Questions to Chief Constable David Jones

Earlier today, Andy Peacher of Freedom Talk Radio contacted the chief constable of North Yorkshire Police to invite him to participate in Saturday’s forthcoming radio broadcast and to ask him to respond to the list of questions below:

1) In August 2008, Peter Hofschröer reported a serious criminal offence – fraud undertaken against his elderly parents. PC Graham Cooper refused to carry out the law by recording and investigating this serious crime. He stated that fraud is a “civil” matter. As you know, it is a criminal matter. Can you please explain why PC Cooper made this false claim?

2) In the following months, Robert Hofschröer and his family undertook a sustained campaign of harassment of two vulnerable people, Paul Hofschröer, aged 87 and his wife Barbara, then aged 80. Their carer Peter Hofschröer reported these offences to Inspector Colin Moreton on numerous occasions. He refused to record or investigate any of these crimes, although, by law he was obliged to do so. Can you please explain why?

3) On Christmas Day 2008, Robert Hofschröer and his family caused a breach of the peace outside Paul and Barbara’s house. Peter called the police. The 999 operator commented on the noise Robert and his family were causing. The police officers attending refused to arrest them. They later stated they had interviewed neighbours, who claimed Peter had caused the breach of the peace. The neighbours have denied this. Can you please explain why you have refused to release the recording of the 999 call, which would have settled the conflict in evidence here?

4) Police evidence states that Robert and his family shouted insults at and made threats to Barbara and Peter in their house the morning Paul died. Instead of arresting them, your officers assaulted Peter and threatened to arrest him, although he had not committed any offence. Can you please explain why?

5) On the morning of 7 January 2009, Peter went to the Registrars Office to register Paul’s death. Robert arrived and assaulted him. The Registrar called the police. PC Jonathan Mansell refused to arrest him. Can you please explain why?

6) In September 2009, Inspector Moreton and PC Cooper attended a safeguarding conference and withheld all evidence of the crimes committed against Barbara. Can you please explain why?

7) In October 2009, PC Cooper threatened to arrest Barbara, who was in her wheelchair handing out a leaflet at a public meeting. The reason PC Cooper gave was that he considered the leaflet to be “defamatory”. Defamation is a civil matter and nothing to do with the police. The senior police officer attending refused to arrest PC Cooper for harassment. Can you please explain why?

8) In December 2009, Peter took Barbara to Austria for a Christmas holiday. Police officers acting under Moreton’s instructions questioned neighbours as to their whereabouts. As no crime had been committed and there was not any suspicion of a crime having been committed, their whereabouts was not a police matter. Can you please explain why your officers were involved in this matter?

9) A few days later, Robert and Martin Hofschröer broke into Barbara’s house and were seen removing her and Peter’s belongings. Concerned neighbours called the police. The officers attending refused to arrest Robert and Martin. Can you please explain why?

10) In December 2010, your officers attempted to get Peter arrested in Austria for “abducting” his mother and holding her incommunicado. The Austrian police investigated and established the allegation was without foundation. Your officers later conceded that there was no crime reported, no crime recorded, no witness statements taken and no evidence to support these false allegations. Can you please explain why a civilian employee of your force, Mr Stephen Read was allowed to request the participation of Special Branch, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, New Scotland Yard, Interpol and the Austrian police in an obviously bogus allegation?

11) On 31 January 2011, Robert Hofschröer reported a “burglary” at Barbara’s house in which Peter’s computers were stolen. The police investigated, but refused to release their report to Barbara, which is unlawful. Peter then had the “burglary” investigated and established that it had been feigned by Robert to cover his and Martin’s theft of Barbara and Peter’s belongings. Why have you refused to release the police report and why have you not arrested Robert?

12) In May 2011, Lord Maginnis, speaking in Parliament, openly accused your force of collusion with the City of York Council in attempting to corruptly defraud Barbara of her assets. He also called for an investigation into what he described as a “dubious constabulary”. You have not responded to these very serious allegations. If you are disputing these allegations, then why do you not let such an enquiry go ahead to clear your name?

13) In December 2013, Barbara and Peter were interviewed on television. They accused your force of serious corruption. You were offered a right of reply. Why did you not take it up?

14) Around that time, North Yorkshire Police claimed they had found 6969 images of the worst level of child pornography on his computer in York four years after Peter last had access to it and three years after his brother Robert had stolen it. Correspondence from DI David Ellis was entered in court in Austria in 2011 in which he stated the police had no cause to suspect there were any incriminating materials on Peter’s computer. Can you explain how over two years later, these 6969 images suddenly appeared on Peter’s computer without him having accessed it?

15) On 6 May 2014, a criminal gang acting under the direction of Robert Hofschröer abducted Barbara from her home in Germany and brought her back to England. Robert then had Barbara’s pension payments diverted into an account he controls, then emptied it out. Peter reported both of these very serious criminal offences to you in person. Can you please explain why you have done nothing here?

Will Chief Constable David Jones surprise us all by participating in the democratic process, being transparent and answering these questions?

To find out, join us for Part 2, Saturday 4th October 2014 at 5 pm UK time.

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