One of Grandma B’s supporters lives in Doncaster, in the constituency of Rosie Winterton, the Labour Chief Whip. Hearing that York Labour Party was actively involved in the abuse of Grandma B, this supporter kindly offered to go to see her MP to raise this issue and request a corruption investigation into York Labour Party. Here are some excerpts from the correspondence:

20th May 2012

Dear Peter

I watched the recording of Tuesday’s House of Lords questions up at 5 a.m .on Wednesday morning, and was disgusted by the way in which Lord Maginnis’s was dealt with by Lord Henley, the Minister for the Home Office.

The government seemed very complacent about the state of the police service, yet on the same day I learned of the enormous number of policemen implicated in the one News International case alone. Such apathy is unbelievable.

As I am here in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire I thought I might try approaching the Opposition to stir things up. My local MP is Rosie Winterton, the Shadow Chief Whip; she lives about 100 yards from me, and Ed Miliband is MP for North Doncaster. I have made a precis of the case which I could give them as a taster.


I do like your idea and have a couple of suggestions as to how to make your intervention most effective.

If you go to Winterton or Miliband about Mum’s case, they will say that Parliamentary protocol forbids them from intervening in a case in another constituency, so you would get nowhere. The fact that Mum’s MP Hugh Bayley is refusing to get involved because he is party to the corruption is neither here nor there.

The tack I would take is one of serious corruption in York Labour Party (York Council is Labour-run) about to hit the headlines just when Miliband is ahead by a nose in the polls. The world is about to hear that the Labour Party defrauds little, old ladies on a wheelchair.

The story is now in the press, so you can point this out to these Labour dignitaries. Please see:


21st May 2012

Dear Peter,

I have made an appointment to see Rosie at her next surgery, but that isn’t until Fri 8th June, so I have also sent her a lengthy email, outlining the problem, including your links, offering documentary evidence if required, and emphasizing the threat to the Labour Party as a whole.
I also hope that my own contribution added a little – before WW2 my father founded the branch of the Labour Party in the nearest Ward which constitutes part of her constituency.


Thanks again for your help.

Mum was a member of the Labour Party from 1942 until November 2009, when she left in protest after her ward councillors, David Horton JP (now Lord Mayor of York) and Tracey Simpson-Laing (now Deputy Leader of York Labour Party with the, portfolio for adult social services) set police officers wearing stab-jackets on to her threatening to arrest her for handling out leaflets while sitting on her wheelchair protesting about her treatment by York Council at a public meeting. The police backed off when I called out to the police sergeant at this public meeting to arrest her officers for harassing my mother (a vulnerable person). Despite the fact there were a good 30 witnesses to this offence, the sergeant refused to uphold the law.

My mother put her life on the line in the Second World War, working in a factory in London producing parts for the war effort during the Blitz. She thought she was fighting for freedom and democracy. She joined the Labour Party aged 14, because she thought this was also what the Labour Party stood for. When, aged 80, she realised that she had been very wrong, she gave up her membership.

Cllrs Horton and Simpson-Laing are my mother’s ward councillors. I first approached them for help with my mother’s case in December 2008, after my attempts to get York Social Services to safeguard my parents were getting nowhere. They evaded my attempts to get them to see to it that York SS complied with the law.

I then approached York Inner’s Labour MP for help. He has not responded to correspondence, let alone acted. After several years of attempting him to carry out his duty of care to my mother, I wrote to him (and other North Yorkshire MPs) on 6 January 2012 (attached) and then published this letter the next day on: Hugh Bayley has not denied these public accusations of corruption. If anything I was alleging was not true, he could take action against me and the newspaper in question for defamation. He has not (which says it all) and continues to exercise his right to silence despite accusations in Parliament of serious corruption in Labour-led York Council.

The evidence suggests that Horton, Simpson-Laing, the corrupt ex-Inspector Colin Moreton and my brother Robert Hofschröer are running a racket in which they are systematically targeting isolated vulnerable people and plundering their assets. None of them are denying public accusations of this. Google: “The Abuse of Grandma B” and you will see that these allegations are all over the blogosphere and have been read by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people. These allegations are not being disputed.

A number of Labour councillors sit on North Yorkshire Police Authority. They have turned a blind eye to serious frauds committed by senior officers of North Yorkshire Police, presumably for a share of the proceeds or for other forms of mutual benefit.

The current leader of York Council is James Alexander. He has refused to act to stop the abuse and deal with the blatant corruption in his own party and his council. It does not take much to work out why.

I have also contacted Ed Miliband and Labour Party HQ asking them to intervene in this case. I have not had the courtesy of an answer, let alone action, so I am left with the impression the leadership of the Labour Party does not have a problem with its senior members committing serious criminal offences against defenceless old ladies on a wheelchair and for defrauding the taxpayer.

On the contrary, Horton has been made Lord Major of York and Simpson-Laing given the portfolio of adult abuse, sorry social services, presumably in recognition of their criminal behaviour.

