Just a quick reminder for our next demo.

This will take place from 1 pm on Monday 1 December 2014 outside York Magistrates’ Court, Clifford Street, YO1 9RE.

Parking is available at Clifford Tower, opposite the court.

Andy Peacher will be there along with other friends handing out leaflets. The hearing is listed for 2 pm.

As the charges are indictable, the role of the court here is to refer the case to the Crown Court and also to decide whether to grant bail or not.

Please join us in the court to ensure the due process of law goes ahead.

For more about the court case, please see:


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  1. Kathy Danby

     /  30/11/2014

    I can’t be there, but will be thinking of you, and wish you success with the demo. Kathy Danby

  2. Janet McArthur

     /  30/11/2014

    Good luck! Lots of people interested in what happens. Janet

  3. Thanks for your good wishes.


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