Open Letter to Hugh Bayley MP

Dear Mr Bayley,

I am forwarding you the e-mail recently sent by the fraud investigator working on Grandma B’s case to the chief constable of North Yorkshire Police, Grahame Maxwell.

This e-mail outlines the evidence showing that corrupt police officers, corrupt social workers and corrupt officials are running a racket in which isolated vulnerable people are being systematically targeted and having their assets plundered.

You have also seen the evidence showing the involvement of your party colleagues the Lord Mayor of York David Horton JP and the Deputy Leader of York Labour Party Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing in this conspiracy to defraud my mother.

For the past THREE YEARS, you have been kept fully briefed of developments in this affair, seen the overwhelming evidence of a serious fraud carried out by leading members of York Labour Party, the City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police, yet done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this.

One wonders why.

Could it be you are involved in the racket going on here?

Grandma B has posted this correspondence on her blog. Please see:

You are now being publicly accused of complicity in serious crimes.

If you wish to deny this, please do not hesitate to send Grandma B a statement to that effect and she will publish it on her blog.

If you fail to deny this serious accusation, then it will be taken as read that it is true.

Your call.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hofschröer – Carer for Barbara Hofschröer, aged 82, wheelchair-bound, victim of police crime and social worker abuse

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: RE: RE: Hofschroer case. Inspector Moreton fraud and corruption investigation (Crime Number 12110014573) (Interpol Reference 4C/4326686/10) (BMeiA-GB.4.30.13/0011-IV.1/2011) (OPG Reference 2250548)
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 19:19:45 +0100
From: Fraud Investigator
To: ‘Drew, Annie’ <>

Dear Chief Constable Maxwell,


I acknowledge receipt of the letter dated 14th of November 2011 from your subordinate Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick written on your behalf.


Essentially in this case it is alleged that a) Mr Robert Hofschroer who is a social worker in City of York Council (CYC), another Social Worker in York Council – Mr Mark Bednarski – and a corrupt police officer – Inspector Colin Moreton – of your force acting in a joint criminal operation organised an International criminal property fraud against his mother Mrs Barbara Hofschroer and her other son and carer Peter Hofschroer in which they were defrauded of their homes in York and Austria worth about 500,000 Euros.  It is further alleged that b) when I exposed what is a blatant fraud by abuse of position, officers of York Council and North Yorkshire Police closed ranks behind both social workers and Inspector Moreton, and initiated a high level cover-up to protect them from arrest and imprisonment.

The start of this fraud occurred when Robert Hofschroer and his children Martin and Diane Hofschroer persuaded Barbara, husband Paul and brother Peter Hofschroer to sign over their houses to them (total value approximately 500,000 Euros) while they were caring for them, in return for promises of providing care in their old age.  However, as soon as Paul and Barbara Hofschröer’s health failed, -having deceived them into transferring legal ownership of their homes- Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer abandoned them and made aggressive demands for their savings, necessitating the return of their son Peter from Austria to protect them and look after them.  I attach evidence from your Constables Farrington, Brocken and Crossan that Peter Hofschroer is a good carer, and also of the abuse and harassment that Mrs Hofschroer suffered from Robert Diane and Martin Hofschroer on the day her husband Paul died, which was typical of the treatment they both received before Peter Hofschroer took over their care from them.

Peter reported the abuse to the Police and Council under the joint NYP and CYC safeguarding policy.  However, CYC would not take action against their own Social Workers and Inspector Moreton contravened your force policy to take over the investigation, even though he is not a member of the specialist force protecting vulnerable persons unit which handles safeguarding investigations.  Inspector Moreton then withheld the attached police evidence, the evidence of Peter and Barbara Hofschroer and other evidence of abuse and crime from the joint CYC/NYP investigation to ensure it would clear Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer of all charges of fraud, harassment and abuse.

When Mrs Hofschroer was taken ill while on holiday with Peter in Austria, necessitating an extension of her stay while she recovered, this presented Inspector Moreton and Robert Hofschroer with a perfect opportunity to seize the house and sell it fraudulently while she was ill abroad, which they took full advantage of.  Inspector Moreton issued bogus harassment warnings from PC Hewitt and PC Homburg threatening to arrest Peter Hofschroer on his return to the UK for harassing Robert Hofschroer and Mark Bednarski, to intimidate him into remaining in Austria.  He then had police officers make enquiries on behalf of Robert Hofschroer to confirm her house was empty and once they ascertained this, Robert Hofschroer entered the house, changed the locks – thus making Mrs Hofschroer and her son Peter homeless – and started clearing the house of their property and although this is an offence of theft, when called by neighbours police officers under the orders of Inspector Moreton just stood by and watched while they did this.  Subsequently Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschroer contravened the transfer agreement and tried to sell the house, this being an offence of fraud within the meaning of the Fraud Act 2006.

