Where is Grandma B’s Cash?

For years now, North Yorkshire Police has being trying to locate where Grandma B has deposited her life savings with the intention of seizing them and giving them to her abusers.

That is what the police do, eh? Steal from defenceless, old people and pass on the booty to criminals, taking their share out of it for their trouble, of course.

After having defrauded Grandma B of her house, her abusers, York social worker Robert Hofschröer and his family targeted her cash. To their annoyance, Grandma B’s younger son Peter got in their way, albeit unwittingly, as he had yet to realise what the grand plan was.

Hearing that his 87 year-old father had been taken into hospital seriously ill, he rushed over to York from his home in Austria. His mother, Grandma B, was so ill, Peter stayed for a month nursing her back on to her feet.

As his father ran the parental finances, Peter checked their bank accounts to make sure all the bills were being paid. He found a large sum in the current account, so he advised his mother to open a deposit account and put the money in it.

Hardly had Peter gone back home, when Robert and his family descended on Grandma B’s house to take control of her bank accounts. They found her money had been moved to an account to which they did not have access.

Thwarted in their first attempt to walk off with Grandma B’s life savings, they bombarded Peter with e-mails demanding to be given access to her bank accounts. Peter told them her finances were none of their business.

The first attempt failed, so Robert and his family now plotted their second attempt. Grandma B’s husband was due out of hospital after seven weeks treatment. He was in a poor state of health, so persuading him to give them control of his finances was not likely to be a problem.

However, the evening before he was due home, Peter turned up unexpectedly. What was worse, he announced his intention to stay and help his disabled mother care for her seriously ill husband. Until they got him out of the way, they would not be able to walk off with this large amount of cash.

They went to their accomplices in Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force, North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and hatched a plan that would hopefully get both Peter out of the way and the money in their pockets. They would report Peter to the police for stealing his parents’ savings, get him arrested, locked up and out the way. Then they could walk off with the money.

On 25 September 2009, PC 1827 Lisa Farrington of NYP turned up at Grandma B’s home with the intention of arresting Peter. Unfortunately, Grandma B confirmed that she was happy with Peter administering her finances and there were no irregularities. A frustrated PC left after having refused to record a complaint of harassment and wasting police time.

The first attempt to get Peter out of the way by arresting him on trumped-up charges was foiled. It would not be the last.

Realising he now needed to secure his parents’ remaining assets from theft and fraud by social worker Robert and his pals in NYP, Peter applied for and was given powers of attorney. The Court of Protection (CoP) and the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) officially recognised him as sole carer for his parents.

Once her abusers realised future attempts to seize Grandma B’s assets were now blocked, they set about trying to get these powers of attorney taken away.

Robert’s colleague and accomplice in crime in York Social Services, a certain Mark Bednarski, contacted the OPG and enquired as to what would need to be done to apply to the CoP to have the powers of attorney taken away. They established they would need evidence of misconduct. As there was none, they would have to make something up.

They made a complaint to the OPG, claiming Peter was abusing his parents. The OPG investigated and found no evidence of abuse. This next attempt to get Peter out of the way failed.

Peter then took Grandma B to their home in Austria for a holiday, so he was now out of the jurisdiction of the English courts and this matter could not be progressed at this stage.

A new plan was hatched and carried out. Mike Hodgkiss of York Social Services established that Grandma B was on holiday by making enquiries to her day club.

Bednarski and Inspector Colin Moreton of NYP colluded in fabricating a harassment allegation against Peter to deter him from returning to York with his mother.

Moreton had his officers establish they had not returned home.

Robert and his son Martin broke in to Grandma B’s house and unlawfully evicted her. Concerned neighbours called the police, who stood by and laughed while Robert and Martin removed Grandma B’s belongings.

Moreton then agreed to fabricate evidence of fraud against Peter and contacted the OPG to this effect, stating NYP had established Peter had stolen his parents’ money. This conflicted with the results of PC Farrington’s investigation, but since when do the police let facts get in the way of their criminal activities?

The OPG now officially designated Peter the abuser, so progress was finally being made. Only later did the OPG realise they had been duped by a corrupt police officer and ceased considering Peter to be the abuser.

Once his powers of attorney were withdrawn, there would be nothing to stop this criminal gang from fraudulently selling Grandma B’s house.

