Ex-Foreign Minister William Hague and his pal Jimmy Savile.

The Foreign Office has been actively involved in the Abuse of Grandma B.

Hague’s constituency is in Richmond, North Yorkshire, half way between Leeds and Scarborough. Savile and his pals in the police are suspected to have ferried children between these two locations. One wonders if they stopped for a “cup of tea” with Little Willie.

Please note the updates come after the article.

When this affair first started five years ago, Grandma B was still naïve enough to believe that her case was an isolated exception and the authorities – in particular North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the City of York Council (CYC) – would act according to the law and quickly deal with the social workers and police officers abusing her.

She was very wrong.

In the ensuing five years, the extent of the massive web of official corruption spreading across Britain has become ever more apparent, with the cases of Ian Tomlinson, Hillsborough and finally Jimmy Savile coming to light.

The disproportionate reaction she got to her valid and legitimate complaints – a campaign of harassment and crime undertaken against her and her carer by her abusers – also made it clear she had stumbled into something much larger and much more unwholesome than she could possibly have imagined at first.

It was also apparent from the incessant obstruction by governmental bodies and senior ministers to her pleas for help that she was facing endemic nationwide corruption from the highest levels downwards.

After Grandma B had been unlawfully evicted from her home by her abusers with the collusion of the police and social services, her carer started a civil action against certain of her abusers in their place of refuge in Austria.

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass also kindly took up her case and raised it in Parliament.

Grandma B’s abusers and their accomplices in crime from NYP and the CYC then conspired to have her carer removed, so they could carry out their plan to fraudulently sell her house unhindered.

The Common Purpose “graduates” running York Social Services then sat down with the abusers and held a “safeguarding” conference at which they exonerated Grandma B’s abusers and declared her carer the abuser. This conference breached York SS’ own rules, as the accused was not informed of the conference nor given an opportunity to answer the false allegations against him. As such it was unlawful and its findings not valid.

The abusers and York SS then got together with NYP and Grandma B’s ward councillors David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing to fabricate further allegations her carer. A civilian employee in the laughably called “Professional Standards Department” of NYP named Steve Read then set in motion an attempt to arrest her carer for kidnapping her, holding her incommunicado, abusing her and making offensive phone calls to her abusers.

Although there was no evidence to support these allegations and indeed no crime report, this charade was then passed through to the Director of NYP’s Intelligence Bureau, Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who processed this unlawful request to arrest Grandma B’s carer, forwarding it to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, who then requested New Scotland Yard to send it to Interpol before being forwarded to the Austrian police for execution. The Austrian police however found no evidence to support these fabricated allegations, so no arrest was made.

This first attempt to remove Grandma B’s carer failed.

Let us now move on to the link with the Savile case.

Britain’s most notorious child abuser spent a good deal of his time in Yorkshire and is likely to have committed the most offences there over the period of at least 50 years he was active in the area. One of his bases was his penthouse flat in the Roundhay district of Leeds, where he held his “Friday Morning Club”, which was attended by senior police officers from both West and North Yorkshire Police.

Here, if we are to believe them, they simply drank tea.

However, it is now an established fact that the police provided Savile with bodyguards and chauffeurs. It would have been impossible for the police not to know what went on and what he was up to. The only question as yet unanswered is if the police provided their services merely for “bungs” or were they getting a slice of the “action” as well?

Savile also lived in the coastal town of Scarborough and is known to have been part of the child-abusing ring based there.

The activities of this gang was the talk of the town for many years, yet NYP have claimed they were not aware of what was going on under their noses all that time and never had a complaint about Savile.

Even NYP could not be that incompetent, so it would seem the local police turned a blind eye to this serious crime. Again, one has to ask the question did they do this merely for “bungs” or were they getting a slice of the “action” as well?

So just how are the Savile case and the abuse of Grandma B linked?

There are a both a number of similarities in these abuse cases and a number of the same people involved in both of them.

First, there is clearly a network of abuse here. The police have at least turned a blind eye to both cases, although it is known they took payments from Savile and in view of their support of the attempts to fraudulently sell Grandma B’s house, it seems clear they are expecting a share of the proceeds.

Then Grandma B’s main abuser, her older son Robert Hofschröer, runs York & District Deaf Society from premises owned by CYC in an operation funded by CYC from a committee run by Cllr David Horton JP. Robert Hofschröer has access both to vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. If he is prepared to abuse his own mother and father, then he is likely to be a serial abuser.

