Grandma B will be 85 on 13 December 2013. We know, it is a Friday, so we won’t be going out, especially as it is the 13th year of the century.

By then, we will have moved into and settled into a flat we are renting. As we are living anonymously and under the protection of the local police, we cannot give you an address to send any cards.

Anybody wishing to send greetings are requested to contact her blog. All messages are moderated before they are posted, so if you don’t want your message posted, please say so. She will, in any case, read it and be most grateful for your support.

Her 80th birthday party was the last one she had at home. Her husband was still with her, but succumbed to the torment of his abusers a few days later, who turned up at his last Christmas dinner and breached the peace outside his house to terrorise him. Obviously the perverts-in-blue of Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force refused to arrest these criminals.

Before the year ended, Grandma B had to flee her home and country for her life and liberty. The case of Wanda Maddox shows how right she was. Her abusers finally caught up with her in Austria, her first place of refuge, forcing her to seek a new refuge in another country.

There, she is under police protection – from the British police and Austrian judiciary. Both organisations are now in effect recognised as criminal gangs there.

Lawyers there are looking at the viability of civil claims against the British and Austrian governments.

Will Grandma B be home for her 86th? Let’s hope so.

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  1. Ann Mallaby

     /  13/12/2013

    Happy 85th Birthday, Grandma B! I hope you won’t still be in exile when you receive your telegram from King William on your 100th.


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