Peter is however a resourceful chap. He first found a lawyer who blocked the sale. Then, through a friend, he got Lord Maginnis to take up the case in Parliament.

This latest plot was also foiled, so something serious had to be done to get Peter out of the way for good, which was a little difficult as he and his mother were now in Austria and out of the jurisdiction of the English courts.

The next plot was hatched. The local members of the gang put their heads together. Grandma B’s two local councillors, erstwhile mayor of York David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing, deputy leader of York Labour Party and cabinet member with the portfolio of adult social services, took the lead. Moreton and Robert joined in. They decided to fabricate an allegation that Peter had kidnapped his mother, was holding her prisoner and abusing her.

The arrest request was processed by Special Branch, SOCA and New Scotland Yard before being forwarded to Interpol and from there to the Austrian police. What could go wrong now? Peter was surely on his way to jail. Grandma B would then be sent home to the tender mercies of her abusers, who had reserved a place for her on the “care pathway”. With her and her carer out of the way, nothing could stop her house being sold.

This plot too was thwarted. When the arrest request arrived on the desk of the local Austrian police inspector, he was perturbed. A few days earlier he and his wife had been among the many guests at Grandma B’s birthday party held in a local pub. He knew she had not been kidnapped and that she was not being held prisoner.

The inspector however carried out a thorough investigation and reported back that there was no evidence to support any of the allegations.

This plot also failed, so more drastic measures would have to be taken to get Peter out of the way.

The next person to become involved was an Austrian judge by the name of Dr Martin Stefula. It seems he was offered an inducement to declare Peter to be “mentally incapacitated,” to impose an attorney on him and so prevent him from doing anything else to stop the fraudulent sale of Grandma B’s house.

Easier said than done, because Peter is a resourceful chap.

When the basis on which Stefula had declared Peter to be “mentally incapacitated” was shown to be bogus, the next judge, Christian Morak, came along and invented another equally ludicrous reason. When that reason was also shown to be bogus, the next judge came along with another reason. And so it continued for the next year or two, with a dozen or more corrupt Austrian judges being involved. There does not appear to be an honest judge in Austria.

When Robert made his next attempt to sell his mother’s house, Peter was able to get an injunction to stop him. Within days of that, the Austrian judiciary ramped up its attempts to get Peter out of the way. They had a corrupt psychiatrist and known sexual deviant by the name of Dr Manfred Walzl fabricate a report declaring Peter to be “incurably paranoid”. The very rare form of paranoia he was apparently suffering from only occurred when conducting litigation, so an attorney was appointed with the specific instruction to stop him winning any more court cases against his mother’s abusers and their accomplices, as, according to Dr Walzl, Peter was “harming” himself by winning court cases.

By now, a judge by the name of Monika Lackner was handling the case. This attempt to stop him litigating successfully did not stop him making very public protests about this corruption. He had also taken a case against the Austrian government to the European Court of Human Rights, so he had to be stopped, for good. Lackner informed Peter she was going to have his front door broken down so he could be taken away, tra la and sectioned. She did not anticipate that Peter would take effective counter-measures here.

Peter and Grandma B then went into hiding in a third country, where they have been designated “persecuted people” and placed under official protection.

This plot to silence him had now been thwarted, so the next plot was hatched.

By now, this criminal gang were running out of ideas, so they just came up with an old one. Interpol were told that Peter had kidnapped his mother (again!) and the police throughout Europe were alerted to find them. That one was doomed to failure before it ever got off the ground, as Peter and his mother had held discussions with the police in their new place of refuge long before she was reported “missing”.

Just days after this bogus arrest request was issued, Grandma B and her carer appeared on a TV interview discussing the official corruption they were facing. Another plot had failed!

Meanwhile, Grandma B’s abusers had not given up their attempts to seize her life savings. NYP obtained a court order allowing them access to the records held by her solicitors in England as they were investigating “financial irregularities”.

NYP investigating other people for financial irregularities? That is rich! Maybe they should start a little nearer home with that one.

The search for Grandma B’s cash is still ongoing! Will they ever find it? Watch this space!

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  1. Ged

     /  04/04/2014

    A harrowing story of corrupt officialdom.

    Well done Grandma B.
    Fight them all .

    Best wishes .


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