Well, what a surprise.

After having spent many man-days examining the data on a disabled great-grandmother’s mobile and camera, as well a dead man’s PC, Dr Paedophile Fotr, the Austrian court-accredited expert witness found no incriminating evidence whatsoever on the materials he stole from Grandma B’s house. Let’s hope he does the decent thing and returns them!

However, the Keystone Gestapo did not let the latest failed attempt put them off. After all, they have a reputation for getting their man, no matter what.

Lo and behold!

A second search of the said house found items missed in the first thorough search conducted by professionals, who in the first search located an envelope in minutes. What they found was a collection of historic weapons. Surprising that, considering Grandma B’s carer is a well-known historian. How did they manage not to notice the Brown Bess hanging up on the wall the first time?

The muzzle-loading 18th century firearms in his collection have now been removed and are being kept in a safe place, along with the accompanying bag of flints. Heaven knows what he might have done with them. After all, there was a story in the papers only yesterday about a criminal gang dressed in Napoleonic uniforms, who tried to rob a bank. They gave up when their weapons all misfired. A flash in the pan and nothing else! But who knows, they might have tried again, after putting in a new flint!

And then this time they of course found a number of suspicious looking videos. Presumably more items from Dr Paedophile Fotr’s collection.

We can only wonder how all this incriminating evidence was missed the first time by the people who found one tiny little envelope in minutes the first time.

Does anybody need three guesses here?

For the first two parts of this farce, do see:


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