Simon Hughes & Grandma B

Yesterday, a most interesting article was published on “The Coleman Experience” blog. The link is at the end of this article (1).

It asks some very pointed questions about Simon Hughes MP.

Simon and Grandma B go back a long way. Grandma B spent most of her life in London, before moving to York in 1986 when her husband retired. She lived in Rotherhithe in South-East London for the last twenty years of her time there.

Being part of London Docklands, Rotherhithe was staunchly Labour until the Labour Party completely lost touch with its voters and handed over the constituency of Bermondsey (of which Rotherhithe is part) to the Liberals, with Simon Hughes becoming its MP.

Both Grandma B and her carer know Simon Hughes personally. As her carer moved on from living in Rotherhithe to living and working abroad, Simon remained her carer’s MP.

In that vein, Grandma B’s carer contacted him in 2011 for help in putting an end to this abuse. Simon did phone, but happened to do so just as Grandma B was being interviewed by the Local Government Ombudsman, so she could not take the call.

Simon did promise to phone again, but never did. This may have something to do with the e-mails her carer sent to Simon’s office outlining the case and the evidence.

In the ensuing years, Simon has ignored every communication he has been sent about this case.

E-Mails sent to him always generate an automated reply, which reads:

“Thank you very much for emailing me. I am always happy to help my constituents.”

Well, we know one ex-pat constituent, whom Simon is determined NOT to help.

When Simon was appointed to the Ministry of Justice as Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties, Grandma B’s carer thought he would give him another chance. This time, he contacted Simon offering him information on corruption in the Ministry of Justice and Office of the Public Guardian that had come to light in their handling of Grandma B’s case.

The e-mail her carer sent to Simon generated the usual automated reply:

“Thank you very much for emailing me. I am always happy to help my constituents.”

The automated reply also promises that,

“I do try to reply to all correspondence as quickly as I can. However, the volume of enquiries I receive means that it can sometimes take longer to respond than I would ideally like.”

No answer was forthcoming to the new enquiry either.

Four years on and Simon has yet to respond to a single e-mail from Grandma B’s carer. However, instead of merely ignoring them, they now generate the following reply,

Subject: Not read: Another Example of Corruption in the Court of Protection
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:54:16 +0100
From: Simon <>
To: ‘Peter Hofschröer’

So Simon now deletes “not read” information on corruption in the Court of Protection. That is an interesting development.

If you look him up on the Ministry of Justice website, then you will see his responsibilities include “Mental Capacity and the Office of the Public Guardian”. (2)

Surprising, isn’t it, that he does not seem to want to know about corruption in the very court into which the Office of the Public Guardian feeds cases involving the most vulnerable members of society.

Or maybe not so surprising.

Simon also takes an active role in children’s issues. Sadly, in today’s Britain, that now sets off alarm bells. The article in “The Coleman Experience” indicates that there is more than mere smoke here, rather there is a real fire.

So let’s start thinking this one through.

Grandma B is the victim of abuse. Articles elsewhere on this blog indicate that the criminal gang abusing her is also actively involved in the industrial-scale child abuse going on in Yorkshire and elsewhere. (3)

The Office of the Public Guardian attempted to assist North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council in defrauding Grandma B of her assets, but got cold feet when the case starting being raised in Parliament.

Continuing revelations in the mainstream press and the alternate media implicate the secretive Court of Protection in supplying children to abusers and in defrauding the elderly of their assets.
Simon Hughes is under suspicion of being a child abuser and has, by acts of omission, colluded in attempts to defraud Grandma B of her assets.

The VIP child abuse ring running the once proud country of Britain starts getting exposed in public for what it is.

It would help, wouldn’t it, at such a time, if the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection were put in safe, reliable hands.

Simon Hughes then gets appointed as Minister of State for Justice with specific responsibility for the Office of the Public Guardian.

That is how Brave, New Britain is run.

Frightening, isn’t it?




(3) See, for instance,

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  1. Since when as the UK been known as this proud Britain? It has been a scum bag country from thousands of years ago for killing and selling people and children of the world. The UK is the most corrupt country next to America in the world.


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