On Tuesday 1st April 2014, Awake Radio broadcast an interview with Grandma B and her carer in which they made serious accusations of collusion between North Yorkshire Police and the Austrian judiciary in a major international fraud.

Prior to this interview being broadcast, the following had been contacted to ask if they wished to participate, comment on or refute the allegations made:

  • North Yorkshire Police
  • North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner
  • City of York Council
  • York Social Services
  • Heinz Fischer, President of Austria
  • Austrian Ministry of Justice
  • Austrian State Prosecutor

Not one of them replied to this request and thus did not dispute the veracity of the allegations.

Two days after the interview was broadcast, officers of the Austrian CID broke into Grandma B’s refuge, stole items of her belongings and planted “evidence” in an attempt to discredit her carer.

This is clearly a corrupt act.

Documents a third party forwarded to us show that North Yorkshire Police has yet again fabricated false allegations against her carer by claiming they found child pornography on his computers in York in November 2013.

That is rather strange, as Grandma B and her carer went to Austria and the end of 2009 and were unlawfully evicted from their house before they could return. They have not managed to get back home since.

We know that York social worker Robert Hofschröer stole his brother’s computers, accessed the data, downloaded it and then, when he realised Grandma B was about to regain control of her house, returned them, feigning a burglary to explain the other missing items he stole. See: This was in 2011.

Suddenly and without explanation, three years later, Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force noticed there were thousands of images on this computer. This coincides with accusations of collusion and corruption being made against North Yorkshire Police and the Austrian judiciary on TV and on the radio. What a coincidence!

North Yorkshire Police then informed the Austrian police, who took this allegation seriously, when the previous two occasions North Yorkshire Police had made allegations that Grandma B’s carer had committed serious criminal offences turned out to be bogus.

Maybe the Austrian police thought it would be a case of “third time lucky”. To be sure that it was, they brought an envelope containing 11 photographs of naked under-aged girls with them, which they could then “find” in Grandma B’s house.

Grandma B’s carer writes history books. He has a massive library and archive filling several rooms in his house in Austria. In a matter of minutes, among the 5,000 tomes of historical works, the many filing cabinets containing thousands of documents from historical archives, the hundreds of photographic images and the racks of CDs, the Austrian detectives found one small envelope containing 11 photographs. What an amazing piece of detective work!

These miracle-performers were:

Tanja Mannsbart, Daniele Garofalo and Johann Tafner.

Should anybody wish to contact them to express their admiration of their skills, their e-mail addresses are as follows:,,

They were accompanied by an expert of the recovery (and fabrication?) of deleted digital files by the name of Dr Franz Fotr. Dr Fotr specialises in child pornography and runs a youth club.

We have seen evidence that he stole a number of Grandma B’s possessions from her refuge in Austria.

What sort of sick person would do that to an 85 year old invalid?

In case you want to ask him, his e-mail addresses are:,

We have contacted both North Yorkshire Police and the Austrian Police to ask if they wish to respond to this article. In the unlikely event we hear from them, we will post their replies.

 *** UPDATE 6th April 2014 ***

We just came across this most interesting e-mail (below) among the mass of evidence we have accumulated over the years. It was in the file of documents deposited by Martin Hofschröer’s lawyers in a court in Austria.

It is from DI David Ellis of the North Yorkshire Perverts-in-Blue to their accomplice-in-crime York social worker Robert Hofschröer.

It refers to Grandma B’s carer’s computers.

On 22 February 2010 Robert Hofschröer and his son Martin forced entry to Grandma B’s house in York, changed the locks, unlawfully evicted her and stole items of her and her carer’s belongings, including his PCs.

On 26 August 2010, her carer’s e-mail accounts were hacked, indicating that somebody with sufficient knowledge of IT had worked out his password. This may well have been police officers or council officials, as Robert does not have the wherewithal to have done this himself. In any case, North Yorkshire Police refused to investigate this crime. No surprise there.

Robert then sent parts of his brother’s data to third parties for various reasons and we have seen copies of some of this material.

In view of the fact that both North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council would be keen to know what evidence Grandma B’s carer had on their criminal activities, there can be little doubt this data was examined with the digital equivalent of a fine toothed comb.

As the police were keen to arrest Peter for whatever reason they could think of, had there been incriminating evidence on his PCs in 2010, rest assured he would have been arrested. He was not.

