Grandma B will be celebrating her 83rd birthday on Tuesday 13 December 2011.

We will be holding a party in a local pub, here in the village in the Austrian Alps, where she was stranded after corrupt police officers and social workers unlawfully evicted her from her house in York two years ago.

This will now be the third birthday she has been forced to spend away from her home. Although she does not speak a word of German, she has made many friends in the village here and has even had three marriage proposals – two from married men half her age, and one from a rather drunk youth. Locals have now learned the English phrase “toy boy” with some amusement.

The last birthday she celebrated at home was in 2008, when her husband of 60 years was still alive. It was a year with both its up and downsides. Her husband spent seven weeks in hospital. We thought we were going to lose him, but when he came back home, the care he got took him from strength to strength.That autumn, he and Grandma B celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a well-attended party, as well as her 80th birthday, when they had another party. Those were two very important milestones in their long marriage.

Then he got a chest infection. It looked like he was going to recover, but his abusers turned up at his house just when Xmas dinner was being served and caused a breach of the peace. That tipped him over the edge and it was downhill all the way from there.

The fresh air and 24/7 care Grandma B now gets has made a tremendous difference to her health. Her hair is no longer white, but has returned to its natural auburn colour. On giving us the results of a routine blood test, the nurse had a big smile on her face and said they’d never seen an 82 year-old with such healthy blood.

All Grandma B wants to do is go home and spend the rest of her days living there in peace and safety. However, so long as police officers and social workers are at large, this will not be possible.

If anybody wants to send her birthday wishes, please do so using the “reply” box under this message. All replies are moderated before being published, so if you do not want your message published, please say so.

Here are some photos from the party!

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  1. Hello Barbara!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday.I’m still in shock. I Remember the good times when we used to take the children out ( The deaf children ) for outings. I’m so sorry you are now in a wheelchair. I won’t forget you. Lots of love. Rita & Harry xxx

  2. Hi Barbara. Nice to see you smiling again. Marriage proposals. Some people have all the luck. You know what they say ? The older the fiddle. You must still have what it takes. I shall still keep reading & watching your blog. I must say I am very disappointed in Robert. Is Mister Uttley still alive? If so I hope he gets to hear the way you have been treated.He would be shocked just like I am. Hope New Year brings you & Peter peace & happiness
    All my love Rita xxxx

  3. Ah!! Thanks. May he rest in peace. So pleased you have got in touch with Sally. Her parents were great friends of yours. You wouldn’t recognize Old Kent Road school now. It has been made into flats. Oh!! the memories. Robert was always top of the class. Looks like he still is. Happy New Year to you both. Rita & Harry xx

    • Thanks for the update. Mum and I were planning a “memory lane” trip to London, but as you know we have now been stranded in Austria for two years after having been unlawfully evicted from our house by criminals working for North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council, led by the Lord Mayor in person, so we have not been able to go back to look at our old haunts.

      Robert might have been top of the class in those days, but he will shortly be getting a detention – he is facing years in jail as a Rule 46 prisoner.

      Well, as they say, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

  4. Robert Didn’t seem to realize what he was letting himself in for. Deaf people both north & south are familiar with the famous Robert Hofschroer. The gossip must be spreading like wildfire. I dread to think. He certainly has made a name for himself. Oh Dear !! this is very serious. I haven’t seen him since he had the children. Just once on the see hear programme. I noticed he had put a lot of weight on.

    But your poor Mum & yourself seem to be bashing your heads against a brick wall. I am really sorry. neither of you deserve it. Best of luck. Hope things work out in your favour. Nice to know you got in touch with Sally. xx

    • Once I turned up on the scene, I think they spotted the potential danger, because since then – September 2008 – the criminals involved in this case – Dear Brother, his family, police criminals and social worker abusers – have made several attempts to shut me up either by intimidation or by arresting me on the basis of false allegations. Had we not gone to Austria, I’d be in jail by now, and they’d have put Grandma B in a home and killed her off.

      Fortunately, they did not anticipate us having the allies we have:

      Tim Hicks FCA, a professional fraud investigator of international repute.

