How Can a Corrupt Council be a Fair Council?

Kersten England, Chief Executive of the City of York Council, is facing allegations of being involved in a conspiracy to defraud an 82 year-old, disabled great-grandmother. She is exercising her right to silence

UPDATE – 7th July 2014

Here’s an interesting link:

UPDATE – 4th November 2013

Some interesting news.

David Cameron is linked with “Common Purpose” and accidentally forgot to declare this for years. I see.

This article explains what “Common Purpose” is about:

Lord Maginnis placed Grandma B’s file on David Cameron’s desk years ago asking for action. Nothing happened.

As we know from our research, Kersten England, chief executive of the City of York Council (CYC) is a Common Purpose “graduate”. Do see the article below.

And we have also established that CYC funds Common Purpose events with taxpayers money, which may well be an unlawful use of the public purse.

We have also established that a number of senior managers of York Social Services are Common Purpose “graduates”. Do see:

Finally, we also know that Robert Hofschröer’s friend Ruth Redfern is a Common Purpose “graduate”. She has a close relationship with Kersten England.

It does look like Common Purpose is behind this abuse and crime.

The other day when Grandma B’s carer was in contact with Rev. Macnaughton, the “chief of staff” of the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, we saw thanks to an internet search that he was involved in a new organisation known as the “York Fairness Commission”. We decided to look at this matter in more detail, as it is beyond our imagination how a local authority as utterly corrupt as the City of York Council (CYC) could for a minute be in any way fair.

If you look at the article on this blog about Grandma B’s forlorn attempts to elicit the Archbishop’s help in stopping CYC and North Yorkshire Police (NYP) from continuing their campaign of harassment and abuse of her, you will see that the Good Reverend first prevaricated, then spent a month or so evading dealing with an urgent case involving an 82 year-old invalid, then broke off contact when her carer enquired if the Archbishop’s Good Wife, who runs her own executive employment agency supplying senior managers to local authorities, had a business relationship with CYC. The Good Reverend did not avail himself of the opportunity of rebutting accusations made against the Archbishop & Co Ltd on this blog. One wonders why.

Ruth Redfern, chair of York Fairness Commission, is facing allegations of being involved in a conspiracy to defraud Grandma B. She does not deny having an inappropriate relationship with the main abuser Robert Hofschröer

Anyway, we digress. During her research into the Sentamu Business Empire, Grandma B came across mention of the “York Fairness Commission”´in which the Archbishop plays a leading role. She saw that a certain Ruth Redfern was chair of this organisation. The role of the Fairness Commission is to ensure the well-being of the citizens of York and access for them. In Grandma B’s case, that would mean seeing to it that the systematic abuse of her by CYC and NYP is stopped, and that her safety is guaranteed so that she can have access again to her own home after having been unlawfully evicted two years ago by corrupt social workers and police officers.

Grandma B’s carer then wrote to Ms Redfern in that vein, seeking her help in getting fairness and access (to her own home) for this little, old lady on a wheelchair. Surprisingly, Ms Redfern did not seem that keen on seeing to it her promises were turned into reality, so Grandma B started doing a little digging around. She found out that in a previous life, Ms Redfern had been a teacher of the deaf. Snap. So had Grandma B.

Grandma B’s carer then wrote to Ms Redfern, asking her if she was acquainted with her older son, Robert Hofschröer, who runs York & District Deaf Society. As the silence was deafening, her carer wrote reminding her again, and again, and again. Still no answer.

The silence was broken when the name “Redfern” rang a bell, as Grandma B seemed to recall her older son Robert, who went to Mary Hare School for the Deaf, had a friend there by the name of Paul Redfern. She googled his name and found there was indeed a Paul Redfern, a former pupil of the very same Mary Hare School for the Deaf, who was now involved in training social workers on issues regarding the deaf community.

Grandma B’s carer then wrote to Ms Redfern, asking her if she was related to Paul Redfern, a friend of her son Robert, the main abuser. As the silence was deafening, her carer wrote reminding her again, and again, and again. Still no answer.

A simple “yes” or “no” to both questions would have sufficed to resolve this mystery.

Instead of that, we are left with the impression that the chair of Yorkshire Forward and the York Fairness Commission is neither coming forward, nor being fair, and that she has something unwholesome to hide.

