What Jimmy Savile Really Did

See on Scoop.itThe Abuse of Grandma B

If you are not following the revelations about Jimmy Savile closely and believe that he was a loaner who touched-up a few young groupies, then you have been deceived. Jimmy Savile’s actions go far …

Peter Hofschröer‘s insight:

This article tells the true story of how Jimmy Savile provided defenceless children to the rich and powerful for fifty years. It also mentions the role of the notorious North Yorkshire Police in at least covering up this fifty years of abuse and crime. There are those who say that it is only a few officers of this force that behave in such a way and the rest are hard-working, decent people. Well, if they were, why have they done nothing about this abuse and crime for 50 years? Those of us – including Grandma B – who are the victims of the abuse and crime committed by North Yorkshire Police against the vulnerable and defenceless – have a different perspective. Officers of North Yorkshire Police – from chief constables to police constables – are habitual abusers – of the young for the bodies and of the old for their assets. The streets of North Yorkshire will never be safe until all 1600 officers of this force are safely behind bars.

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