Three police officers charged over pregnant suspect’s ordeal in prison cell

See on Scoop.itThe Abuse of Grandma B

Misconduct charges follow IPCC investigation of woman’s complaint that she was stripped and handcuffed for 11 hours

Peter Hofschröer‘s insight:

If they are not diddling kiddies or abusing grannies, they abuse pregnant women. All in a day’s work for the police, eh?

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  1. John Kellas

     /  09/07/2013

    It is just incredible that this injustice has gone on for so long without being resolved. It is furthermore tragic that one of the police forces in the UK is so obviously corrupt, yet nothing or at least almost nothing is done about it! There must be some other course of action. National newspapers???

  2. Thank you for your comment. It is not just one police force that is corrupt. Corruption is endemic throughout the authorities in the once proud country of Britain. The file of this case has been gathering dust on the Home Secretary’s desk for years and she is exercising her right to silence. The national newspapers have been briefed, but have been told not to run the story. We are however in the process of making radio and TV interviews for the alternative media. More news when we have it!


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