A friend of Grandma B has just posted this on the “WhatDoTheyKnow” website.

From: Paul Saunderson

4 June 2014

Dear City of York Council,

Barbara Hofschröer is normally resident in York.

She is 85 years old, disabled and the victim of such horrific abuse that Lord Maginnis of Drumglass has felt compelled to raise the case in Parliament on several occasions. He has openly accused York Council of colluding with North Yorkshire Police and family members to defraud Barbara of her assets. None of the accused are denying this, which under English Common Law amounts to a tacit admission of guilt.

(Please see: http://www.epolitix.com/latestnews/artic… and: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=…)

Shortly after participating in TV and radio interviews in which she accused the authorities of corruption, German police raided her refuge there.

(Please see: https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/1-ne…
and: https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/1-ne…)

Eyewitnesses identified Robert Hofschröer, her older son and main abuser as being present, accompanied by other people who were clearly British and suspected to be social workers, presumably from the City of York Council.

This police raid took place on 6 May 2014. On 8 May 2014, friends of Barbara Hofschröer established she was being held in a mental hospital in Germany against her will.

Her younger son Peter Hofschröer, her legal guardian, went to the hospital to rescue her, but was denied access. He saw Robert Hofschröer present in the hospital in the company of two British women, presumably social workers.

The next day, a friend of Barbara’s visited her and expressed his grave concerns as to her well-being, commenting that,

“I fear for Barbara’s mental health once she’s back in UK and under the dark influence of a man who should be locked up.”

Please see: http://wp.me/P1Nj7d-3jX

Later that day, Barbara was sedated and taken to Schipol in Amsterdam, where she was flown back to the UK against her wishes and despite that fact she was not fit to travel. She has now been located in York.

Barbara’s lawyers have not been able to obtain sight of any legal documentation allowing Barbara Hofschröer to be seized and abducted in this fashion. Presumably, this act was unlawful.

Robert Hofschröer is the administrator of York & District Deaf Society, which is based in York Council premises and is funded by York Council. Robert Hofschröer is known to have a close relationship with York Social Services to whom he supplies specialist support.

Can you please provide sight of the following information on this latest incident in what the press has described as the “institutional harassment” of Barbara Hofschröer and her carer:

1) The names of the social workers who accompanied Robert Hofschröer to Gütersloh in Germany to assist Robert Hofschröer to abduct his mother unlawfully.

2) Copies of the invoices for the travel expenses.

3) The file covering this incident, including all records of correspondence between the City of York Council, the German police and Robert Hofschröer, recordings of any phone conversations, all file notes, internal memoranda and any associated records and documents.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Saunderson


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  1. CYC is denying that their social workers were present. However, an informed source tells us this would be obligatory in the circumstances, so Cath Murray of CYC has LIED yet again.


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