Eye-witness account:

Nigel Spackman left an annotation (10 May 2014)

Mr Robert Hofschroer was in Gutersloh in Germany today. His main aim was to take his mother Barbara back to UK and put her in a care home. His brother Peter Hofschroer is her officially appointed carer-appointed by the courts in the UK but this point was disregarded by Robert Hofschroer.

I went to the hospital where she was being “held” and where Peter Hofschroer, her official carer for a few years now, was refused admission to see his mother.

Barbara wanted to know when Peter was coming. Robert Hofschroer who I had never met was in her room. He asked her who I was. She said I was a friend of Peter’s. He then appeared to go through motions similar to experiencing a seizure and said to me “leave the room now”. As he is not an employee of the hospital I ignored him and he ran off to get a doctor. I told the doctor that there was no problem and I was having a chat with Barbara who seemed most upset that Peter wasn’t coming to see her.

Robert Hofschroer then wheeled his wheelchair bound mother out of the room at speed and into a communal room on the ward. I followed and beckoned to him to come to talk to me. He stuck his middle finger in his mouth and then gave the middle finger sign to me, becoming increasingly agitated by the minute. This is a man who appears to have mental issues. He did not react in a way normal people would.

I fear for Barbara’s mental health once she’s back in UK and under the dark influence of a man who should be locked up. Please Google Barbara Hofschroer or Grandma B and read what has happened in the continuing story of fraud and abuse against a senior citizen. It will make your jaw drop.

If you want any further information you can ask me question on here.

Nigel Spackman


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  1. This is one of the comments on the internet on this case. It is dated 23 February 2014- The German police were aware of it before they handed her over to her main abuser, Robert Hofschröer:

    NOTE: Caroline Bayford has been in communication with both Peter and his mother, she has talked to them on Skype and Barbara comes over as a very strong minded lady, even though she is ill and can only get around in a wheelchair. It saddened her when Barbara told her all she wanted to do was return home to spend the rest of her days in her home in York, with her son Peter by her side. And Caroline can confirm there is no evidence of kidnapping from what she saw. Barbara also made a point of saying ‘she would have been dead by now if it hadn’t been for her son Peter.’ But, the nice thing was, even through all this, they still have a sense of humour Barbara even came out with a couple of jokes – didn’t sound to me like she was a victim of kidnap!!!!



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