It has now emerged that on the same day that Robert Hofschroer seized the house and changed the locks, in what was clearly a coordinated well planned joint operation, Inspector Moreton made application to the Office of the Public Guardian to have the Power of Attorney transferred from Peter Hofschroer (the man that PC Farrington and her Doctor confirmed was a good carer of Barbara Hofschroer) to Robert Hofschroer (the man alleged by your constables to have abused Barbara Hofschroer and who tried to make her homeless and destroy all of her possessions) on the basis of the false allegations of fraud made against Peter Hofschröer by Robert Hofschroer that had already been investigated and found to be false by PC Farrington eighteen months before (see attached statements to the IPCC).  Fortunately the OPG refused to execute his request and therefore using Peter’s power of attorney over his mother, we were able to prevent Robert Hofschroer from selling the house and destroying all of his mother’s possessions.   Subsequently Robert claimed that he house had been burgled and property stolen, to conceal the fact that he had himself removed the missing  property.

In December 2010 Mr Steve Read who is a civilian working in your complaints investigation department requested the arrest of Peter Hofschroer at the request of Robert Hofschroer over concocted bogus allegations that he had abused his mother, kidnapped her and had been making offensive telephone calls to York Council and Police Officers.  ACC Cross of your force has confirmed that NYP is not investigating allegations of offensive telephone calls and the Austrian investigation confirmed that the other allegations were also completely without evidential foundation.   Mr Read has no responsibility for welfare issues or investigating criminal offences other than those committed by Police officers of NYP, but has responsibility for liaising with the IPCC and Home Office over this case.  It is alleged that Mr Read decided to request Peter Hofschroer’s arrest to remove Peter Hofschroer and prevent any further Parliamentary enquiries from Lord Maginnis.  Had he succeeded, Barbara Hofschroer would have been left stranded in Austria without care, Robert Hofschroer would have been free to sell the house and Peter Hofschroer would have been prevented from giving evidence in Austria against Robert Hofschroer’s son and daughter concerning a similar property fraud in Austria.  Subsequently written evidence from Inspector Moreton on NYP headed paper was submitted in evidence to an Austrian civil court by Martin Hofschroer to support the fraudulent transfer of Peter’s home in Austria to Martin and Diane Hofschroer.

When Lord Maginnis took up the case Detective Inspector Ellis and others claimed that the Interpol arrest request was a simple welfare visit.  When we obtained the document under the Austrian Freedom of Information Act it was quite clear that it makes false allegations of serious crime and abuse against Peter Hofschroer and requests that he is arrested in Austria under Austrian law.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick’s letter of the 14th of November 2011

Responding to T/DCC Madgwick’s comments in the order he has made them, I would comment as follows:

1. As I am sure you are aware, contrary to T/DCC Madgwick’s assertions, my correspondence has NOT been the subject of a full response.  For instance:

  • Inspector Moreton issued a harassment warning to Peter Hofschroer threatening to arrest him for sending offensive e mails to Mr Bednarski, which Peter Hofschroer denies.  Approximately thirty requests have been sent to you and your officers by myself, Peter Hofschroer and myself to see these e mails and I have even visited Fulford Road Police Station at the invitation of the Police to physically examine them, but your force consistently refuses to provide them.  It is alleged that this is because they do not exist and you and your officers will not admit this because if you do it must automatically lead to the arrest of Inspector Moreton.
  • My Freedom of information requests dated 20th and 23rd of October concerning the recent arrest of PC Hewitt for fraud and other matters remain unacknowledged and unresponded to.
  • My request for the removal from the case of Mr Steve Read and Detective Inspector Ellis from the case dated 27 July remains unanswered.
  • My e mails of the 5th of September 2011 and the 9th of July 2011 which contained fresh evidence concerning the burglary of Barbara Hofschröer’s house remain unresponded to, other than an acknowledgement that they were being investigated.

Please will you provide a full response to the above outstanding correspondence and also provide the alleged e mails that were the subject of the Homburg harassment warning, or retract it on the basis that it is concocted and without evidential foundation.

2.  In accordance with your wishes I have copied this e mail to all addressees, so that they are aware of the positions taken by North Yorkshire Police and Mrs Hofschroer whom I represent, concerning the OPG decision to abandon the investigation requested by Inspector Moreton.

3.  I thank you for forwarding my complaint about ACC Cross to the Police Authority and for restoring correspondence with myself rather than direct to Mrs Hofschroer and her carer Peter Hofschroer.  Similar correspondence was sent to Mr Pudney and Mr Holderness in July 2011 and it remains unresponded to, obviously because they do not wish to censure a Chief Police Officer from their force and are concerned about their personal liabilities.