However, this case is now the subject of questions in Parliament. I am presuming its national leadership does not want the world to know its York branch is running criminal rackets and will act to stop this. If it does not, then it is only a matter of time before the story hits the fan, sorry national press.

The attached threads of e-mails are examples of the documentary evidence we have of the rampant corruption in York Labour Party and the authorities it helps run in North Yorkshire.

This is serious, organised crime in which the Labour Party is playing a major role. Please tell Miliband and Winterton from me that they do not have much time left to act here, or get sucked in further than they already are and suffer the consequences.

Please let me have you comments. As I said, the attachments are examples. We have masses of evidence – a whistle-blower recently handed over 20 boxes of incriminating documents, more than we have had time to process.


29th May 2012

Dear Peter

As you see attached I have received from Rosie a reply to my email, but not to my later letter which included more info. I presume she will be in “I’m sorry I can’t help you”  mode, so I need a plan of action before I see her on the 8th. Should I forward the Tim Hicks email and its attachments? Or anything else relevant. I would like her to be on the receiving end of questions if possible. All contributions and comments thankfully anticipated.

Dear Rosie’s reply was to be expected. MPs are supposed not to “interfere” in the constituency work of other MPs, so “not my constituency” is a stock reply, particularly when dealing with a difficult situation.

Furthermore, MPs are not required to take up any cases they do not want to, so if somebody takes a problem to their MP, and he does not want to deal with it, another MP is not allowed to do so.

However, the approach I would suggest taking to try to overcome this deliberate obstruction is to inform Dear Rosie that this is a matter of PUBLIC INTEREST and you are raising the issue of corruption in York Labour Party with her in her role as Labour Chief Whip, because nobody in York Labour Party is prepared to deal with the issue. No surprise there,eh?

Please do forward here the e-mails from Tim and underline the fact that Hugh Bayley MP, Cllr James Alexander (leader York Council) and Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing (deputy leader) and not denying accusations being made in Parliament of corruptly defrauding an 83 year-old invalid of her assets. Even Dear Rosie might consider this not a nice thing to do.

You may like to point out that York Labour councillors, who are members of North Yorkshire Police Authority are not denying having committed serious criminal offences including (variously) misconduct in public office, conspiracy to defraud, fraud and false accounting.

You may like to point out this matter is now in the press, see:

York’s MP Hugh Bayley has not refuted these public allegations of corruption. Does Dear Rosie really expect Mum and I to expect him to report himself to the party leadership for corruption, when he is not responding to our correspondence for fear of incriminating himself and his accomplices in crime? Does the term “conflict of interests” not apply here and does not the Chief Whip have a role to play in party discipline?

Failing that, perhaps Dear Rosie would instead prefer to make a public statement to the effect the Labour Party does not have a problem with its MPs and councillors committing serious crime against 83 year old invalids and would she like Lord Maginnis to quote her in Parliament?


28th June 2012

Dear Peter,

My meeting with Rosie went as anticipated, i.e. she couldn’t interfere in the business of another constituency and seemed puzzled that Hugh Bayley MP had not replied to your communications. She promised to mention my visit to him and get back to me. That was 3 weeks ago… Although I had sent her some background information so that I didn’t go in “cold” – she didn’t appear to have read any of it. She asked me to describe your problems from the very beginning!! And what you hoped to achieve!!


Just in case Dear Rosie does not get to hear of this latest posting on this blog, we sent her a little e-mail suggesting she look at it. Here it is:

——– Original Message ——–

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 06:24:33 +0200
From: Peter Hofschröer
CC:, “‘BAYLEY, Hugh'”

Dear Ms Winterton,

A constituent and neighbour of yours recently approached you in your role of Labour Chief Whip and asked you to see to it that allegations of corruption in York Labour Party were investigated. You refused to do so, presumably because you do not have a problem with senior members of your party defrauding a disabled great-grandmother.

If that is not the case, can you please explain why you and the leader of the Labour Party David Miliband, both Doncaster MPS and neighbours of York, have not responded to correspondence in this regard and why you are evading dealing with this very serious matter, which has been raised in Parliament?

A history of the case is available on Grandma B’s website. Please see:

You are being accused of complicity in serious crime. If you wish to dispute that accusation, you are welcome to do so. Grandma B will happily publish your rebuttal on her blog. Should you however instead chose to exercise your right of silence, then she will take that as acknowledgement of the veracity of her allegations.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer
Carer for Barbara Hofschröer, aged 83, wheelchair-bound and victim of crime committed by the Labour Party


Right to silence again?


Well, Dear Rosie has read the e-mail. Let’s see if she surprises us all and answers it.

——– Original Message ——–

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 08:01:52 +0100
From: WINTERTON, Rosie
To: Peter Hofschröer

Well, too our surprise, after FOUR YEARS of being ignored by the Labour Party,  former life member Grandma B got an answer. Obviously, neither Miliband nor Winterton took the risk of telling lies themselves. They got one of their minions to do so on their behalf.

