An Open Letter to Kersten England, Chief Executive of the City of York Council

Dear Ms England,

As you are no doubt aware, the systematic abuse of my now 82 year-old, disabled mother undertaken by your friends and colleagues, who are endeavouring to defraud her of her assets, has now entered its fourth year.

The best part of a year ago, the Local Government Ombudsman reported on this horrific case, severely criticised your handling of it and called on you to reopen the safeguarding investigation “urgently”.

You ignored him and it is alleged this is to avoid the full story of the rampant corruption in the local authority you run from coming to light.

Would you like to comment on that or will you continue to exercise your right of silence?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer – Carer for Barbara Hofschröer, aged 82, victim of abuse by the City of York Council.

Below is one of the many letters you have been sent regarding reopening the investigation, but which you have ignored.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Mrs Barbara Hofschroer
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:57:10 +0200
From: Fraud Investigator
CC: ‘Docherty, Andrew’ , ‘Murray, Cath’ , , , ‘Nicholas Long’

Dear Ms England,

Further to the interim Local Government Ombudsman’s report which recommended that a safeguarding investigation was reconvened urgently and which recommendation you have chosen to ignore, I am writing to confirm that the Independent Police complaints Commission (IPCC) has recently carried out a review of the case. Whilst pointing out that the IPCC has no locus to comment on safeguarding arrangements, Commissioner Long of the IPCC has also endorsed the Ombudsman’s recommendation:

“I would however heartily concur that a fresh safeguarding meeting, attended by all interested parties, must surely be in Mrs Hofschroer’s best interests.”

This makes the refusal of yourself and every member and officer of York Council to respond to correspondence on the case which involves abuse by one of your own Social Workers, or to accept the Ombudsman’s recommendation even more injustifiable.


So what has CYC got to hide by refusing to reopen the safeguarding investigation into an 82 year-old invalid?



Today is 21 September 2011. Kersten England has not replied to this open letter.  Neither have two of her senior officers, Ian Floyd and Andrew Docherty, carried out their numerous threats of taking legal action against York Council’s critics.

You guessed. They are instead exercising their right to silence. They might think silence is golden, but saying nothing when facing serious accusations is often an answer in itself.


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