4.  I am aware that you have ordered a review of the burglary.  However, you are withholding the result of this review.  Please can you confirm the name of the Senior Detective that conducted this review, the outcome of his investigation and provide a copy of his report.

5.  I confirm I am of the opinion that correspondence revealed by the OPG file obtained under the freedom of information act does reveal evidence of corruption within your force.  I note that you now assert through T/DCC Madgwick that I have not forwarded any evidence concerning this to you and confirm that this is another falsehood, and that in fact evidence was forwarded to you on the 20th of October by e mail.  (Copy attached).  I look forward to your response to it.

6.  As you are aware, Mrs Hofschroer is not currently fit to travel and requires full time care and it is therefore impossible for her and Peter Hofschroer to return to the UK to sign statements.  Further, Detective Inspector Ellis –who assisted in the bogus Interpol arrest request- has indicated that as soon as Mrs Hofschröer’s carer Peter arrives in the UK he will be arrested over allegations that he is unwilling to specify.  Peter is justifiably concerned that he will be arrested, remanded in custody on a pretext and his mother will be left without care -as Mr Read nearly achieved previously with the Interpol arrest request. It therefore appears that North Yorkshire Police are doing everything they can to prevent Peter and Barbara Hofschroer from giving witness statements against their colleague Inspector Moreton.

7.  I am quite happy to liaise with North Yorkshire Police on the return of Peter and Barbara Hofschroer to the UK.  However, please can you remove Detective Inspector Ellis from the case on the basis of conflict of interest and misconduct.  Please can you also confirm what alleged offence it is that he asserts he is investigating so this can be resolved and if you are not able to do this, please confirm that the investigation is again bogus and closed.


It is quite clear that Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick has falsely asserted on your behalf that there is no outstanding correspondence and that you did not receive my evidence by e mail on the 20th of October 2011, to ignore the irrefutable evidence of Police corruption in the conduct of this case I have forwarded to you and to prevent the investigation of serious offences by police officers and social workers, which is a deeply corrupt act.

As a result of your mismanagement of this affair, it has now involved in one way or another SOCA, Interpol, GCHQ, the Austrian State Police, the IPCC, the Police Authority, the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, the Home Office, Foreign Office, British Embassy in Vienna, Home Secretary, the House of Lords and the Austrian Foreign Ministry.  Nothing typifies the failure of your force, yourself and your senior officer team to face up to your responsibilities to deal with a corrupt police inspector than the fact that in the course of the cover-up to protect Inspector Moreton, Peter Hofschroer – whom all parties including your own constables and her Doctor accept is a good carer of Barbara Hofschroer – has been accused variously of fraud, theft, assault, use of insulting words and behaviour, making obscene telephone calls to Police officers and Councillors, cross border kidnapping, holding his mother against her will, harassment of his brother and a social worker, and abusing his mother, that all of these allegations have been fully investigated and found to be false and the only person to be charged with any offence is PC Hewitt, who it appears was arrested last month and charged with a similar fraud in an unrelated case, although the evidence of crime and corruption by Inspector Moreton is irrefutable.

There have now been seven separate independent investigations into this case and all of them have criticised the way that your force and/or York Council have handled the case in one way or another.  Lord Maginnis, IPCC Commissioner Long and the Local Government Ombudsman have all called for the case to be completely re-opened and completely re-investigated impartially, which you are refusing to do.  Because of the number of people involved and the fact that it involves Chief Police Officers, this case is now (arguably) the worst case of Police Corruption in the history of the British Police service.  In my view it can only be successfully investigated by Scotland Yard and I would again request that you ask for an external investigation by another force, in accordance with normal well established British Police practice.  I consider it is obvious, that the reason you are refusing to request an impartial investigation, is because you fear that it would severely censure you and your force, and lead to the arrest of police officers for offences of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, misuse of public office, harassment and conspiracy to pervert the course of  justice.

I would again repeat my request for the arrest of Robert Hofschroer, Diane Hofschroer, Martin Hofschroer and Inspector Moreton and look forward to your response in due course.

If Hugh Bayley does sent us any comments on this post, we will happily publish them.
If , however, he is complicit in the serious criminal offences outlined here, he will no doubt, like all others accused, exercise his right to silence.
UPDATE – 6 December 2011
Hugh Bayley has NOT responded to the accusations against him here.
This is an admission that he is complicit in the serious criminal offences outlined here.
Sadly, one no longer expects integrity from MPs in the once proud country of Britain.
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