Police find “no evidence” of police collaboration with Savile…

See on Scoop.itThe Abuse of Grandma B


Peter Hofschröer‘s insight:

The cover-up gets covered up.

There is plenty of evidence to show that police officers took “bungs” from Savile and provided him with bodyguards and chauffeurs. There is plenty of evidence to show that they at least turned a blind eye to 50 years of child abuse, if not joined in it themselves.

A police investigation into this however finds no evidence….

See on m.yahoo.com

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  1. Do see: http://www.upsd.co.uk/operation-newgreen-savile-report/

    This demolishes to “investigation” improperly undertaken by West Yorkshire Police.

    It is interesting that North Yorkshire Police is not even pretending to undertake an investigation.

    Instead, it is exercising its right of silence of 50 years of complicity with Savile’s child abuse.

    That say it all, eh?


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