On Friday 1 November 2014, Freedom Talk Radio broadcast its third interview on the case of the Abuse of Grandma B. The subject this time was the role of the City of York Council in this abuse and crime.

Andy Peacher of Freedom Talk Radio did invite Kersten England, the chief executive of York Council, to take part. To make life easy for her, he was kind enough to send her a list of questions in advance (please see here: https://grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/1-new-items/freedom-talk-radio-invites-york-council-to-answer-questions/).

She did not have the courtesy to reply.

Just in case Dear Kersten had forgotten to reply to him, Andy sent her several reminders.

All he got for his trouble was a stony silence.

York Council has been the subject of very serious allegations made in Parliament, the press and elsewhere of being party to defrauding Grandma B of her assets and of undertaking a campaign of harassment and persecution of her and her carer.

Dear Kersten has been given numerous opportunities to deny these allegations. She has not. Her silence says it all.

For the podcast of the interview, please go to:


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