York Council commits further Criminal Offences against Grandma B

Earlier this week, the fraud investigator dealing with the rampant corruption in the Rotten Borough of York wrote to Andrew Docherty, one of the criminals defrauding the taxpayers of York by claiming to work as a public servant on their behalf. He is styled, “Head of Civic, Democratic & Legal Services – Assistant Director Governance and ICT”, which is York Council-speak for “granny-abusing pervert”.

This criminal is one of a gang systematically defrauding defenceless, vulnerable people. This gang includes police officers, social workers, politicians and low-lives like that.

Dear Andy, as can be seen from other pages on this blog, is a sick bully boy, who threatens little, old ladies on a wheelchair if they dare to complain about being victims of criminal offences committed by his pals. No wonder York Council gave him a job, eh?

Steve Read is a pervert-in-blue, who on retirement got a job running the laughably named Professional Standards Department of the gang of criminals known as North Yorkshire Police. Once a criminal, always a criminal, eh? And how could anybody expect any organisation run by an active criminal like Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell to be in any way “professional”?

Dear Steve was one of a gang of criminals that fabricated a kidnapping allegation against Grandma B’s carer in an attempt to stop him exposing their corrupt activities.

Other members of this gang include sick perverts and active criminals like David Horton JP, the Lord Mayor of York and Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing, who, being an active granny-abuser, obviously has the portfolio of adult social services in the Rotten Borough of York. That is just one example of how the sick, twisted minds of York councillors work.

I’m sorry to tell these people the “glory days” are coming to an end. It looks like they are not going to be able to carry on plundering the assets of the vulnerable for much longer and with a bit of luck will all soon end up where they belong – JAIL.

Anyway, here is the e-mail:

——– Original Message ——–


Mrs Barbara Hofschroer


Thu, 3 Nov 2011 15:02:41 +0100


Fraud Investigator


‘Docherty, Andrew’ <andrew.docherty@york.gov.uk>



Dear Mr Docherty,

I am writing on behalf of Mrs Barbara Hofschroer and her Attorney Mr Peter Hofschroer.

As a result of correspondence obtained from the Office of the Public Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act and information obtained from the Austrian State Police under the equivalent Austrian legislation, it has become apparent that:

1.        Mr Steve Read, Councillor Horton, Councillor Simpson-Laing and their colleague Mr Robert Hofschroer have made coordinated allegations of crime, abuse and neglect of Barbara Hofschroer by her carer Peter Hofschroer to the North Yorkshire Police, which resulted in Mr Steve Read of North Yorkshire Police unlawfully initiating an international kidnapping investigation through the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and Interpol.  This in turn resulted in Mrs Hofschroer being separated from her carer and questioned about allegations of kidnapping, abuse and neglect by armed Austrian Police.  Clearly these were deeply offensive and serious allegations to make which could have resulted in the arrest of Mrs Hofschröer’s carer, leaving Mrs Hofschroer alone and without care.   They have caused grave alarm and distress to Mrs Hofschroer and her carer Peter Hofschroer.

2.       City of York Council, Inspector Moreton and your colleague Mr Robert Hofschroer made carefully coordinated complaints of abuse and neglect to the Office of the Public Guardian and succeeded in convincing them to initiate an investigation into allegations of abuse and crime by against Mrs Barbara Hofschroer by Mr Peter Hofschroer.  This was concealed from the Local Government Ombudsman’s investigation by City of York Council.  Again these were deeply offensive and serious allegations to make and they have caused grave alarm and distress to Mrs Hofschroer and her carer Peter Hofschroer.

I can confirm that the Austrian State Police investigation and the evidence of Mrs Hofschröer’s Doctor confirmed that the allegations made via Interpol were completely without foundation and the criminal investigation initiated into these allegations has been closed, on the basis that your allegations were false.

I can additionally confirm that following the submission of an affidavit from Mrs Hofschroer that she is well looked after by Peter and happy in his care, and evidence supporting her affidavit from North Yorkshire Police, the Austrian State Police and Mrs Hofschröer’s Doctor to the Office of the Public Guardian, that the office of the Public Guardian has also closed its investigation into the allegations made by your colleague Robert Hofschroer, City of York Council and Inspector Moreton.

In addition, Ms Cath Murray, Councillor Simpson-Laing and Councillor Horton have e mailed me directly and via yourself making the most offensive allegations against myself, Mrs Hofschroer and Mr Peter Hofschroer of abuse and crime, which have also all transpired to be false and malicious.

Despite the fact that Peter Hofschroer has been cleared of any wrongdoing and the allegations City of York Council, Ms Murray, Councillor Horton and Councillor Simpson-Laing made have all been shown to be false, Peter and Barbara Hofschroer are deeply upset by these allegations and have asked me to contact you on their behalf. Please can you confirm that City of York Council, ms Murray, Councillor Simpson-Laing and Councillor Horton will stop making these offensive false allegations about Peter Hofschroer.


Yep, time for the usual offer:

If any persons named here wish to dispute any of the allegations made against them, Grandma B will happily publish their rebuttal. Failure to dispute these allegations will be regarded as acceptance of their veracity.

Okay, we know. Right to silence.

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     /  04/11/2011

    Maybe grandma B will speak on a video that you could post?

    • She has already been interviewed for one TV programme, but we are not sure when it is likely to be broadcast.

      With the impending Parliamentary Question, it is likely that she will be interviewed by other TV programmes.

      If you have somebody else in mind and willing, this can probably be arranged.

  1. GRANDMA B UPDATE 11 MARCH 13 | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being interfered with – pls check the archives on the right for relavent past article

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