Robert Hofschröer’s daughter Diane Hofschröer is a special needs teacher in Leeds and works in a school close to Savile’s Roundhay apartment. She has access to vulnerable children. If she is prepared to abuse her own grandparents, then she too is likely to be a serial abuser.

Councillor Tracey Simpson-Laing is deputy leader of York Labour Party and the cabinet member of CYC with the portfolio of adult social services, where she has access to all the information held on isolated, old people in York. If she is prepared to abuse Grandma B, then she is also likely to be a serial abuser.

Ex-Inspector Colin Moreton of NYP was in charge of community policing in the Acomb Ward of York, were Grandma B lived until she was unlawfully evicted. The ward councillors are none other than David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing. Moreton has a record of attempting to intimidate any relatives or friends trying to protect the vulnerable people targeted by this gang.

Then we have DS Ray Galloway, who tried to have Grandma B’s carer arrested via Interpol. He has now retired from NYP, but is still actively involved in the attempts to cover up Savile’s long history of abuse. Is he doing this merely for “bungs” or was he getting a slice of the “action” as well?

As Savile is now dead, then it cannot be for “bungs”.

Evidence of Galloway’s role in attempting to hide this sickening crime is now appearing in the public domain. See, for instance:

While he was Director of North Yorkshire Police Force Intelligence, he deliberately failed to pass on information to other police forces investigating Savile. Even though he is now retired, he is playing a leading role in the NHS investigation of Savile’s unwholesome activities at Rampton Hospital.

Is he doing this merely for “bungs” or was he getting a slice of the “action” as well?

As Savile is now dead, then it cannot be for “bungs”.

The same senior police officer, who committed serious criminal offences trying to silence Grandma B’s carer has played and continues to play a role in protecting Britain’s most horrific serial child-abuser, even though he has now retired.

As Savile is now dead, then it cannot be for “bungs”.

Are anybody’s children or grandparents safe in North Yorkshire?

Postscript: NYP are evading requests to release the name of the senior officer, who was a member of Savile’s “Friday Morning Club”.


UPDATE 13 January 2014

Maxwell & Savile

Some interesting information has just been published in the press. Please see:

Here we are told about an incident where the then chief constable of North Yorkshire Police, Graeme Maxwell, had his officers pick up Savile from his penthouse apartment in Leeds to bring him to a public event in Selby, where he would have easy access to children.

It is difficult to belief that Maxwell was not aware that Savile was a serial, predatory paedophile. In his years in West Yorkshire Police (WYP), Maxwell must have been as aware as every officer in that force what he was up to. Officers of that force were, after all, members of his “Friday Morning Club” (see:

North Yorkshire Police (NYP) had also conducted an investigation into Savile and his gang, so Maxwell must have been well aware that he was giving a known predatory paedophile access to vulnerable children.

One always has to ask this question at this stage: was it for a “bung” or was it for a slice of the “action”?

Let us consider the role of Maxwell in the Grandma B case.

Maxwell has refused to investigate any of the very serious criminal offences committed against Grandma B and her late husband, as well as their carer.

He at least turned a blind-eye  to the unlawful eviction of Grandma B and her carer from their house in York, in which ex-Inspector Colin Moreton played a leading role.

Moreton, as we know, then fabricated a number of allegations against Grandma B’s carer. When challenged by her solicitor to produce the non-existent evidence, he took “early retirement” due to “ill health”, then staged a remarkable recovery before getting a new posting as head of community policing in Selby.

All of Selby’s local councillors have been informed that Moreton is a known abuser. Not one of them has indicated they have a problem with him having access to potential further victims.

Moreton is a partner-in-crime with Grandma B’s abusers, who include her older son Robert Hofschröer and his daughter Diane.

Robert is employed by York Social Services and runs York & District Deaf Society, which is funded by York Council. Here, he has access to deaf children. Deaf children make ideal targets for child abusers, as they have communication problems and if they were to be witnesses in court, then social services would supply an interpreter and thus control what the court recorded as their evidence.

Diane works as a special needs teacher in Leeds. Her school is close to where Savile had his penthouse flat, the one in which senior police officers met regularly over a period of years to “drink tea” and which Savile described as his “insurance policy”.

Children attending such a school are also unlikely to be able to be reliable witnesses in court.

Maxwell appears to have provided Savile with a chaffeur to attend an event in Selby at which vulnerable children would be easily accessible.

This all makes a very disturbing picture.

Is Maxwell the ninth member of the “Friday Morning Club”?


UPDATE 17 February 2014

There have been some interesting developments here.