On 31 January 2011, Robert reported there had been a burglary at Grandma B’s house and the computers had been stolen.

Then on 1 February 2011, DI Ellis sent the following e-mail to Robert:

To Robert Hofschroer
From: Ellis, David (
Sent: 01 February 2011 10:20:02
To: Robert Hofschroer (

Dear Mr Hofschroer,

Although I did enquire of you as to any computers at 74 Rosedale Avenue, at this time there is no reason for us to seize or examine them. As such please make your own arrangements to secure them and any other valuables from your mother’s house.

Yours sincerely

David Ellis
Detective Inspector
Intelligence Hub Harrogate

Telephone -Internal ext 3396 (temp)
Telephone -External 01423 539396 (temp)

So the day after Robert reported the computers stolen, he was discussing with the police as to what he should be doing with them. He obviously lied about the burglary and the police knew that. Did they arrest him for wasting police time? I know, silly question.

It is also clear that the police were asking him to tell them if there were any computers in Grandma B’s house, but had “no reason … to seize and examine them”.

So at that point, they had no indication that, as the Austrian State Prosecutor is currently claiming, Grandma B’s carer had downloaded 6,969 images and videos of the worst level of child pornography onto the computers he left behind in York in December 2009, to which he has had no access since, which were apparently stolen on or before 31 January 2011.

This bizarre story takes a further twist, as on 6 July 2011, Grandma B’s supporters regained control of her house and established the computers Robert had reported stolen were still there, but had obviously been moved around, indicating they had been taken from Grandma B’s house and returned later.

We also know that the data had been downloaded on or after 26 August 2010. No child pornography had been found at that time and it is clear that there could not have been any such images on Peter’s computers when he left them in York in December 2009.

Then at a court hearing in Austria on 10 June 2011, Martin Hofschröer’s lawyers placed DI Ellis’ e-mail of 1 February 2011 on the record.

The Austrian judiciary knew at that point that North Yorkshire Police had no evidence that Peter had anything incriminating on his computers, let alone “6,969 images and videos of the worst level of child pornography.”

Nevertheless, THREE YEARS LATER, on 18 March 2014, the Austrian State Prosecutor requested a Search Warrant from the Austrian judiciary to search Peter’s house in Austria as North Yorkshire Police had found these images on his computer. Interpol Manchester had requested the Austrian police to conduct this search on 18 November 2013, four years since Peter had last had access to his computers in York.

The Austrian judiciary clearly knew this was a false allegation before it issued the Search Warrant. This was yet another criminal offence committed by the Austrian judiciary against Grandma B and her carer.

Grandma B started work in 1942, aged 14, in a factory making electrical parts for Spitfires to fight Hitler. Seventy years later, she is now fighting Hitler’s successors in the Austrian police and judiciary. She helped beat Hitler. She is determined to play her part in beating his successors.

 *** UPDATE – 18 April 2014 ***

Well, what a surprise.

After having spent many man-days examining the data on a disabled great-grandmother’s mobile and camera, as well a dead man’s PC, Dr Paedophile Fotr, the Austrian court-accredited expert witness found no incriminating evidence whatsoever on the materials he stole from Grandma B’s house. Let’s hope he does the decent thing and returns them!

However, the Keystone Gestapo did not let the latest failed attempt put them off. After all, they have a reputation for getting their man, no matter what.

Lo and behold!

A second search of the said house found items missed in the first thorough search conducted by professionals, who located an envelope in minutes, namely a collection of historic weapons. Surprising that, considering Grandma B’s carer is a well-known historian. How did they manage not to notice the Brown Bess hanging up on the wall the first time?

The muzzle-loading 18th century firearms in his collection have now been removed and are being kept in a safe place, along with the accompanying bag of flints. Heaven knows what he might have done with them. After all, there was a story in the papers only yesterday about a criminal gang dressed in Napoleonic uniforms, who tried to rob a bank. They gave up when their weapons all misfired. A flash in the pan and nothing else! But who knows, they might have tried again, after putting in a new flint!

And then this time they of course found a number of suspicious looking videos. Presumably more items from Dr Paedophile Fotr’s collection.

We can only wonder how all this incriminating evidence was missed the first time by the people who found one tiny little envelope in minutes the first time.

Does anybody need three guesses here?



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