We have just heard from our lawyers in Germany.

It seems the German police want to press criminal charges against both Grandma B and her carer. We do not yet have any firm information as to what for, but suspect it has to with the unlawful raid by German police on her refuge in Germany on 6th May 2014, in which they kidnapped her and handed her over to her abusers.

Please see:

Both Grandma B and her carer were ill in bed when the German police broke into their flat without an arrest warrant, a search warrant or any lawful reason to be there.

Hearing the noise of a dozen or so police officers breaking down the front door and an inside door of their flat to the protests of their neighbours, Grandma B asked her carer what she should do. She was in bed ill, wearing only her nightdress.

Her carer suggested she should put on her underwear and put in her teeth so she should have at least some dignity before the police burst into her bedroom.

When they did, they attacked her carer, who, as a registered invalid, was incapable of offering any resistance.

The last Grandma B saw of her carer was when he was handcuffed on the floor in front of her and had pepper gas sprayed into his  eyes at point-blank range, before he was thrown down the stairs and carted away to a police cell. So much gas was released that Grandma B was choked.

She was then spirited off to England, when she is now being held prisoner.

So what charges are the German police going to press against Grandma B? She is 85 years old, an invalid and bed-ridden. As such she could not have raised a finger in self-defence. But knowing how strong her spirit is, she may well have spat in the faces of these German police perverts.

More news when we have it.




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