As Grandma B, who had never sat in front of a computer before her 80th birthday, is getting rather adept at googling, she pressed on. Googling “Kersten England”, the chief executive of CYC, she found she is linked in with Ruth Redfern, both of whom belong to an organisation called “Common Purpose”. One wonders what that is all about.

It would appear that Dear Kersten and Dear Ruth have a good deal in common, and not just purpose.

Dear Kersten arrived on the scene a while after the abuse of Grandma B had started. Grandma B’s attempts to get the abuse stopped had been thwarted by obstructive council officials and social workers. Hoping a new chief executive would bring a breath of fresh air into Guildhall, Grandma B’s carer wrote to her in that vein, asking for a face-to-face to resolve this case then, which was now into its second year, both quickly and sensibly. Dear Kersten ignored this opportunity. Indeed, she did not have the courtesy to reply.

When Grandma B, some months later, wrote to Dear Kersten personally begging her to end this abuse, she again did not have the courtesy to reply.

In fact, Dear Kersten has not had the courtesy to reply to a single letter sent to her on this case, neither from Grandma B’s solicitor, nor from the fraud investigator working on the case.

We do know however that her minions are cc’ing her on the correspondence, so it is not a case of her getting the mushroom treatment – being kept in the dark and fed bullshit. Dear Kersten is pulling the strings from behind a curtain.

So let us now summarise the situation here:

  1. Kersten England is a member of Common Purpose.
  2. Ruth Redfern is a member of Common Purpose.
  3. Kersten England is chief executive of CYC.
  4. Ruth Redfern is chair of Yorkshire Forward, the regional development agency (main job).
  5. Ruth Redfern is chair of York Fairness Commission. This is a CYC initiative instigated by the new Labour council.
  6. Ruth Redfern is a former teacher of the deaf.
  7. Ruth Redfern is related to Paul Redfern, a social worker involved in the training of social workers in dealing with the deaf.
  8. Paul Redfern was educated at Mary Hare School for the Deaf.
  9. Robert Hofschröer, the main abuser, was educated at Mary Hare School for the Deaf and is a contemporary of Paul Redfern.

Does this explain why Dear Kersten has been protecting Dear Robert from the first day she took office?

May we remind the people mentioned here that Grandma B has a policy of allowing everybody facing the allegations she makes a right of reply?

To date, not one of them has taken advantage of this offer nor disputed any of the allegations posted on this blog. 

The bully boys from the corrupt City of York Council – in particular Ian Floyd and Andrew Docherty – did try to intimidate this 82 year-old victim of their abuse into silence with threats of litigation, but when they were reminded their threats were unlawful, they suddenly went quiet.

They all continue to exercise their right of silence, which says a lot.

Grandma B’s carer then followed up by reminding Dear Kersten and Dear Ruth of her policy of allowing a right to reply to what are very serious allegations,

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: How Can a Corrupt Council be a Fair Council?
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 15:01:37 +0200
From: Peter Hofschröer
To: ‘England, Kersten’, Ruth Redfern
CC: Richard Wilkinson,, Malcolm Macnaughton


May I draw your attention to the latest blog posted by Grandma B on her website? Please see:

May I remind you that Grandma B would welcome your input and be happy to consider publishing any comments you may wish to make here. Should she not hear from you, then she will take it as read that her accusations are not being disputed and that you are exercising your right to silence.

Looking forward to hearing from you, or maybe not.


These two officials stand accused of conspiracy to defraud, an offence for which they could get up to ten years in jail, and one they have yet to deny they have committed.

So far, they are exercising their right to silence. Says it all, eh?



The fraud investigator has recently written to the Local Government Ombudsman. Here’s a quote from his e-mail,

It has emerged that there was extensive correspondence between CYC, NYP and Robert Hofschroer to the OPG [Office of the Public Guardian] to have Peter Hofschroer’s powers of attorney revoked in favour of the abuser Robert Hofschroer.  This causes me a lot of concern, particularly as this is not mentioned in your report and York Council’s interaction with the OPG and a large quantity of documentation seems to have been withheld from your investigation by City of York Council.  If this is so, then it is a very serious matter. 

 From the timings it appears that the attempt to have Peter’s power of attorney revoked was carefully coordinated with Robert’s seizure of Mrs Hofschroer’s home on the 22nd of February 2010, to ensure that shortly thereafter, Robert Hofschroer would have control over the house and power of attorney over Barbara.  Had this happened, there is no doubt at all that Robert Hofschroer would have been entirely successful in his attempt to fraudulently sell Mrs Hofschroer’s home, leaving her stranded and homeless in Austria.