This is what he wrote:
——– Original Message ——–

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 12:51:12 +0100
From: <>
To: Peter Hofschröer

Dear Mr Hofschröer ,

Following on from your email to Ed Miliband on Monday 25th June, Mr Miliband’s office have asked me to look into this matter and I am now responding to you on behalf of the Labour Party.

My office have investigated the concerns you raised in your email including contacting both the local party, the labour group on York City Council and Hugh Bayley MP‒s office. I understand that Hugh’s office spoke to both the Council and North Yorkshire Police on your behalf and fed back his findings to you.

I understand your frustration at this case, but this appears to be an issue between your own family members. I would recommend that if you haven’t done so already you seek independent legal advise on this issue as this is not something that the Labour Party would be able to help you with beyond the action already taken by our elected representatives in York.

best wishes


Paul Nicholson
Regional Director

Yorkshire & The Humber Labour Party
20/22 Cheapside, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 2TF

Telephone: 01924 291 221
Facsimile: 01924 290 098

—– Forwarded by Paul Nicholson/Labour on 29/06/2012 11:28 —–

And this is our answer:
——– Original Message ——–

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:52:14 +0200
From: Peter Hofschröer
CC:, Rachel Davies,,,,,,, Abul Taher,,, PHIL.CARTER@ITN.CO.UK,,,,,, Val Swain, Eileen Fairweather,,,, ‘Editor, UK Column’,

Dear Mr Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply.

I note that nearly FOUR YEARS  have passed since I first reported this affair to the Labour Party. This case has been raised in both Parliament and the press and yours is the FIRST response Barbara Hofschröer, a victim of serious crime and abuse by York Labour Party, has had from the Labour Party, of which she had been a member since 1942.

You claim “this appears to be an issue between your own family members”. Please forgive me for saying so, but you appear to have ignored all the evidence presented in detail in Parliament, in the press and on my mother’s website.

May I suggest you take the apparently great trouble of reading this information? If there is any of it you do not understand, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will endeavour to explain it to you.

Let us start with the press report of the latest question Lord Maginnis tabled in Parliament – there are more to follow:

You have already been given this link, but nevertheless appear not to have grasped the main point, which is:

“The Hofschroer case has been on my desk for several years now. A widow in her 80s was dispossessed of her home in a way that implies collusion between certain family members and the Social Services. A son who has come to the rescue has been harried by the North Yorkshire police (that particularly dubious constabulary merits careful investigation) to the extent that he and his aged mother have been pursued through an Interpol warrant to their “refuge” in Austria.”

Here, Lord Maginnis is accusing both Labour-led York Social Services and North Yorkshire Police of corruptly defrauding a defenceless, old lady of her home. Is that an “issue between your own family members”?

I should add that the reaction of North Yorkshire Police to this was to issue an unsubstantiated threat to arrest Lord Maginnis’ advisor the fraud investigator Timothy Hicks FCA for bogus reasons. Lord Maginnis has described this as “a very serious breach of parliamentary privilege”. Is that an “issue between your own family members”?

For further instances of how your party colleagues and friends in York Labour Party have abused an harassed this little, old lady on a wheelchair for years now, please see Grandma B’s blog:

Here, you can see much of the evidence of the CRIMINAL OFFENCES committed by your party colleagues and friends against a defenceless, little, old lady on a wheelchair, a member of the Labour Party since 1942 until these criminals hounded her from it.

Your party colleague Tracey Simpson-Laing, who has the portfolio of adult social services, attempted to have my then 80 year-old mother arrested by police officers for handing out a leaflet while sitting on her wheelchair at a public meeting protesting about the abuse is has been forced to suffer by your party colleagues for over four years. Is that an “issue between your own family members”?

Your party colleagues David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing have been sent a solicitor’s letter requiring them to cease and desist from making defamatory statements about an 83 year-old invalid and her carer. Is that “an issue between your own family members”?

Your party colleagues David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing were party to an unlawful attempt to have me arrested via Interpol in our place of refuge in Austria, after your party colleagues David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing assisted in unlawfully evicting Grandma B from her own home before playing a leading role in attempting to fraudulently sell it. Presumably, they were anticipating a share of the proceeds. This led to my terrified mother being questioned by armed police. Is that an “issue between your own family members”?

Your party colleagues Hugh Bayley, David Horton JP and Tracey Simpson-Laing are refusing to deal with this case because they are implicated in the criminal offences committed and are not denying public allegations of criminal behaviour. Is that an “issue between your own family members”?

May I suggest you take the trouble of reading all the mass evidence you and your party colleagues have been provided with over the past FOUR YEARS, or serious, criminal offences being committed by York Labour Party, then come back to me with a sensible response?

To avoid further action, can you please give me a substantive response to the allegations of corruption made against York Labour Party by 5 p.m. CET, Friday, 6th July 2012?

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer
Carer for Barbara Hofschröer, victim of Labour Party crime


Well, surprise, surprise, we did not get an answer. Miliband is not denying public accusations of complicity in crime and corruption.

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