* OBSCENE! – Sonia Poulton comments on the Abuse of Grandma B on TV

The highly respected journalist Sonia Poulton recently interviewed Grandma B on  “The People’s Voice.”

Please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PER__Kx-EPs

Or: https://vimeo.com/84524221

The interview starts at 12:11, but is delayed for technical reasons and continues at 28:37.

Comments are already appearing all over the blogosphere. Do see for instance:


Here is one comment:

Just watched Sonia Poulton on TPV, an excellent 2 hours, and one of the items was this as explained on this website – https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/

Social services – including one of the lady’s sons who is SS – and police in Yorkshire have conspired to divest this elderly lady of her house and assets.

I wonder if that’s why Esther Rancid is forming the elderly helpline so that authorities can target vulnerable old people and their assets.

This is utterly evil.

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  1. We too suspect that this is what Esther Rancid is up to. With people like her around, your kids are not safe, your grandparents are not safe, no one is safe.

  2. Denise Williams

     /  09/05/2014

    Bloody rancid bitch! It’s been suspected that more children were abducted and forcibly put in care due to her Child Line “helpline” service. Get the bitch off our tv screens! Even Desmond Morris’ first wife wasn’t safe when she came on the scene, she nicked her husband!


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