More information is coming to light about the crime syndicate running North Yorkshire.

It seems that North Yorkshire Police were not only covering up for the paedophile gang centred around Savile and Jaconelli, it seems it is also covering up for a serial rapist, who may still well be active. He is certainly still at large.

The former police commander of Scarborough, where Savile also lived and appears to be the main base of operations for this gang, Tom Fox, currently leader of Scarborough Borough Council, is in the frame for this. Do see:

Both North Yorkshire Police and Scarborough Borough Council are aware of the allegations and have had sight of the evidence. We don’t need three guesses to work out what they have done here, do we?

A recent BBC TV programme outlined the level of official corruption in the area. Do see:

The suspected serial rapist Tom Fox is the protégé of none other than Jane Kenyon, former chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority.

Kenyon is a leading Yorkshire Conservative, a close advisor of David Cameron, and the daughter of Sir Bernard Kenyon, who was disgraced in the Poulson affair in the 1970s.

Kenyon was once filmed engaged in al fresco ritual sexual activities on the Yorkshire Moors involving Savile and other well-know people.

Kenyon is involved in covering up the abuse of Grandma B.

A few years ago, Lord Maginnis placed the massive file of evidence of the abuse of Grandma B on Cameron’s desk. It has been gathering dust ever since.

It is interesting to note how deeply North Yorkshire Police are involved in both the abuse and the cover up. It is both interesting yet very disturbing how this network of state-organised abuse of the vulnerable fits together.

Can anybody be safe in their own home in Brave New Britain?

**** UPDATE 3rd July 2014 ****

Here’s an interesting article. Note the mention of William Hague:

**** UPDATE 13th July 2014 ****

“Private Eye” recently published an article on this case:

EPSON scanner Image

Ex-Chief Inspector Tom Fox, the current leader of Scarborough Council, is not denying allegations of being a rapist. Is he a kiddie-diddler as well?

**** UPDATE 16 July 2014 ****

So Little Willie has had to tuck his tail between his legs and “resigned” as Foreign Secretary. Rumour has it that this has something to do with a list of VIP child abusers about to be published by the mainstream press. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Little Willie has denied knowing Anthony Gilberthorpe, who claims to have procured children for Tory grandees to abuse. In case there is anybody naive enough to believe him, here is an interesting photo:

Bsa7yMMIIAEJID2.jpg large

***** UPDATE 11 August 2014 *****

A couple of days ago, an interesting article was published in which it was claimed that Savile provided police officers with children for them to rape.

Do see:

Although these were not officers of North Yorkshire Police, it adds our suspicions that officers of NYP not only got “bungs” from Savile, but also a slice of the action.

Our children cannot be safe so long as police officers like this are at large, our elderly cannot be safe so long as police officers like this are at large. That sadly is how life is today in Brave New Britain.

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  1. If everything you have written is true then why haven’t these police officers been arrested?

  2. Who guards the guardians?

  3. Tim

     /  07/07/2014

    This is a drop in the ocean, there are 1000s of these cases. I was sent information recently by a friend in Argentina about one such case where a lone women has fought the establishment tooth and nail for 20 years!!!! She’s not giving up and she’s not going away, but one woman with no clout or money is just a lone voice; an island in the middle of an ocean with no communications whatsoever. That was until she decided to tell her story of abuse, police corruption and abandonment by the justice system online. Good for her!
    Melania’s Story – Mental, Physical & Sexual Child Abuse – followed by a 20-year battle to bring both her abuser & policemen who protected him to justice.

    She has recently had some help and many damning documents have come to light, this will be another scandal that the Home Secretary tries to silence at her peril.

  4. lindie

     /  19/10/2014

    The deceased intelligence officer named Trevor Stokes gave an illustrated talk at the Friends Meeting House where he explained that the Eastern Region Crime Squad based in Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, was half a mile frorm the large music shop at the crossroads where homosexual DJ Allan Freeman and his mates including Jimmy Saville, Chris Denning, Billy Goldsmith, Brian Epstein and if I remember correctly, Norrie Paramor, etc., had their ‘pink ballet parties’ where these men would squabble over boys brought in by a minicab firm owned by the Kray twins. This minicab firm still survives, but certain policemen would also be at these parties and a few politicians too.
    The radio hosts Kevin Field and BIGMAC took up the news of hidden homosexual abuse in our country and made these details known as did the website
    We owe a great debt of thanks to whistleblowers like this who in many cases gave us their jobs their homes and in some cases their lives.


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