Every Chief Officer of North York Police facing Criminal Charges

The fraud investigator has just sent this e-mail to Jane Kenyon, the corrupt chair of the corrupt North Yorkshire Police Authority that allows North Yorkshire Police to flout the law…

Dear County Councillor Kenyon,

Further to my e mails of the 1st, 9th, 22nd and 24th of November 2011 to Chief Constable Maxwell which you have seen, I am writing to you in your capacity as Chairman of the North Yorkshire Police Authority concerning the latest developments in the Hofschroer joint CYC/NYP safeguarding investigation, which you are familiar with.

Briefly new evidence has emerged from the Office of the Public Guardian which proves irrefutably that Inspector Colin Moreton acting in joint enterprise with Mr Robert Hofschroer organised and led the criminal fraud against Mrs Barbara Hofschroer in which she was defrauded of her home and possessions and made homeless.  It is further alleged that others within North Yorkshire Police and your Police Authority corruptly assisted in and acquiesced to the UK fraud and a similar fraud in Austria, to protect Inspector Moreton from arrest as follows:

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell

As you are aware, a central issue in this case is a harassment warning concocted by Inspector Moreton for sending offensive e mails to Mr Mark Bednarski, which was used to intimidate Peter Hofschroer into staying in Austria, so that his mother’s home could be seized.  It was then submitted in evidence to an Austrian Civil Court to portray Peter Hofschroer as a criminal and justify the fraudulent transfer of his home in Austria to Robert Hofschröer’s associates.

Approximately thirty requests have been sent to the Chief Constable and his officers to see these alleged e mails and they have all been ignored.  It is alleged that this is because the e mails do not exist and the Chief Constable is refusing to admit this in order to protect Inspector Moreton from arrest for, harassment and conspiracy to defraud.  I therefore request the arrest of Chief Constable Maxwell for attempting to pervert the course of justice and misuse of public office.

Given that I cannot obtain this confirmation from the Chief Constable or any other officer of North Yorkshire Police, please can you also confirm that which is blatantly obvious, which is that the e mails are concocted and do not exist, or provide them.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick

Further to my e mail of the 24th of November I request the arrest of Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick for attempting to pervert the course of justice and misuse of public office.

Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross

Further to my e mails above I request the arrest of Assistant Chief Constable Cross for attempting to pervert the course of justice and misuse of public office.

Mr Steve Read

Mr Steve Read is a civilian employed as the head of the Professional Standards Department of North Yorkshire Police who abused his position to request the arrest of Peter Hofschroer on the basis of false allegations of kidnapping and making offensive telephone calls that he concocted in conjunction with Robert Hofschroer.

Investigation by the Austrian State Police and subsequent correspondence with ACC Cross confirmed that all the allegations made in the arrest request by Mr Read were false.  It is alleged that the request was made to prevent any more parliamentary enquiries from Lord Maginnis, and to remove Peter Hofschroer so he would be unable to oppose the sale of his mother’s house in the UK and to pervert the course of civil proceedings in Austria by preventing Peter Hofschroer from giving evidence.  Thus assisting Robert Hofschroer in successfully conducting a 500,000 Euro international property fraud against a defenceless old age pensioner and her carer.

As you can see from the attached correspondence, I am also concerned that your force also had Peter Hofschroer put under surveillance by GCHQ on the basis that he was the subject of an allegation of international kidnapping.  I have asked for confirmation of this, but no one will respond to my enquiries and I can only conclude that he was indeed put on the GCHQ watch list by your force as part of a cover-up into an international criminal fraud committed by a police officer.  Clearly this was a very grave abuse of authority.

I would request the arrest of Mr Read for attempting to pervert the course of justice and misuse of public office.

Mr Stuart Pudney and Mr Jeremy Holderness

Please find attached e mail correspondence between myself and your colleagues Mr Jeremy Holderness and Mr Stuart Pudney which was ignored to protect corrupt police officers from arrest.  I would be grateful if you would organise an internal corruption investigation into Mr Pudney and Mr Holderness with the intention of having them arrested and charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misuse of public office.

There have now been seven separate independent investigations into this case and all of them have criticised the way that your force and/or York Council have handled it in one way or another.  Lord Maginnis, myself, IPCC Commissioner Long and the Local Government Ombudsman have all called for the case to be completely re-opened and completely re-investigated impartially, which Chief Constable Maxwell is refusing to do.  I consider it is obvious, that the reason Chief Constable Maxwell is refusing to request an impartial investigation, is because he fears it would severely censure him and lead to the arrest of police officers for offences of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, misuse of public office, harassment and conspiracy to pervert the course of  justice.

You will no doubt be aware that on two occasions recently Lord Maginnis has raised parliamentary questions in the House of Lords concerning the way Mrs Hofschroer has been treated.  He is continuing to press Lord Henley for an independent investigation and I understand the Home Secretary and Prime Minister have also been informed of his concerns.  This case is now the worst case of Police corruption in the history of the British police service and involves every Chief Police Officer in the force and the head of the Professional Standards Department, all of whom are the subject of allegations of serious criminal offences.  It can only be successfully investigated by another force and I would therefore request that you ask for an external investigation by Scotland Yard, in accordance with normal established British Police practice and the policy of your police authority.

I thank you for your consideration of my request.  If you require any further information, or if you require me to come to Yorkshire and brief you on the case, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Well,  Dear Jane, when are you to going to see to it that mass arrests of your good friends and business associates take place?



The Fraud Investigator has just sent this e-mail to Cllr Jane Kenyon reminding her either to reply or acknowledge she is exercising her right to silence. We don’t expect her even to acknowledge the fact she is exercising her right to silence. After all, anything she does or doesn’t say will incriminate her even further….

——– Original Message ——–


RE: Corruption within North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Police Authority


Fri, 2 Dec 2011 06:35:28 +0100


Fraud Investigator



Dear County Councillor Kenyon,

Further to my e mail to Chief Constable Maxwell today, please can I have a response to my e mail below.  If you need more time to respond then an acknowledgement will be fine.

If it is your intention not to respond, please can you confirm this.

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