      Lord Maginnis, a cross bencher and TA officer, who has a reputation for determination and detesting offical corruption

      Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, with his good connections in Whitehall

      Donald Crawford, retired barrister of repute and publisher of the “Parliamentary Brief”

      Without these good people, we are unlikely to have got anywhere. Grandma B’s case is not isolated. There must be thousands of victims of similar crimes all over the country, but how many of them have such good connections and been able to do anything about this?

      The way we are dealing with this brick wall is to start by pulling out loose bricks at the bottom. We have now got to the stage where cracks are running up the wall. Hopefully, it will not be much longer before the whole wall comes tumbling down.

  5. It’s very sad that things have come to this. But I’m sure he now realizes he has come unstuck & that now he is not the only academic on the planet.Having said that I’m sure in her heart of hearts your Mum has forgiven him. The love of a mother is very strong. That can never be taken away. I’m so pleased you have the right people on your side. I keep thinking how your Mum was so proud of his achievements. Your lovely Mum always trying to help people. I’m still anxious about the outcome. Oh Dear! It should never have happened. Good luck

    • Sadly, Robert’s psychosis is so far advanced, he probably is not aware of what he has done, or even what he is doing. He is paranoid, schizophrenic and suffering from several other conditions.

      Mum does not consider there is anything to forgive, as he is clearly very ill. However, he does appear to be a large cog in a massive national machine that is systematically targeting the vulnerable and plundering their assets. Mum prefers to place the blame elsewhere. The on-going investigation places Robert lower in the hieracy of this criminal gang than Kersten England (chief executive of York Council) and Ruth Redfern (a leading offical with non-jobs in various quangos in Yorkshire). Ruth Redfern is the sister of Paul Redfern, a contemporary of Robert’s at Mary Hare, although he does appear to be a larger cog than the chief officers of North Yorkshire Police, which for a deaf kid coming from the poorest family in the poorest part of South-East London is clearly progress, but at what price? The life of his father, the life of his mother and the liberty of his brother? And ultimately his own life and freedom?

      We have offered him the opportunity of making a full confession to mitigate the sentence he is likely to receive. We have offered to plead for him to be placed in a secure psychriatic institution instead of a normal prison, where, as a Rule 46 prisoner, he would not be likely to survive. He has not availed himself of this opportunity.

      He thinks he can get away with his crimes. He won’t, no matter how many bent cops, corrupt council officals and politicians may be supporting him.

  6. Oh My goodness Peter!! What a mess? I do know of Paul Redfern. The trouble with the deaf as I find is that because they are deaf they seem to think that hearing people have got one over on them. Robert did say to me that deaf people are very selfish. I suppose it’s because he is deaf that he is getting all the sympathy. but we all know what he is capable of..Ah !! i’m a softie. It’s upsetting to hear that he is not in the best of health. Will he really go to prison? Bet he will take a stack of books as he always was an avid reader

    • The only point to be determined is how long the custodial sentence will be. He is looking at around five years.

  7. Ah!! When you actually know the person it puts a lump in your throat but It’s easy for me to say. Even though he was a cheeky blighter I was very fond of him. I shall be thinking of him.

  8. Good god almighty! I have just read the story again. It didn’t seem to sink in the first time as I was so terribly in shock.It is dreadful. This awful experience you both had should have been nipped in the bud before it got out of control. Instead Robert was given the wrong advice & listened to people in authority as he must have thought they could solve his so called problem. I am so sorry. What has happened to your Mum to cause her to end up in a wheelchair? She was always such an active person. At least she has got all her marbles which is a blessing. You were both underestimated. I really hope this whole experience ends quickly for your peace of mind. My very best wishes Rita xx

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Sorry Rita, but you have got the wrong end of the stick. Robert has not been given “wrong advice” by the authorities. He, along with corrupt police officers, social workers, council officials and politicians are running a racket in which they are systematically targeting isolated, vulnerable people with assets, seizing control of those assets and plundering them.

      This is SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME conducted against the defenceless by the very people with a duty of care to protect them.

      All the people accussed of corruption and serious crime on this blog have been written to and given the opportunity of replying to the accusations.

