guess who – why North Yorkshire Police, working for Selby District Community Safety Partnership, as their Community Safety Officer, which has to be a sick  joke, considering he is a granny-abusing pervert, whose criminal activities are now the subject of Questions in Parliament.

If you want to check this, give him a ring on: 01904 669 669

Well, if Poor Colin is well enough to go to work again, how come he took “early retirement”?


Inspector Colin Moreton of North Yorkshire Police took “early retirement” a while ago, shortly after Grandma B’s solicitor wrote to him requesting him to produce the evidence supporting the Harassment Warnings he had fabricated against her carer. Apparently, the “stress” of the ”campaign of harassment” he was suffering got too much for him, poor thing.

Well, the obvious question here is that if Dear Colin was actually the target of a “campaign of harassment”, then why did he simply not arrest the perpetrator(s)? After all, as a police officer, surely he knows how to arrest criminals. And, having issued two Harassment Warnings against Grandma B’s carer, then surely he knows how to deal with harassment.

That seems all too obvious, so why didn’t Dear Colin do just that?

Well, for the uninitiated, what a bent cop often does when he suspects he is about to get caught is to try to protect his pension rights, which he may lose as a result of disciplinary action, by taking “early retirement”.

Dear Colin’s action here is tantamount to an admission that he fabricated the allegations against Grandma B’s carer. He was, after all, a police officer. What else would you expect from him? Honesty? Integrity?

Many of his colleagues, up to and including Chief Constable Maxwell and other senior officers, have been asked dozens of times to produce the evidence behind these fabricated Harassment Warnings. Their silence has been on the one hand deafening, on the other hand very revealing.

Their lack of action here is tantamount to an admission that they know Dear Colin fabricated the allegations against Grandma B’s carer.

Well, this is only a criminal offence, so the last thing one would expect officers of North Yorkshire Police to do would be to arrest a criminal, particularly one they are standing right next to. That would be too easy, eh? And wouldn’t that set a dangerous precedent? Instead of spending all day plundering the assets of the vulnerable, they would be arresting each other.

Dear Colin even approached the Police Federation asking them to fund a defamation case against Grandma B for having the nerve to complain about being the victim of criminal offences he had committed against her. The only objection this fine body of honourable men raised again this request was the “cost implications”. Obviously, representing police officers, they had no objection whatsoever to their members committing crime against little, old ladies on a wheelchair.

Before the trials and tribulations of life got too much for Poor Colin, he was in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood Team covering Acomb, where Grandma B and her husband lived. Until the Good Inspector arrived on the scene, Acomb was a low-crime area. That was soon to change.

Dear Colin soon made his mark. He worked closely with the two ward councillors David Horton JP, currently Lord Mayor of York, and Tracey Simpson-Laing, whose names reoccur throughout this affair and are themselves now both wanted criminals.

He also made friends with the administrator of York & District Deaf Society, a certain Robert Hofschröer, whose name reoccurs throughout this affair and is now also a wanted criminal.

Birds of a feather, eh? They soon started flocking.

When, in September 2008, Grandma B’s carer first reported the serious criminal offences committed by Dear Brother & Co against his elderly parents to the police, a certain PC Graham Cooper took on the enquiry. His name too also reoccurs throughout this affair and he too is now a wanted criminal.

Dear Graham claimed that fraud is a “civil matter” and as such, the police could not get involved.

A day after North Yorkshire Police refused to investigate these serious crimes, there was a knock on Grandma B’s front door. WPC Lisa Farrington had turned up to investigate a report that her carer had stolen her money and was abusing her. The accusers were of course Dear Brother & Co. WPC Farringdon established the accusations were without foundation, but refused to record a complaint of harassment against the accusers. Nothing like upholding the law, eh?

It does not take much imagination to work out who was pulling the strings here. The officer in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood Team, our old friend the ex-inspector, perhaps?

Then came the incident with Kung Fu Bednarski, the corrupt social worker and friend of Dear Brother, who fabricated an assault allegation against the carer. A reluctant City of York Council was forced to withdraw this allegation, but when the carer reported Bednarski to Dear Colin for harassment, the complaint was not investigated.

Then came the stalking by Dear Brother and his family, who have admitted they carried out unlawful surveillance of Grandma B for months and which her carer reported to the police. Dear Colin again refused to investigate this complaint.

Ditto when the carer reported an attempted burglary by Dear Brother.

When Dear Brother & Co arrived unexpectedly on Xmas Day 2008 and caused a breach of the peace, terrifying Grandma B’s seriously ill husband so much, he had a relapse that led to his death a few days later, the police officers attending refused to arrest them. One wonders whose instructions they were working on – the head of the Safer Neighbourhood Team, perhaps?

Then on the morning her husband of 60 years died, police officers unlawfully raided her house, allowed Dear Brother & Co to enter against her wishes, assault her and cause a breach of the peace. One wonders which senior officer authorised these criminal acts.

A few days later, when Grandma B’s carer was registering his death, Dear Brother turned up outside the Registrar’s office and threatened to kill him. The Registrar called the police. The officer attending, PC Jonathan Mansell, seemed genuinely concerned and indicated he was going to make an arrest. That’s right, too good to be true, eh? Since when do officers of North Yorkshire Police arrest criminals? If they were to start doing that, they would never leave their police station, would they?

After consulting his superiors, no arrest was made. One wonders who that superior was. Instead, Mansell waited until Grandma B’s carer was out of the room and got her to sign a statement saying there had been “no assault”. Grandma B did not know what the “nice policeman” was up to. What Honest Jon had overlooked was that Grandma B was not present when the incident took place, so how could she bear witness to no assault having taken place? Ooops!

