Grandma B’s Case – The Tip of the Iceberg

When this affair started over five years ago now, Grandma B was still naïve enough to think she has the victim of just a little bit of local corruption, which the local managers of the police officers and social workers involved would deal with both quickly and effectively.

That was five years ago.

In the ensuing months and years, the reaction she got to her complaints made it clear her case was not isolated and that there was endemic corruption in the authorities in North Yorkshire, and not just North Yorkshire.

Then Lord Maginnis of Drumglass kindly offered to take up her case. He first attempted to meet with various government ministers to raise his concerns about the official corruption, which by now were fully and meticulously documented and beyond dispute.

The ministers refused to meet with him and refused to discuss the case, so he raised it in Parliament, only to be fobbed off again, before himself being arrested on trumped-up charges.

In the course of this long march to attain justice, Grandma B has got to know many people – fellow victims and concerned citizens. She has become part of an informal self-help group and receives many communications from fellow victims and their advisors every day. In today’s batch of e-mails, there was a thread of e-mails from a victim, whose father had been murdered by the very people charged with a duty of care to him, whose assets had disappeared mysteriously and whose case the police have evaded dealing with for several years now.

Although this story is shocking, it is sadly all too familiar. The only question ones finds oneself asking is: “If these people are prepared to participate in, encourage or turn a blind eye to the abuse of the elderly, then what makes them think they are going to be immune from such behaviour when they become old and defenceless themselves?”

Anyway, here are the e-mails:

From: Ann
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 9:47 AM
To: Griffin, Lisa
Subject: Homicide Report

Homicide and Major Enquiry Team

West Yorkshire Police

Dear Ms Griffin

In August 2010 I reported a homicide to Eccleshill Police Station. Your officers, PC 5452 Nicholas Richardson and PC 3035 Julia Bottomley from Keighley, later visited me, looked at my evidence and told me they would refer the case to their CID for investigation.

I was given no crime reference number or any update on the investigation but was eventually advised by another officer to ask the coroner to investigate. The coroner informed me he had no jurisdiction therefore no investigation took place.

The murder victim was my mother, Audrey Mary Poulter (69), latterly of Briestfield, Dewsbury. The accused are Dr Peter Fitton of Lepton Surgery, Huddersfield and Nurse Julia Greenwood (formerly Carter) who now works in St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds. The murder took place on 3 July 2004 at Kirkwood Hospice, Huddersfield. It was not a mercy killing or assisted suicide: my mother was there for rehabilitation and was not terminal or in pain. Morphine and midazolam (controlled drugs) were unnecessarily administered to render her unconscious until death. Dr Fitton falsely certified that cancer was the cause of death – contrary to medical reports. (Attached.)

I request that my allegation of murder by Peter Fitton and Julia Greenwood is recorded and referred to your Area Manager as I believe there have been, and will be, more victims.

Please provide me with the crime reference number to confirm that my report is on record for future reference.


On 12 June 2013 10:17, Griffin, Lisa <> wrote:

Dear Mrs

I have received your email as below. I cannot supply you with a crime reference number or give you a meaningful response until I have further information to hand from the officers you refer to.

I will be in touch again in due course.

Kind regards,

Lisa J Griffin

Detective Superintendent

Homicide and Major Enquiry Team


——– Original Message ——–


Re: Homicide Report


Tue, 16 Jul 2013 16:13:12 +0100




Griffin, Lisa <>


Dear Ms Griffin

Thank you for your reply to my email (below). Have you been able to speak to the officers concerned? 

Protocol dictates that criminal allegations against doctors should be referred to the Area Crime Manager because of the significant risk to the public. In the case I reported, not even a crime reference number was issued. 

I’m very concerned at the lack of concern shown by West Yorkshire Police that Dr Peter Fitton and his accomplice, Nurse Julia Greenwood (formerly Carter), may be routinely killing their elderly patients. Dr Harold Shipman was allowed to kill hundreds of his patients until he was reported by someone who could not easily be ignored – a lawyer.

Are you aware that medical murders of the terminally ill have been financially-incentivised by the government? And that, in some cases where non-terminally ill patients have been murdered (such as in my mother’s case), family members may have provided financial incentives? The evidence of the murder of Ralph Winstanley is well-documented on the internet but South Yorkshire Police fail to act. The implications are very disturbing.

I don’t know if you personally approve of the globalist policy of culling the elderly, but it appears that the chiefs of Yorkshire’s police forces have condoned it for many years. 

The least I would expect from you, as a public servant, is a crime reference number to ensure that my allegation against Peter Fitton and Julia Greenwood is recorded (as is my right); and an assurance that all allegations of medical murders, particularly those committed under the guise of the Liverpool Care Pathway, will be recorded.

Please note Dr J Lofthouse’s comment (#419) on the petition The Liverpool Care Pathway – A National Scandal:

“Without consent, ALL of these deaths constitute Corporate Manslaughter by the Department of Health, National Health Service and Primary Care Trusts.”

The End of Life/Liverpool Care Pathway was brought in under highly suspicious circumstances and exported to over 22 countries. According to Dr Lofthouse, it breached statute and was illegally imposed on the public. The need for the government to avoid its liabilities may explain why these murders are not being recorded. I hope, therefore, that your conscience allows you to act in the public interest. 


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