In the early hours of Tuesday 6th May 2014, a dozen or more officers of the German police broke down the doors into Grandma B’s place of refuge. She was in bed, ill, having just come out of hospital. Her carer was sitting on the bed when the police officers burst into the room.

They struck her carer so hard on the head that he was knocked to the floor. They then jumped on his back, pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him. Defenceless, they then squirted pepper-spray into his eyes at point-blank range, before carrying him out into the street in his underpants to the outrage of his neighbours.

One neighbour attempting to film the incident was attacked by the police.

Grandma B’s carer was then thrown into a police van and thence into a police cell, where he remained handcuffed for four hours. The police were fully aware that her carer suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and refused to take off the handcuffs. One officer dangled the key in front of him and laughed.

In the meantime, Grandma B was carried out of her bedroom in her nightdress and taken away. She has not been seen nor heard of since. She is now a “disappeared” person. The German police also stole her passport and holiday money.

Concerned neighbours mentioned the presence of two British ladies and some British men they thought might be police.

*** 1st UPDATE ***

Thank you to all the people who have contacted us offering support and information. We have been given the names and contact details of the German police officers who organised this criminal act. They are:

Andreas Vogel, Kriminalhauptkommissar. Tel: +49 5242 4100 2434 (direct line), Mob: +49 1577 682 6861, E-Mail:

Wilfried Wittkemper, Kriminalhauptkommissar. Tel: +49 5242 4100 2438 (direct line), E-Mail:

I’m sure they would welcome the opportunity of putting their side of the story, so please don’t hesitate to ask them!

*** UPDATE 4 August 2014 ***

A reliable source close to police HQ in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, tells us that Vogel was well aware there was no case to answer when he ordered this unlawful raid.

The pervert Wittkemper has been put on “indefinite leave” since these accusations were made about him in the public domain.

They are named and shamed in public in this radio broadcast:

They have not exercised their right of reply.


Grandma B’s carer has written to Joachim Gauck, the President of Germany, as follows and awaits an answer:

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Barbara Hofschröer, aged 85, victim of abuse and crime
Date: Wed, 07 May 2014 21:16:23 +0200
From: Peter Hofschröer <>

Dear Mr Gauck,

You have spent your life fighting injustice and state-organised crime. I am hoping there is one serious injustice and state-organised crime you can help me fight.

Two days ago, my 85 year-old mother Barbara Hofschröer, a British citizen, was kidnapped by the German police. She is now a “disappeared” person and I fear for her life.

The same German police officers who forced entry into our flat in Germany, where we took refuge six months ago, attacked me, tortured me for four hours and then released me without charging me with having committed a criminal offence. I was imprisoned without lawful reason.

In those four hours, they abducted my wheelchair-bound mother. They are refusing to tell me what they have done with her.

In 1948, my mother met and married my father Paul Hofschröer, a German prisoner of war, who later worked in the German Embassy in London.

When they retired in 1986, they moved from London to York, where they bought a house. About the same time, I started working in Germany and later in Austria.

When, in 2008, my parents became so feeble, they needed care, I moved into their house in York to look after them.

However, they had been targeted by the police and social services, who were determined to defraud them of their assets. When I got in the way, many attempts were made to arrest me. I fought back. Lord Maginnis raised our case in the British Parliament several times, openly accusing the British authorities of corruption. The government refused to act and my mother and I – by now my father had died as a result of this stress – fled to my house in Austria, where we sought refuge.

The British police pursued us through Interpol and the Austrian authorities supported them, forcing us to flee to Germany, where we expected to be given protection and support.

Instead of that, yesterday morning ten or more German police officers broke down the door of our flat, attacked me, punched me so hard I fell to the floor, then jumped on me, before handcuffing me. Pepper was sprayed into my eyes at point blank range. I was then tortured for four hours in a police cell, while my mother was kidnapped. Like my mother, I am a registered invalid and am defenceless against such brutality.

Nobody will tell me where my mother is. She is chronically ill and needs medication to keep her alive. She is not getting that medication.

If you think I am making up this story, please go to: There you will see more about the story and part of the evidence. And this is what Lord Maginnis said in the British Parliament on our case:

“The Hofschroer case has been on my desk for several years now. A widow in her 80s was dispossessed of her home in a way that implies collusion between certain family members and the Social Services. A son who has come to the rescue has been harried by the North Yorkshire police (that particularly dubious constabulary merits careful investigation) to the extent that he and his aged mother have been pursued through an Interpol warrant to their “refuge” in Austria.

“Does anyone in authority care that social services and police in North Yorkshire have conspired in the persecution of Mrs Hofschroer and her son? Are details of dismissals, forced retirements and other shady and costly measures pertaining to North Yorkshire Police available to legislators in Parliament?

For all I know, the German police may already have killed my mother. Can you please let me know what has happened to her?

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer

**** UPDATE 4 August 2014 ****

Gauck and the entire German government, including Hannelore Kraft, Minister-President of North Rhine – Westphalia, where the German police committed these serious criminal acts, all appear to be exercising their right to silence.

They do not appear to have a problem with the German police and other security agencies committing serious crime against defenceless vulnerable people on behalf of a British child rapist gang.

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  1. That is a shocking account. Is there anyone in authority in Britain or Germany who can end such corruption? Are both nations permanently lost to crime? Similar Crown criminals robbed Irish immigrant Patrick Cullinane of his home in London; with complete impunity so far. .

  2. This is outrageous. Who are these animals and why are people putting up with their violent thuggery? Mind you, if they framed LORD MAGINNIS for trying to help Grandma B in parliament they have stooped to depths previously unrecorded in history. These are very evil people with a gang-stalking mentality based upon violence, victimisation and the sheer bliss of making helpless vulnerable pensioners suffer as much as is humanly possible. The ringleaders names are well known but hide behind their misplaced power and membership to a gang – the well-known secret society whose name should never be uttered.
    These are not people – they are demons who live in an entirely different world to the rest of us.

  3. Ann Mallaby

     /  08/05/2014

    The creatures who’ve done these wicked crimes are, indeed, not human. Is that why the few humans who are in a position of authority are not acting – they’re too scared?

  4. CERS121

     /  08/05/2014

    I think I watched these people on
    I wish them both safety and help soon.

    • Thank you for your good wishes. Various matters are in hand and we will update this blog whenever we can.

  5. James MacVeigh

     /  08/05/2014

    I’ve been following this case closely for years now, and during the course of this time crime has been piled upon crime, but this latest episode shocked me to the core. What are they trying to do, kill this elderly lady? And why, so that corrupt officials can cheat her out of her house? What happened to her civil rights?

  6. Jim – You have hit the nail on the head – they want to kill her so they can cheat her out of her house. And this is being done to tens if not hundreds of thousands of defenceless, old people all across the country.

  7. Paul S Cordock (York)

     /  12/05/2014

    You should bring this to the attention of Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.

    Look him up via google, and also watch his youtube talks.

    Good luck.
    Paul S Cordock

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Brian has been contacted, but we have not had a reply. Could you remind him?

  8. Peter,
    Forvik is with you. I have asked our members to contact the individuals concerned. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

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