The fraud investigator wrote to him asking for an explanation. Honest Jon is now exercising his right to silence.

In the ensuing weeks, a Stage 2 investigation was carried out into this affair by independent investigators. One of their recommendations was that the safeguarding investigation Dear Brother’s colleagues had stopped to protect him from prosecution be recommenced. The police played their part in the investigation.

In September 2009, when the joint North Yorkshire Police and City of York Council safeguarding conference took place, Dear Colin and Dear Graham protected Dear Brother by withholding all evidence of fraud and abuse to ensure that Dear Brother & Co were not arrested or hindered in any way. What is wrong with helping a friend, particularly one who looks like he is about to walk away with £200,000 and owes a favour or two. That would help top-up the pension pot, eh?

In December 2009, Dear Brother & Co, who admit to have undertaken unlawful surveillance of Grandma B, ascertained that she was away from home and asked Dear Colin to have police enquiries made on his behalf to confirm her home was empty. As no crime had been reported, this was not police business, but it was the business of a particular police inspector, a potentially lucrative business at that.

At the same time, Mike Hodgkiss, head of adult protection at York Social Services contacted Grandma B’s day club to ascertain her whereabouts and was told she was on holiday abroad.

Dear Colin ordered that police enquiries take place, although there was no crime to investigate and the matter was thus not police business and then confirmed to Dear Brother & Co that the house was empty.

Dear Colin then issued a bogus harassment warning threatening to arrest Grandma B’s carer for harassing Kung Fu Bednarski by handing out an offensive leaflet and sending offensive e-mails. The black-belt in Kung Fu in question is a friend of Dear Brother and has a history of making false allegations of criminal offences against  Grandma B’s carer.

The Harassment Warning was issued to ensure that her carer was deterred from returning to the UK, thus leaving Grandma B’s house empty so that Dear Brother could occupy it and sell it.

The warning was apparently issued by PC 1974 Homburg, but was unsigned and undated and thus invalid. Issuing such an obviously bogus Harassment Warning was an offence of harassment.

In July 2011, when the fraud investigator interviewed Superintendent Winward at York Police Station in, she refused to sign it and also refused to summon PC Homburg to sign it. This indicates that PC Homburg does not know anything about the Harassment Warning and it is in fact a forged document. Superintendent Winward then departed rapidly for a “secondment” to the FBI….

Correspondence with the IPCC has subsequently confirmed that NYP are unable to provide the e-mails, the leaflet does not constitute harassment, may be forged and NYP cannot say how it came into their possession. There’s nothing like good detective work, is there?

Having on 22nd February 2010 received confirmation from Dear Colin that Grandma B’s house was currently unoccupied, Robert and Martin Hofschröer entered it, changed the locks and withheld a key from Grandma B, thus making her homeless. The same day they were observed by neighbours removing Grandma B’s property from her house. The neighbours dialed 999 and asked for the police, but when they arrived officers under the command of Inspector Moreton looked on and just watched, and did not arrest Robert and Martin for theft. Subsequently Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschröer tried to sell B’s home fraudulently. Fortunately, Grandma B’s carer, acting under his Powers of Attorney which was granted on 4th February 2009 was able to prevent the fraudulent sale of the house.

The carer then obtained a copy of Grandma B’s file for the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). This file has now revealed the following additional evidence of corruption:

1.      On the same day that Robert and Martin Hofschröer seized Grandma B’s home and locked her out, Inspector Moreton telephoned the OPG at the request of Robert Hofschröer in what was clearly a coordinated pre-planned joint operation and alleged that her carer had abused his mother and transferred funds to himself, which are the same false allegations that had been investigated by WPC Farringdon eighteen months earlier and found to be false.

2.     In the same telephone conversation with the OPG, Inspector Moreton lied and fabricated evidence by falsifying the date of the transfer from the actual date of May 2008 to May 2009, i.e. after Grandma B’s carer had obtained Powers of Attorney, so that it would be within the remit of the OPG and this would then justify conducting an OPG investigation into an allegation of abuse her carer in his capacity as an Attorney and removing his Powers of Attorney.

3.     Other than the investigation by WPC Farringdon, no police enquiries were made with Grandma B’s carer to ascertain the facts and it is clear from the documents provided by the OPG that the purpose of this call and the allegations made by Robert Hofschröer was to initiate an OPG investigation and have his brother’s Powers of Attorney withdrawn from him, so that he would be unable to oppose the fraudulent sale of the house. Fortunately the OPG found the allegations unsubstantiated, otherwise, thanks to Inspector Moreton’s assistance, Dear Brother & Co would have succeeded in fraudulently selling Grandma B’s home, rendered her homeless and left her in exile in Austria.

4.     The OPG files show that Dear Colin had also made enquiries into Grandma B’s carer’s banking arrangements on behalf of Dear Brother & Co, even though this investigation had been closed.

The evidence of collusion between Robert Hofschröer and Inspector Moreton is irrefutable. They attempted to defraud a vulnerable, old lady of £200,000. Chief Constable Maxwell however continues to evade requests for their arrest. I wonder why. Any guesses anyone?

Does anybody know the whereabouts of ex-Inspector Colin Moreton? He is now a WANTED CRIMINAL, like so many of his colleagues. There are 1600 of them in the gang of active, hardened, habitual criminals known as North Yorkshire Police.

Let us hope the Home Secretary, who has publicly described these criminals as the “best police in the world”, eats her ill-considered words quickly and sees to it these criminals are locked up, so Grandma B can go home and live there in peace and safety.


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