      NONE of them have exercised their right of reply. Instead, they all all exercising their right of silence, which says it all.

      Questions are now being asked in Parliament about this case, because it is that SERIOUS. We are looking at arresting every chief officer of North Yorkshire Police, the entire senior management of the City of York Council and all senior members of York Labour Party, to mention but a few.

  9. Sorry, forgot to mention Mum had a stroke a few years ago, and gradually became more unstable on her feet. After a number of falls and several broken bones, we got her a wheelchair to go out on. She uses a zimmer frame to get around the house, along with an array of grab rails. And don’t worry, she is still very active.

    However, this affair has left deep psychological scars. Fortunately, she did not notice Robert was stalking her, but after attacking her over Dad’s dead body and threatening to kill her, Mum is terrified that he might attack her again. After forcing entry to her house and unlawfully evicting her, he feigned a burglary to cover his theft of her valuables. He left behind a calling-card – he shreaded one of her aprons, which is clearly a death threat.

    It took her a long time to accept the fact that her grandchildren, on whom she had doted, had been brought up to con her of her house and money and that their minds are as sick and twisted as those of their parents. She often talks about her great-grandson, to whom she has been denied contact.

    We cannot risk taking her home until Robert and his accomplices in crime – North Yorkshire Police, York Council, York Social Services and York Labour Party to name but a few – are all safely behind bars. And Mum is simply to frightened to go back until all this is over. Can you imagine what it must be like for an 83 year-old to have to go to a psychotherapist to help her get over what her son, her grandchildren, the police and social workers have done to her – deliberately and systematically – over a period of years?

  10. Peter! Did Robert actually hit your Mum.? Shirley should be ashamed of herself for letting all this happen.It’s disgusting.Can’t get over what became of Robert. He must really be out of his mind. Money is the root of all evil. Iv’e had an experience myself of a will being contested but I had a terrific solicitor. It’s not an experience I would like to go through again believe me. Your Dad’s funeral. I still can’t believe Robert could do such a thing. That was too awful.Your Mum moved to York to be near them & this is the thanks she got.I can’t stop thinking about both of you. Looking forward to seeing you on skype in about three weeks time. Give your Mum A big hug & kiss from me & wish her better. I will never forget her.xx

    • When Robert barged into our house uninvited with a police escort, a couple of hours after Dad died, he charged at Mum and pushed her (Assault 1). I got between him and Mum to protect her, but then the male police criminal hiding around the corner came in the house without lawful reason or invitation, pushed me against the wall and threatened to arrest me if I moved (Assault 2). Presumably, he was getting perverted gratification from watching a disabled old lady getting assaulted by a psycho. This being over her husband’s dead body must have added extra excitement to such a special occasion. His name is Michael Brocken and he is still at large on the streets of York. After Robert and his two adult children entered our house against our expressed wishes, they all bawled abuse at Mum over Dad’s still warm corpse. On his way out, Robert raised his fist towards Mum and I and threatened to kill us (Assault 3).

      This is what North Yorkshire Police do to elderly widows grieving over their husbands’ dead bodies. The streets will only be safe again when all 1600 of them are locked up.

  11. If I ever bump into him again I shall give him a piece of my mind. It just doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s like something you read in a fiction story. How can he work with all this hanging over his head? I’m not familiar with custodial. Is it bail or remand? I hope for your sake it passes very soon.

    • It is unlikely you will ever bump into him again. If the law finally gets upheld – after four years of trying – he is likely to end up in jail (custodial sentence) for years as a Rule 46 prisoner (solitary confinment) at the same level as sex offenders (regarded as sick as abusing little, old ladies on a wheelchair by the old lags, but perfectly acceptable to York Social Services et al) and the like (nonces – jail slang for “nonsense cases”), which means that the prison warders “accidentally” leave the cell door open and turn a blind eye, while he gets his head kicked in – every day. Being deaf, he will not hear them coming, and suffering from an advanced case of paranoia, he is likely to commit suicide before he gets killed.
      Mum and I are distressed about this and have offered him a way out several times, but he seems determined to meet this fate head on. His choice.

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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