£10,000 REWARD for the arrest and imprisonment of Detective Superintendent Heather Pearson


This pervert abuses little, old ladies. She is, after all, an officer of Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force, the North Yorkshire perverts-in-blue. One wonders if she diddles kiddies as well. That seems to be “normal” for police officers in the once proud country of Britain.

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Do see:


When Pearson joined in attempts to defraud Grandma B of her assets, she was a mere Detective Chief Inspector, but once her skills in abusing the vulnerable became apparent, North Yorkshire Police could not wait to promote her. That is how SICK the British police are.

Your children are not safe from them, because they will pick them up, take them back to the nick and abuse them. They make lots of dosh from the videos. Do see:


You are not safe from them, because if you complain about their criminal activities, then they will arrest you and put you in jail. Google: “Wanda Maddocks” for just one example of this.

Then if they target your parents or grandparents, lives and liberty are in danger. Just read this blog.

The bottom line is that nobody in Britain can be safe to walk the streets or live in their own homes so long as police officers are at large.

In the Public Interest, Grandma B is willing to offer a REWARD of £10,000 to anybody who can successfully convict this sick, perverted psychopath and remove her from the streets for life.

****** UPDATE 6th November 2013 ******

For more news about Pearson’s criminal activities, do see:


Note how she is acting unlawfully on behalf of the known criminal and fraud, Conservative politician Jane Kenyon. Kenyon is known to have had a relationship (of sorts!) with Jimmy Savile. Kenyon has also played a leading role in the abuse of Grandma B.

 ****** UPDATE 13th October 2014 ******

We have just heard that Pearson has replaced the now retired Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross as head of the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit of North Yorkshire Police.

Before moving to North Yorkshire, Cross served with the neighbouring West Yorkshire Police, where it is said that every police officer was aware of the activities of Jimmy Savile. Before retiring, Cross carried out an “investigation” exonerating North Yorkshire Police of any blame for not noticing Savile abusing children under their noses for fifty years.

The Abuse of Grandma B was reported to Cross and the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit some years ago, but no investigation was carried out. Instead, the matter has handed over to the head of the local Community Policing Team, (now ex-) Inspector Colin Moreton, currently based in Selby. For more about his criminal activities, please see here: https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/2-crimes-committed-by-north-yorkshire-police/wanted-ex-inspector-colin-moreton/.

So if the Grandma B case were handed over to the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, the officer heading the investigation would be the very person who threatened to arrest Grandma B’s carer for daring to complain about the criminal offences her officers have committed against this now 85 year-old invalid.

This is just yet another example of how the sick, twisted minds of police officers work.

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