Lord Maginnis has tabled a further Question in Parliament on the endemic corruption in North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council. It reads,

To ask HMG when the Hofschröer case  was first referred to the Home Office; how many submissions the Home Office has received including parliamentary questions (a) during the lifetime of the previous Government and (b) during the lifetime of this Government; what evidence there has been of corruption, wrongdoing and abuse of trust by (i) the North Yorkshire Police (ii) Social Services and why they have not sought to resolve the matter.

We only hope that the Home Office stops lying to Parliament and finally starts the long overdue public enquiry in to the rampant corruption in the authorities in North Yorkshire.

The fraud investigator has just sent this e-mail to Steven Read, the criminal in charge of the laughably called “Professional” Standards Department of the crime syndicate known as North Yorkshire Police.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Corruption in North Yorkshire Police
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 21:59:46 +0100
From: Fraud Investigator
To: ‘Read, Steven’ <>
CC: , “‘Winward, Lisa'”,,,  “‘Hills Jan'”, “‘Gower Adrienne'”

Dear Mr Read,

Following on from the Home Office response to Lord Maginnis,  I think you are aware that I have recently focussed on systematically discrediting the IPCC investigation.  Although it was tedious and distasteful, it is clear that my recent correspondence with Ms Reed has achieved this (please see the attached e mail chain) and Lord Maginnis has now tabled another question in the House of Lords concerning corruption in the North Yorkshire Police.   A response based on the existence of the IPCC investigation will not now be credible, so I look forward to reading the Home Office response in due course.

I would additionally confirm that I am satisfied I have collected enough evidence to arrest yourself, Chief Constable Maxwell, Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick, Assistant Chief Constable Cross, Detective Superintendent Galloway, Detective Superintendent Dulku and Superintendent Winward, over the cover up into the Inspector Moreton/Mark Bednarski/Robert Hofschroer fraud and abuse case.  Unquestionably the most concerning aspect of this is the incompetent and bungled Interpol arrest operation initiated by yourself and Detective Superintendent Galloway.  This has caused Lord Maginnis –who has extensive experience in intelligence from his time in Northern Ireland- and myself serious concern because of the security implications.  He and I are advised that it is standard procedure in cases where serious crime (i.e. kidnapping) is alleged for a suspect to be placed on the GCHQ watch list by SOCA.  It therefore appears that GCHQ, Interpol and SOCA have been used by corrupt police officers to assist in a fraud, by arresting an innocent man on malicious allegations of a serious offence, which were false and completely unsupported by any evidence at all, at the request of a man who you knew was involved in criminal offences in the UK.

Accordingly I have separately requested that Detective Superintendent Galloway is removed from his position as Head of the Force Intelligence Bureau immediately and can confirm that this request has also been passed on to the Home Office. Their response I think will determine if there is another parliamentary question on your Interpol fiasco and his role in it.


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