 This shows collusion between the Council, Police and Robert Hofschroer, and that York Council has withheld material facts from your investigation to conceal this.  Further, many of the documents passed to the OPG contain falsehood both from the Council, Police and from Robert Hofschroer and this is clearly an attempt to pervert the course of the OPG investigation.




It is now 12 December 2011. Tomorrow, Grandma B will be celebrating her third birthday abroad, where she has been forced to live after being unlawfully evicted from her house by the gangs of criminals known as North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council.

Both Dear Kersten and Dear Ruth continue to exercise their right to silence.

We did contact Paul Redfern, Dear Ruth’s social worker brother, asking if he was aware of the case. He did not reply.

As those accused are not denying having committed serious criminal offences against an 83 year-old invalid, Grandma B got behind her keyboard again and did some more googling. She came up with some more interesting information on Dear Ruth.

Dear Ruth was at one time a Councillor of the Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Dear Kersten was an officer of the same council at the same time.

Dear Ruth was at one time office manager for Labour MP Gerry Sutcliffe.

I wonder how well Dear Ruth knows York’s Labour MP Hugh Bayley, who, as we know is refusing to carry out his duty of care to one very vulnerable constituent of his, Grandma B. This denial of service is according to York Council’s own policy document an act of ABUSE.

And let us not forget to ask her how well Dear Ruth knows York’s Lord Mayor, the Labour councillor David Horton JP, who is a friend of both the corrupt ex-Inspector Colin Moreton, a WANTED CRIMINAL as well as the main abuser Robert Hofschröer, a WANTED CRIMINAL. Dear David, as we know is a WANTED CRIMINAL facing charges for his role in the Abuse of Grandma B.

We do know that Dear David has given advice to Dear Kersten on this case, because he pressed the “reply” button on his computer instead of the “forward” button, sending the mail in question to an unintended recipient, who kindly forwarded it to Grandma B.

And how well does Dear Ruth, a former teacher of the deaf, know Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing, the Deputy Leader of York Labour Party and councillor with the portfolio of adult social services, who is a friend of the corrupt ex-Inspector Colin Moreton, a WANTED CRIMINAL and the main abuser Robert Hofschröer, a WANTED CRIMINAL. Dear Tracey, as we know is a WANTED CRIMINAL facing charges for her role in the Abuse of Grandma B.

It is interesting that as soon as it was clear that Dear Ruth’s employer Yorkshire Forward, a government-funded quango, was being closed down, York’s new Labour council set up another pointless organisation called “York Fairness Commission”, on which the leader of York Labour Party James Alexander sits. Dear Kersten then appointed Dear Ruth as chair of this Commission, another non-job for one of the girls, eh? And another waste of taxpayers’ money.

Dear Kersten, as we know, is also a WANTED CRIMINAL.

So we have a gang of wanted criminals centred around York Labour Party, the City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police systematically plundering the assets of vulnerable people and handing out taxpayers’ money to each other willy-nilly.

Does that sound like RAMPANT CORRUPTION to you? It does to us.

Any comments from Dear Kersten, Dear Ruth, Dear Hugh, Dear David, Dear Tracey or any other of the criminals mentioned here?

Or is it still Right to Silence?

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     /  26/10/2011
  2. Excellent digging Grandma B, you put may others half your age to shame. Talking of shame, the corruption of these public servants is clearly endemic in Britain and yes many suspect Common Purpose to be fundamental to this growing problem.

    Common purpose like to brag that they ‘act beyond their authority’. In any system of law that is a criminal act called misconduct in public office.

  3. Thanks for your replies.

    Your goodselves and others have mentioned “Common Purpose” in previous posts and communications, alerting me to what may be behind this case.

    Now some convincing, if not concrete evidence of this has turned up, so I published it.

  4. A corrupt council can never be a fair council the two are like chalk and cheese they just don’t mix and I might add they never will most people who join common purpose do so for one reason only they are practically unemployable and by joining common purpose they might get a chance at promotion common purpose work on one simple solution you vote for me and I vote for you which means to the common public we are served by incompetents over ambitious under talented opportunist bill

  5. primrose hill

     /  07/01/2012

    Gonna try and spread this around if that is okay with you- Good luck with all you do

    • Please tell the world.

      And if you want us to post your story, we’ll happily give you a page – we just need the documentary evidence supporting your story (which we will not publish without your permission).

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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